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New here!


I'm Bernie and i'm 21. I have been suffering with abdominal pain for 6 months now, and I recently went for a laparoscopy to rule out endometriosis. Fortunately, i do not have endometriosis, however, unfortunately, i am still suffering with the abdominal pain! Endometriosis uk sent me here.

On Thursday night/Saturday morning, i was taken to accident and emergency by an ambulance crew because i was in so much pain that none of my coedine was working, they thought it was appendicitis, however after much poking and blood taking, they came to the conclusion it wasn't. I was in agony and they eventually admitted me and started me on oralmorph which helped. I was sent home yesterday lunchtime. I was okay. Today i am not, i'm in pain and again the coedine isn't helping. I just don't know what to do anymore! Feel like Dr's aren't really listening to me and i don't have any answers as to what the pain is :(

Hope you are all well, sorry about the long post, just needed to rant somewhere :( xx

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Hi Bernie93

Sorry you are having such a tough time of it. It can be rotten not to have a diagnoses for the terrible pain we feel. Has your go ruled out gallbladder or diverticulitis? IBS can also cause severe pain. I found that a lot of strong painkillers make my abdominal pain worse. May I suggest you try paracetamol 500mg 4times a day and leave out coedine or any meds with coedine in. Keep a food diary to bring to the doc and stick to plain food for a few days to give your tum a rest. Avoid coffee and alcohol and spicy food for a bit. Camomile or peppermint tea is soothing and try to relax and not get too stressed. Not easy I know, but just a few things I do from time to time to relieve my abdominal probz. Please go back to gp after a week of this and report what you experienced. Hope you get some relief and eventually help. Sending you soothing wishes.x


I would also wonder if taking the codeine is counterproductive and causing some of the problem, especially if, as md55 suggests it is being caused by things like IBS or diverticulitis, but definitely don't stop taking codeine suddenly - you need to wean yourself off it slowly or it will cause more problems. I believe some folk can even get bad stomach cramping and pain as a withdrawal effect.


I do have ibs, however, i know for certain that this is not ibs pain. I have been admitted again this evening to hospital. Really fed up now. Thank you xx


Hi Bernie,

Im new here too. Just read your post, when you were being checked for endometriosis did they do a pelvic scan to check your ovaries/uterus ? x


Not sure what your exact symptoms are but have you researched pelvic congestive syndrome? Or it may be linked to your pubic bone in which case an xray or scan of your pubic bone may help


Hi Bernie,

I've nothing to add to what others have said - except I'm really sorry you need to be here at such a young age.

I hope you can be assertive with the doctors so you can get a proper diagnosis and treatment that helps you.

No need to apologise for the rant - we all need a place to do that and here you know you'll be ranting to people who really get it.

Good luck,

Let us know how you get on

Very best wishes



It may be worth seeing a McTimony chiropractor to check for muscle spasms. Muscle spasms will cause pain. Unfortunately Gps and consultants do't know what to about muscle spasms or know how they can lead to pain.

Hope this helps


Background is: 35 years Alexander Technique experience. 35 years meditation and mindfulness experience. Have 4 years experience of yoga. Have taught T'ai Chi.

Been having McTimony chiropractic paid for by the NHS for over 20 years. This is treatment following damage to by back and neck in a road traffic accident. The treatment will not cure the problem, but does help keep the pain done and keep the spine relatively upright.

Have an honours degree and 12 years experience of quality and reliability testing. Have read some Biophysics at University and studied feedback mechanisms as part of my HNC Applied physics endorsements.

Feel free to ask any questions.


This is an area of do an experiment, see what happens, draw a conclusion, and try another experiment.

One of things that will get some getting used is that feelings can be unreliable and that it is useful to have the help of someone else to help you observe.

Posture is important. The head which sits on the top of the spine is heavy. If the head is not balanced on top of the spine then all sorts of muscles can get tense and cause pain.


Meditation_A_Way_of_Awakening_by _Ajahn_Sucitto Is a useful book which describes posture and meditation. The posture descriptions you will find useful. It is a free download from the website mentioned above.

When the joints lock up a good technique to try is to make very very small movements back and forth until the muscles start to free themselves. The small movements need to be just barely detectable.

My theory is that proprioceptors register movement. When no movement takes place the proprioceptors cease to output information to the spine. By making barely detectable movements the proprioceptors wake up and pass information concerning muscle state to the spine and brain. The proprioceptor information allows the movement centres to make muscle control adjustments needed for better muscle control. Try it and see if it works or not.

I would be interested in the results of your experiments.


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