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Pains and uni

hi I'm Corvin, for 4 months now I been suffering from Anxiety and depressing. Mostly caused by my symptoms... I've got a Pain in my upper abdominal going slightly across to my right side and the last few weeks a pain in the mid left section, the doctor believed it to be Gas and subscribed me with Omeprazole, I've been taking it for a week now and it hasn't helped, not sure if I should just stop taking it or keep taking until I see my Doctor next week.

I went on youtube to see about my symptoms and it all pointed out to Pancreas disease or worse and that has got me more worried and my Anxiety on a high so I didn't get any sleep last night at all.

just wondering if anyone has been through anything similar?

I've had blood works done two months ago and an ultrasound all came back clear apart from a fatty liver indication other then that not sure what else it could be. The doctors are confused what is going on with me because of my weight loss!

any advice would be really appreciated.

wishing you all a good health.

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Sorry to hear about your symptoms! Have you been checked for food allergies and intolerance? They can cause lots of different symptoms including abdominal pain and weight loss etc.

I recently was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and since going dairy free, my inflammatory responses have improved, weight has stabilised and bloating/abdominal pain has reduced.

It might be worth looking into if you haven't already.

All the best


Hi Corvin. I've had a quick look at some of your posts but not thoroughly read them all. Are you in UK or USA? Do you have a copy of your blood test results?

You lost a stone in 4 days? Did your GP make an emergency referal to a hospital doctor? Have you seen a Gastroenterologist yet? You say fatty liver was found on your Ultrasound scan? Any abnormalities in Liver function blood tests?

Throughout this period of weight loss, have you been eating and drinking well? Do you drink a lot of alcohol.

Did you have blood tests to check Thyroid Function? Did you have prolactin blood test?

How does your family feel about what's happening to you? Must be out of their minds with worry.

Are you having anymore investigations such as CT scan or MRI scan.




Meant to also ask:

Have you been tested for Gluten Intolerance - Celiac's



ednu16 thanks for your reply and also thanks to Mary.

No I haven't been tested for Food allergies I think I will mention that to them, I have been eating normal 3 meals a day sometimes a little snack inbetween, but it depends on how I'm feeling on the day.

The blood test for my liver came back fine.

I know this will sound disgusting but My stool are always different everyday!... Do you think this could be due to food intolerance?

My family are finding it hard to cope to be honest, it came to a point 6 weeks ago I broke down crying in front of my 7 years old.

I should be feeling better since the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me, they believe it's just Anxiety. But I know there's more to it then that as I have lots of discomfort and pain, if I don't eat I'm not too bad and at times after going to the loo I feel fine for awhile.

but the scary thing is my Weight loss, I'm not on a diet and 10 years ago I studied fitness so I know the difference between good weight loss and bad weight loss.

many thanks again for your response and advice truly appreciate it.

hope your well?

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I'm from the UK... And I don't have any more Bookings to have any scans done. The doctors aren't confident in putting me through a CT or MRI, because they don't believe I would need it and it could do more harm then good because of the Radiation and that could trigger a cancer cell in the body.

so it's a hard one. And I'm not sure how to go about it. But I will ask about the food Allergies test, hopefully that'll be fine and the cause of all this.

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Celiac disease can cause your symptoms, an intolerance to some foods can be another and most commonly a bowel blockage.

Maybe if your stools are different everyday, might point to hard stools and you can still go toilet. Omprezole can constipate you.

Keep a diary of the different food including caffeine and see if something changes.

I really hope you get it sorted


Thanks Trulysad, for your reply..


Ive been keeping notes of what i'm eating and my stools, the medication to be honest hasnt made me constipated. But i dont find it helping.

thanks all for the reply.

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I don't think there are any side effects of an MRI scan are there? What specialists have you seen. A Gastroenterologist? Have you had a stool sample sent to the lab for testing? There are investigations you could have. The weight loss doesn't sound right at all and I would expect investigations until a reason is found. There are such things as endoscope exam. Colonoscopy you should have had urgently. Change in bowel movements should be reported. Any blood in stools? Also (at the other end of digestive tract!) There is an Oesophagealgastroscope you could have. Or Gastroscope.

Do you know all the blood tests you had? Could you get copies of the results?

I, personally, would not be happy for anyone to put this down to anxiety. You say the symptoms came first - you only became anxious over concern about undiagnosed symptoms.

Celiacs is not an allergy. It is an Autoimmune Disease. Surely you have been tested for Gluten Intolerance / Celiac's by now. Gastroenterologist might have done this. You could phone and ask GP?

Have you Googled your symptoms then NHS choices . Worth a try?

Hope you find out what's going on soon.




Do you know yet if you have been tested for Coeliac Disease?

It's difficult to tell from your post which specialists you have seen if any? Have you seen a Gastroenterologist or Colorectal Specialist yet? If not then why?

There is a lot of information on (but no contact information nor author name that I can find).

If you also Google Coeliac Disease - Coeliac UK , you may find this helpful. They have a helpline 0333 332 2033 from 9am to 5pm. Also an enquiry form.

Hope this is of some help.



Take a look at h-pylori causes and possible h-pylori infections. I had this once and it was hell. Sounds a lot like what you are describing. I would highly recommend talking to your doctor about it. I hope it helps. Below is a link I hope can help you learn more too.

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Thanks Navy-ac.

I will look into that now. Much appreciated.

hope your well?

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Hi Corvin.. Your medication is normally used for someone who has an acid stomach... so shouldn't cause you any problems in the short term. Like most of us here, I don't have any medical experience so wouldn't like to say what it possibly could be, however I do know a bit about anxiey and depression... You say it's been caused by your symptoms, so that sounds as though you've had them for some time as anxiety and depression doesn't 'just happen'.

It's worth looking at what you are eating, are you taking meds for the depression etc?.. It could be your diet is causing acidifying symptoms. Do you suffer from a lot of gas... i.e. in your stomach and bowel. Are things moving as they should be?.Cheapest way to find out if your system is acid is to get a pack of urine strips and test your urine. plus if you are taking anything else besides your prescribed meds.. stop taking them. Also look up your meds and see if any of them could caused the side effects you have. You don't say how old you are, if you drink alcohol/ smoke etc etc.. so it's hard to say. As you are going back to your Dr.. in a few days, just be straight with them and tell them your concerns. Hope it works out all okay. Take care.

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Thank you Stellacton, for your reply.

I'm only taking the one medicine Omeprazole 20mg, I've stopped taking them yesterday as I didn't feel it was working and I believed it started giving me side effects in my joints as I've read the package note inside that some of the effects of joint pains and weakness in bones... So I stopped.

but the last two days now I haven't had any abdominal pain or real discomfort... Touch wood it stays like this.

I'm 37yrs old and I don't smoke or drink!

I like to think that my diet is good, I do eat at least 3 out of my 5 a day mainly in fruit, my partner suffers from IBS so when it comes to meals we're a bit selective. But I do eat quite a lot though, I've cut down on my caffeine and chocolate.

My bowels are constantly different every day there's been days where I haven't been able to go even I felt like I needed to. But when I do it's not normal Stools, for me anyways.

I was very self conscious about my health before, I used to hit the gym 3/4 times a week, eat a good balance diet, I've studied Health and Fitness 10yrs ago, so I like to think I know a little something about staying fit and healthy.

But the last 4/5 months, I haven't been myself and I know there's something wrong and what worries me is that the Doctors can't find anything wrong with me, six weeks ago I had blood tests done and an ultrasound and it all came back Clear.

don't get me wrong I'm happy for those results, but considering that I'm not feeling well from the inside and loosing the weight out of nowhere is scaring me! I haven't been to the gym since February so it's nothing to do with me loosing weight from the gym because I haven't been.

I thank you for your reply, and advice really appreciate it. Hope your well?

Have a great day. And don't be a stranger.

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Good morning Corvin.

Reading your post the first thought I had was regarding your stools. May be wrong, but I think they are a good indication if something's not right. There are websites which you could use as a comparison, colour, texture etc.... not a pleasant subject but a necessary one! Constipation indicates a sluggish system and it maybe just a few tweaks to your diet can resolve that quite easily..One problem is we are all different, what works for you may not work for someone else. Likewise your partners diet for ibs. Things you may be eating like protein, especially milk based, yoghurt, eggs, cheese,... , chocolate, bananas,.. can cause constipation. Rice is suppose to help constipation, but it doesn't have that effect on me!. Try kiwis and although quite sweet, prunes! Leafy veg, spinach, kale, beans, if you don't find them too gassy. Different types of lettuce can have different effects. I find some just go straight through! But I can eat spinach, watercress and rocket, with an oily dressing no problem. It's trial and error. Like you, i use to go to the gym and a zumba class or 2 a week, a little bit of running. I had to stop going because of my joints (and bladder problems).... have found all that jumping around was beneficial besides the feel good factor afterwards.If you can get some exercise it would certainly help with the depression. What about swimming- the crawl is a good all over exercise.? One thing you could take is a small amount of epsom salts ( food grade), go careful with it because it does work and you'd be getting some magnesium as well. There's a train of thought which advocates liver cleansing, really what that is a colon cleanse. It's supposed to flush out the system... I haven't tried it, not brave enough, but often wonder if I should.. If you think about it, if things don't pass through easily, things must get a clogged up on the way, so maybe they've got a point? In the old days, people used castor oil and orange juice... very effective... If you do decide to go along those lines.. 'stay in' lol!

Being serious though, if you look at the digestive system, can you connect any of the pains you've been getting to somewhere along that system?. It might be that once things get moving as they should, your pain may disappear. I've worn that t-shirt.

On that cheerful note, I'll say cheerio.

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I've only just seen this Corvin. Do you think it is a good idea to stop this if seeing GP Wednesday?


Some quotes from NICE guidelines

" Coeliac disease :

recognition, assessment & management


1.1 Recognition of coeliac disease

Offer serological testing for coeliac disease to:

° people with any of the following :


• persistent unexplained Gastrointestinal symptoms

• prolonged fatigue

• unexpected weight loss

• irritable bowel syndrome

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . " also

" 1.2.2 . . . . . . . . . . . .

test for total immunoglobulin A (1gA) and 1gA tissue transglutaminase (tTG) as the first choice . . . . . . "

To get to this I Googled:

NHS choices Diagnosing coeliac disease.

At the end of the article I clicked on NICE guidance : recognition etc.

The NHS choices article is worth reading in full. With lots of further detailed info to click on.

Hope this helps.



Anyone with these symptoms.: abdo pain, weight loss, inconsistent stools, diarrhoea; may like to check out -

NHS choices Coeliac disease


NHS choices Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Chrohns & Colitis)

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Hi this may sound alil crazy but do u by chance still have Ur apendex


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