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Rotator Cuff Repair, frozen shoulder & decomposition surgery

Hi all,

On 21st August I underwent surgery for a frozen shoulder and decompression on my left (dominant) shoulder, it actually transpired that I needed a rotator cuff repair also, never one to miss out on anything 😏

I know it's not been long since the surgery but I had hoped the pain would have started to subside slightly, am I being too impatient?

It was quiet a shock being told I would be off sick for 6 weeks, no driving for minimum of 4 weeks etc, I had only expected 2 weeks but I appreciate that more was done than anticipated.

I am not sleeping well approximately 4 hours (when the drugs need topping up) then more pills and sitting up on the sofa (a recliner, fortunately) until the effects kick in.

Having had disc replacement and fusion on C5/6 almost 3 years ago I am no stranger to pain, surgery or long recovery but this has got to be the worst.

Being a regular on the surgeons table I am fully aware of the importance of doing exercises etc and have been playing by the rules even though I could cry with the pain, I start physio on Monday and am definitely not looking to that particular torture session, if one more person says "no pain, no gain" I swear I will punch them with my good arm (actually I say good, my consultant is not happy with that one either πŸ˜“).

Long rambling post sorry but it's 04:02 and I am yet again sitting up feeling sorry for myself.

My main concern is recovery, I have a desk job but the repetition of arm and shoulder movements caused through typing was the biggest cause of pain prior to surgery and what prompted me seek advice in the first place. Did most of you fellow sufferers return to work after 6 weeks? And please give me some hope about the pain, the only advantage of being on the sofa is respite from my hubbies snoring, if only I could get some sleep πŸ€”

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Poor you I really feel for you as I too am having shoulder pain due to calcific tendinitis. I was hoping for surgery but perhaps it's not the miracle cure I thought it was, are you having any problems with the pain relief ? If I take 2 tablets I can't function but 1 has no effect so I'm awake and in pain most of the night too. Sending you my very best wishes for a speedy recovery, hope your feeling better soon

Tracey πŸ™‚




Hello Geordi I had a rotator cuff op a few years ago and I can relate to what your going through.The pain and numbness is unbearable.My advise to you is to do exactly what your physio will tell you.it's a long process.Yes I went back to work after a few months but it was only on light duties.Buy yourself an exercise ball this is essential.I also had some hydro therapy which really helped your.physio should sort that for you.I know it's painful but you will feel the benefit.Very best of luck to you.



Thank you for the reassurance


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