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Sore shoulder

Hi everyone not been on for a good while I just wondering dose any body know if you can take cosdine and iburofen its my daughter she has had a sore neck and shoulder for about 3days now s he's tried deep heat spray a few times and iburofen and paracetamol tablets and nothing has worked for her she is 18 years old I don't want to give her something she caint have or has anybody had the same experiance same pain may be thanks dawn

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Thanks but I will probs have to take her to A&E cause theres no appointments til next week my doctors are stupid can never get to see any of them.


If your daughter is in such pain, I certainly would'nt wait for days to see your dr. Its not your fault you are being forced to go to A&E. The situation is similar all over the country due to the failing of the NHS, not the patient.


I sympathise with you and your daughter who has got a sore neck and shoulder but to be honest I don't really think you should go to A & E as it's not life threatening. I fully understand that the pain can be hard to deal with but it may be best to ring 111 and speak to an emegency doctor or somebody who may be able to advise over the phone about medication. Please don't take offence but I am sure A & E are absolutely snowed under at the moment. Unless your daughter has had a fall and you suspect there is something misplaced or broken try not to visit A & E.


If you can't get to a doctor, then at least can you ask a pharmacist. They will be able to advise about safe over the counter dosage levels, which will be less than a doctor can prescribe, but may hold her until she can get to a doctor. Otherwise, as someone else has suggested, call the phone advice line.

If the codeine has been prescribed for you, then please don't give it to your daughter - it will be a strength that is appropriate for you and your condition, and may not be right for her.


Why do you feel it needs A&E? If she has done vigorous exercise and she is not used to vigorous exercise then wait a week. You do not need pain killers and pain killers will impede the healing of well worked muscles. The soreness would be normal and will have gone in the timescale of a week. If it is still there after a week then you need to consider the medical route to check for nothing serious. A chiropractor to check for slight spinal displacement which doctors do not know much about.

if the sore neck and shoulder is the result of a sudden movement then A&E is the right place to go. The doctor cannot do anything.

Hope this helps.


Don't muck around with necks. I had mate with similar symptoms and had a broken vertibae in neck.......luckily he had the common sense to go to emergency and follow directions and being young healed it without surgery in a couple of months. Hospital for this one me thinks.


For over the counter medicine combinations always talk to your pharmacist. On a fresh stain never use heat, this will make inflammation worse, only use a cold compress or ice pack. 20 minutes on 20 minutes off to ease any swelling or inflammation. A&E soulful only ever be used in emergency, you are best making an appointment for next week with the GP and cancelling if the pain goes away by then.


Yes, both belong to different medicine groups

One will tackle inflammation the other works on pain receptors.

Talk to your GP to confirm above, I am not medical,

I have just seen you are unable to see your GP for a week, if that is the case see a chemist for advice or contact your GP Reception and ask them to arrange a callback from your GP, some Surgeries are doing that now.



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