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Crippling lower back pain with a full bladder and cystoscopy hydrodistention surgery

Hi there

For maybe the last 3 years, I have suffered with terrible terrible lower back pain. In the first 6 months of this happening I was treated for x2 kidney infections (which were not properly tested for, just fobbed off with the antibiotics)

It progressed, getting more and more frequent. During the night is when it can be at it's worst. I wake up needing a wee but in SO much pain - trying to get myself up and down the stairs is a mission itself.

Now, whenever my bladder starts getting full - a dull ache will start l across and yes, when full - it's so very painful. Normally goes shortly after emptying the bladder but can sometimes stay around all day.

I am going in for Day surgery - /cystoscopy-with-hydro distension. Looking for ICA.

I just wondered if 1) anyone else suffers with similar? 2) what could be the cause? And 3) what's recovery like after surgery for anyone who's had it?

Thank you x

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Hi I'm new here. I suffer chronic pain in my lower back and bad cramps in my legs, I am currently waiting on surgery for a laminectomy, I sometimes get discomfort with my back when my bladder is full. My consultant says its down to my severe back problem.

Julie xx

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