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Rib cage pain on left side!


I have had a lot of pain the last 9 months in different parts of my body, I am waiting to see a rheumatologist for those issues but there is one thing I am worried about,on my left lower side of my rib cage I have had pain when I breathe in or touch the part and I have had it 6 months now, it hasn't got worse but it's always there and it doesn't go away with any painkillers not even anti inflammatory ones. Nothing seems to help that pain at all. It also hurts when I move that side too but I don't have a clue what it is or where it is really coming from and when I have spoke to the doctors about it they've just dismissed it!

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laurenx95, I had this same pain roughly six weeks ago, although it started in my back on the right side, the pain got worse over a week and was finally told I had costochondritis - which is inflammation of the chest bone and ribs, it can take 6-8 weeks to get over it. Although there is no treatment for this I found bed rest a hot water bottle on effected area and either ibuprofen tablets or ibuprofen gel (I found the latter worked best for me)and regular paracetamol. Not stretching up to reach things, lifting objects, and even sitting awkwardly ment the pain was worse for me. I am still in pain now and that's 5 weeks ago I was told I had costochondritis, although I am able to do more than I was able to if I over do it the pain comes back with a vengeance and my breathing becomes painful again. It might be work seeing a Dr and asking if this could be what you have,as I done quite a bit of research on this illness, and found out that if you have fibromyalgia or certain arthritis you are more likely to develop costochondritis. Hope you get the answers you need

laurenx95 in reply to saralou-16

They told me I had this but in my chest, I didn't think you could get it in your lower part of your rib cage?!x

saralou-16 in reply to laurenx95

Yes because the cartilage between your ribs becomes I flammed I had it all over my ribcage front and back. Hope this helps 😃

Hi Laurenx95,

Have you had vitamin D testing?

laurenx95 in reply to Blondie503

Yes I am on vitamin D supplements x

Me too. 4 of my ribs displaced from my spine a couple of years ago. Was vit D deficient. Physio put them back in. All the best with your recovery. Xx

Gymstar91 in reply to Blondie503

Hi Blondie, did the physio resolve the issue completely? As in are you fully recovered?


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