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Pain on right side of lower rib cage. On back side

I went in for a pelvic area ultrasound today. As I was laying there, I notice that the tech was focused on one area. My concerns growing as more time is be spent on just this area. It is in my back, bottom right side of rib cage. As I now pace the floors wondering what it could be. Also, I didn't notice pain there till she started probing for images. Anyone have any ideas on what the tech noticed.

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was this because of the pain you've had and got a referral appointment? Sometimes it depends who you see,sometimes the technician doesn't want to pass any undue comments in case they get misinterpreted,and I know the waiting part to see the specialist for the results can seem like an age,I was in a similar situation having an internal bleed in my stomach,so whilst having the clamping off successfully treated I was first sent for a MRI scan,and then a CAT scan,but not in my local hospital as the bleeding occurred whilst down in Manchester,so I was informed I had two growths on my adrenal glands, so eventually got back upto Scotland seen my own GP,and then had a more in-depth hospital appointment and I was told unofficially that they were benign cysts,so each hospital has it's own ethics about discussing results etc,and guess what it took two months for a confirmation letter stating what was inside me,so sometimes unfortunately its a bit of a lottery,so I hope your results are a positive outcome

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I still haven't heard anything from my GP. But I'm calling first thing Monday morning. Waiting is the worst part. I appreciate your time for writing.


Sounds like gall bladder. However i agree with CB you will be told in due course and I wouldn't get too worried about it.


No news yet on the results. I also think i


I also think it's my gallbladder. Just my gut feeling.


Was it your GP that referred you? Do you have online access to your medical record though your GP surgery? If you you might not have to wait as long as you think for the results. I was told the results would be through in about a week. But I thought I would check online after three days and it turned out that the report was sent though to my GP on the day of the scan and he entered it into my record on that very day!

Also just because the radiographer spent some time in one area it doesn't mean that there will be a problem there. Our guts inside us don't read Gray's Anatomy before they arrange themselves, we really are all a mess in there and it can take some time to find what they are looking for.

I had a very elusive ovary recently and it took her ages to find it. It was hiding behind a piece of bowel! When she finally did find it she had to get good photos of it too, so that took a while. There was nothing wrong, it just took way longer than looking at the rest of my pelvis because the ovary was so shy.

And sometimes when they are poking and prodding it upsets some of the tissues which can set the nerves there to ping the brain and the brain labels that sensation as pain. It doesn't necessarily mean that there is anything wrong.

Every time I have either a transvaginal ultrasound scan or even an internal examination I end up with two weeks worth of pain in my lower right abdomen. There is nothing wrong, it is just that when the adhesions from a Lap and Dye surgery I had years ago get disturbed it sets off the brain into thinking there is something wrong. I just ignore it and eventually it goes away.

So the radiographer may or may not have found something wrong, but at the moment you have no indication as to whether she did or not, so there is no point worrying until you actually have the results.

Easier said than done I know!


Thank you so much for taking time to write. I still haven't heard anything from my GP. I will call her first thing Monday morning. Until then I just have to sit and wait praying.


You know that if they find something serious they call you right away. After that different surgeries have different routines for non urgent results. Some surgeries won't call the patient if there is nothing wrong, they wait for the patient to call them. A few will call the patient. Did they tell you whether they would contact you or you would contact them? Sometimes patients aren't told which way round it goes, and they sit there for days worrying that someone will call them and in the end they don't get a call because they were supposed to call the surgery!


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