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Absolute agony

So on Tuesday I went to my Dr's for a routine scan to check my coil. While being scanned we noticed there was a cyst on my left ovary. Anyway since Tuesday I've been in agony with lower abdo and left side pelvic pain. I went back to the Dr's yesterday and she said it may be because she poked and prodded and my have touched the ovary with the vaginal scan probe. Any way at tea time last night I had a severe sharp pain, the only way I can describe it is if you had stitches that were tight and you stretch the area and then it breaks/snaps. So after this severe pop type of pain I was in more agony than before and they hurt to put pressure on my left leg. So this morning I went to bardoc and saw a dr who referred me to North Manchester hospital. I was given a pain relief suppository which took a bit of pain away but nothing major. The Gynae Dr saw me and said he will send me home and get me to come back on monday for a scan to see if it was the cyst. I've been told to take 1 paracetamol and 1 30mg codiene every 6 hrs, along wih Ibuprofen every 8 hrs. I also was told to have movicol to help with constipation.

Anyway has anybody else had burst cyst before and what was your pain like? Is it normal what I'm experiencing? ? Xxx

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Completely normal, I have cysts on my ovary and some have burst. The pain is very severe and then your body goes into fight mode to get rid of any liquid that comes from the cyst. It doesn't help that you have been prodded and poked but there is little the gyne can do once it's popped.

Mine have always settled within the week and rest is all I can say to do and keep up with your meds. Definitely take the movacol because you will get constipated with the meds you have been prescribed. I couldn't get on with the movacol so took/take dulcolax a lot due to my meds.

Please know the pain will subside but you need to give your body time to heal xx

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Thank you so much for your reply. I have had cysts before but obviously not to the extent of this one. I think I'm a bit miffed that I never asked or was told how big it was. I think if I knew a bit more about it I might have more of an idea what to expect. I am hoping it is a burst cyst , as the pains are not my usual endometriosis pains. I guess it's just the waiting around to know doesn't help.

I will definitely keep to trying to rest,as I have noticed that does help. I have taken dulcolax in the past when I feel really bunged up and need a good release. I was gonna take some tonight but because I've got my scan and travelling to hospital I don't want to chance any accidents. Luckily the movicol does help me, I'm currently taking 3 a day and I have suppositories as an extra.

Thankyou again for your response. Xxx

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I hope everything is ok with the scan? Maybe if the pain doesn't subside you might have caught an infection so may need some intervention. Hopefully it will just ease alittle for you x


I didn't have a cyst burst, but I do know that every time i have an internal (they can never find my cervix and have to root around a lot!) or an ultrasound I end up with pain for the next three weeks. Not as acute as yours as I didn't have a cyst burst, but it is that aching that is always there that can be so annoying.

For me I think it is because of scar tissue and adhesions from l lap and dye I had years ago.

I hope it passes soon.

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Hi yeah adhesions really don't help the situation either lol. Normally scans don't bother me but it did hurt as she angled it to see my left ovary, so I honk she's defo knocked it.

Thankfully the Meds have helped a bit so fingers crossed tomorrow after my ultrasound I'll have a better idea ofor what it was/is.



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