I have a tear on my rotator cuff and also a full biceps tear on the same arm. Unfortunately it is my right arm and I am right handed. My left shoulder is now causing me problems because of overuse and I have to have an ultrasound on that on 1st February. The cuff tear is inoperable and I am living in constant pain . I can only take a small amount of ibuprofen and paracetamol because I am on anticoagulants. I am allergic to codeine or any codeine based medicines. I have had one injection which wore off after about 6 weeks and I am soon due for another one. My physio and Consultant says that too many injections can be bad too. How can I live with the constant pain though????

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  • Just a tentative question: Have you consulted a number of surgeons to determine if your injury is totally inoperable? Maybe some partial improvement could be achieved?

  • No I have not but I have spoken to my Physio and my GP and they agreee with my Consultant. I also have other mobility problems and a heart condition and kidney disease and all those factors would have to be taken into account. Also my age has been taken into account.

  • sounds like you have been really diligently trying to cope with so many complicating factors. I also take an anticoagulant, so I can take Tylenol and non-codeine pain meds. My daughter benefitted from being taped up by chiropractor while waiting for this surgery. Just temporary. I, too, have some inoperable conditions. So had to eliminate some activities to make the pain tolerable, and try to come up with creative alternatives. Good luck!

  • Thanks very much. It is awful dealing with pain on a day to day basis.

  • See an Alexander teacher and take a course in mindfulness and meditation.

    Pain is an emotion put crudely. If we fight the pain and give the pain more concentration than need be we make the pain worse. There is a need to gain the appropriate skills to manage the situation.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • Thank you. Very interesting.

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