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Doctor refused me a MRI scan

Im 18, have slight scoliosis and for 4 years have had chronic back pain, having to take 8 co-codomol a day and am just depressed by doctors giving me no help. I want to know where my pain is coming from so i asked my doctor for a scan over the phone because she wont even see me face to face because of some new scheme where they call you instead of seeing you face to face. And she has said no to a scan. I dont know what else to do, im in so much pain and day to day life is just a struggle:-(

Ive been to a chiropractor, physio and after 4 years im still in constant pain. They have basically crossed me off their list now and said their is nothing else they can do.

Any advice will be great,


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Can you register with another GP practice? If you ask before you join one what their policy is for making appointments you might find one that suits you better.

Even if they won't do a scan there is always something that can be done for pain, possibly a better alternative to cocodamol. As someone who has mild scoliosis which effects my pain I know where you are coming from with this - take heart that things have got better in time.


One day the uk will catch up with Europe. They do alternatives first, and if they don't work, which is very rare, you go to the GP.

What a release to freedom! No waiting lists, wasting time at hospital appointments, waiting for results just to go on another waiting list for treatment. What a release to having treatments on your terms that actually make you feel good.

"Nothing they can do" is a great open door to the alternative therapists.

A sports physio is good at locating and treating pain sources. your root pain may not be in your scoliosis

Bowen will balance your whole body,

Chinese massage - not for the faint hearted includes accupuncture and deep tissue massage

Pilates will balance the muscle action and strengthen the core (if a general class is too tough, you can find a remedial teacher for people with stokes etc)

Aromatherapy will sooth the mind

Crainotherapy relaxes the whole body


Take up a hobby that grabs your interest - distraction

Do some voluntary work - feeling useful

Get into nature - set up a bird feeding station to get live birdsong

Try one at a time for a few weeks, ask questions about your pain, your body, get exercises and ideas. If you think its not working, try another one. After a year, you will know your pain inside out, will have established a routine of exercise, rest and activity.

Then if you want, go back to your gp with info. They need info, just saying I got pain is not enough. They need to know things like, it's always there but better after a set of stretching exercises, or I can dig the garden for10 mins before the pain gets worse. Help yourself to help them.

You will feel better for doind alt therapies. You will have control, you might even ditch the meds. You'll know the limits of your pain, then you can trade activity for more pain eg for me a day in the city shopping gives me 2 days pain, so I plan when I go allowing me 2 days recovery.

Just got to live your life differently with you at the centre of it. Life doesn't stop cos you got pain, get out there and explore. You are going to have this for the rest of your life. May as well make friends with it, give it a name, talk to it.

Doing all this now will protect you later on in life too.

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Go to the emergency and say you are at the end if your tether and feel life cannot go on like this at your age ans be very demanding about a scan. I know ehst ut is to be in constant pain.


I do Tai chi and have hyperlordosis, scoliosis and so on. It does help. When I got no satisfaction I found out with help from the NRAS that one could self refer oneself to consultants. It was great. OK I know I had to pay £180 but the rest was on the NHS. I have to have an MRI next week s the doctors won't believe me when I say my high blood pressure was due to a food hypersensitivity. A waste of money and I am terrified but have to go through it before they will even look at food. I'd willingly pass the appointment to you.


I'm in the same boat as you at 43 I've had back pain since my early 20"s like you I've asked for scans and X-rays had physio, and hydro too still in chronic pain I take Amitriptyline 30mg a night plus 2 30/500mg zapain 15mg meloxicam I tend not too take 8 co- codamol have you tried ice packs or a hot water bottle on your back I find it works well


So sorry sweetheart!!! Can you change doctor's or go to a pain clinic? That's what I'd do. You are to young to suffer with all the advance's in the medical field. Hope you find a better doctor, one with compassion. xxx Mitzi


I totally understand about the doctors calling now instead of face to face.... This happens too in our surgery. I think they think it's a better way to 'see' as many patients as possible. I don't think its right but I think it's the way things are going... Soon there will be Skype doctor appointments!

As for the MRI.... Just keep asking, keep asking to talk to another doctor.... Ask for a second opinion. I was diagnosed just over 2 years ago with osteoarthritis in my left knee. The pain is horrendous and after the 2nd flare up that left me bed bound I knee something else was wrong with my knee. After3 months of me asking and asking they agreed to do an MRI... The result was that I only have a tiny bit of cartilege left and and my bones are grinding together... I am waiting now to see what they are going to do! You know your body better than anyone else.. Doctors are too quick to just leave people on medications without fully understanding what is wrong with them. Good luck :)

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See a chiropractor, they can help tremendously for the pan and will X-ray or write to your GP if they think further tests/scans are necessary. Initially they will do a full assessment to see what the issues are. Been a godsend to me for my back pain. Not being able to sit straight due to pain has given me slight scoliosis (reversible though when I can sit straight again). Hope this helps.


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