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Herniated disks and sciatica can't stand it!

I am not sure when or how my herniated disks started as I've been dealing with pain for almost two years now but this year my pain has become much worse. Last year in November I had an MRI that showed that I have a herniated disk in my L4 , L5. This year I developed sciatica that's been going on for months. I've been to my primary doctor, a neurogist, and a pain management doctor (physiatrist) . I've had antiinflammatory meds, muscle relaxers, physical therapy and TENS therapy with no relief. I'm not sure what to do next or what doctor to see. My pain management doctor told me he wants to try an epidural but said I'd have to wait 4 weeks but its been 3 months now and I'm still waiting! Is it normal to wait this long? Should I get an epidural right away? Any recommendations of a doctor I should see? I live in the United States and my health insurance doesn't require a referral to see a specialist. Should I see a chiropractor maybe?

I'm not old I'm only 28. I need to lose weight as I know added weight isn't helping but I need pain relief and can't wait to lose the lbs first. Its affecting me emotionally as well.its torment

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I'd try the epidural as short term relief, but it may be that you need surgery on your back.

I'd consult with your Dr again and maybe discuss another MRI to have a look at what's going on.

Sorry I can't offer anything more, hopefully someone else will be along to answer.

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I'm 34 and was in a similar situation. I am waiting for an epidural and have also been on the list for a long time...30 weeks actually. I have tried several meds and two of them made me gain weight rapidly. Now heaviest I have ever been. I decided to try CBD oil as it was recommended to me by another patient at the Pain Management Programme. I have heard it doesn't work for everyone but I went for it as I really didn't want to take amitriptaline after my experience of pregabalin and gabapentin and I am now much better than I have been for a very long time. I get 5% tincture which I take 3 drops 3 times a day and honestly...I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have found the relief from it so helpful that I am thinking I might delay the epidural. Worth looking in to I think.

Also...epsom salts in a bath, topical magnesium oil, I have massage and see a chiro and try to swim as much as possible which I built up through pacing. Acupunture helped when I was at my worst.

Good luck.


Oh and I take B vits, vit C, vit D (as I was deficient and it can contribute), turmeric/capcisan tablets and high stength omega oils and do stretch class when I'm able and arnica massage oil.


I meant curcumin not capcisan.


I've heard many benefits of CBD oil and I'm a big supporter of medical cannabis and heck it should be legal for regular use as well. I live in Florida and we passed a medical marijuana law but its only for critical illnesses where nothing else works . I think CBD oil is legal for epilepsy treatment but not sure for what else.


the CBD I take has no THC and is from hemp plant rather than cannabis but I understand the laws may be different in your area as I am in UK it's just thought of as a nutritional supplement here.

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Are you talking about hemp oil or cannabis oil? Hemp oil is legal here but I read its different from CBD oil and its mostly used for cooking and as a nutritional supplement . I've seen CBD oil with zero THC online but its expensive and I'm not sure if I should try it.


You know I completely forgot about CBD.

I have a CBD medipen. Three puff three times a day which helps manage all my pain.

There is no high from it like cannabis which makes it perfectly legal to use in the UK, not sure about the US. You can buy it online and one cartridge lasted me 5 months.


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