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Refereed to Pain Clinic to have an injection in affected S1 nerve

Hello All,

Im 30 years old, up to last October 9th always worked been active not necessarily fit always overweight but on 8th oct just been awarded my 2 1/2 stone loss award. Worked 38-40 hr weeks whifts as a supervisor at a kids nursery.

I was washing my hair as usual using shower hose bending over my bath.Well my lower back mostly on left side suddenly went had excruciating pain as i tried to stand up. Then went on autopilot drove my daughter to school and me work only a 6 min drive. I was moaning with each small movements and using the clutch. I got out the car and was pacing side to side with awful pain then cried as it hurt so much. 

Now Im on 75mg amtriptyline, 60 mg co-codamol x4 a day and naproxen x2 a day. Physio thought it was nerve problems, Initially saw a chiropracter before physio which was agony so left. I have a slight bulge on disc which is pressing on the S1 nerve. I have awful lower back pain and leg problems. I can only walk for 10 minutes then slow up and every step is agony for me, bending, staying in same positions ,getting stiff, sharp spasms, etc. Still cant drive as i experience sharp shooting pains as i change gears and deep sitting aggravates me.

MSK specialist just referred me to the pain clinic to have an injection.He says its not serious enough to operate.

Has anyone been in a similar situation as im interested to know what the injection entails eg are u awake, time off work etc?

This injury is wrecking my life and my daughters and partners who doesnt live with me but he's been my rock these past 6 months and i would be lost and desolate   if i didnt have him

Thanks a frustrated Diane

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Sorry your experiencing so much pain. I have disk prolapses & protrusions I myself have just had injections in the facet joint although they didn't help me as my problems are multiple.

I know people with bulging discs who have gotten really good pain relief for up to one year.

If I were you I'd try them I hope you find some relief x 

I too take dihydrocodine X2 30mg x 3 Daily plus nortrypyiline 20mg per night I tried naproxen but gave me terrible stomach ache make sure you take them with your main meals and plenty of water they are knon for gastric problems.

I wish you all the best xxx



You shouldn't need more than a few days rest after the injections I was sore for the first 3 days good luck 😊


Yes, I have had really bad sciatic pains.   I do know that you can help reduce the pain if you do the right kind of exercises - do a google search for exercises for sciatica.   Most of them involve kind of curling your body up, which then relieves the pressure on the sciatic nerve.  For me, no painkiller dealt with it, but I could definitely reduce the intensity of the pain considerably with the right exercises - be guided by your own body, and very carefully try each exercise, doing it slowly enough that you can stop the moment you feel any particular exercise might be making it worse.

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Among other things I have bi lateral meralgia paresthtica I've had 2 ops both failed. I have the injections which I only get twice a year. The last time they were done it was v painful BUT worth it as I had 2 months relieve. Its done in theatre and given local anaesthetic I do truthfully struggle to walk for 3-5 days but then it kicks in and RELIEF so worth it.  Good luck X


Hi Diane,I was 46 whenever something similar happened me,I am now 56 I have had numerous nerve block injection's but they didn't help me at all but you have to try them,it's only a very quick procedure and you get out after about half an hour,I ended up having a lower lumber operation which left me in hospital for 12 day's,I had a very good job until this,now I am helpless and can't work so in other word's I was put on the scrap heap at 46 and ten year's later I'm no better.??? I still have severe back,leg and everything else that comes along with back pain,I'm on buTran 20mcg pain patch along with lyrica and 50/500 cocodamol plus sertraline anti depressant,my advice to you is go and get the nerve block and you will know yourself if it help's and then ask for a second opinion before your next step,but be very careful what decision you come to regarding your condition as it could be life changing,I hope this was of some help to you,even knowing someone else is in a similar position gives that little bit of hope.Well Diane I hope you get some relief in the near future.Take care and good luck.x


I've had several and would probably suggest to go with it. Just keep this in the back of your mind that back surgery is always the last resort. I've had three surgeries at L5-S1. The last one helped the most and it was a fusion. My only regret is not begging for a fusion on the first surgery. The doctor also bored out the hole making it a little bigger. Good luck.


hi, I've been in the same boat as you as per your back and leg problem, it sounds like your being referred for a cortisone injection procedure, from my experience its usually a local anaesthetic, and then the cortisone injection into the cartilage area of the disc bulge, at a day hospital environment, then your bed rested and observed for 4 hours, you wont be allowed to drive yourself home on the day so you have to get a friend to collect you or you wont be discharged, the hospital usually advise you will have migraine head aches for about a week, this is because of where the injection needle has to be placed, after a few days you should start to feel much better and the back pain has decreased or gone completely, the cortisone injection is designed to give long term pain relief precisely to the disc pain area, and encourage the disc bulge area to heal long term, hope it all goes' well for you and don't try to over do it after the procedure because your still recuperating,

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The injection deals with pain symptoms not the cause.  Unless you deal with the cause pressure on the nerve caused by vertebrate things are going to get worse.  NICE does recommend chiropractic treatment for the condition you have.  Look up the NICE reconsiderations and take them to your GP.


I get epidural injections frequently. They work very well for me but they don't always work for everyone. There is no down time. I walk right out of the surgery center. Sometimes I can feel relief immediately. I get them for back and neck herniations.


I also have nerve impingement at S1. I've had all pain injections offered which worked for around three months. They relived the pain in my back but did nothing for the leg pain which can sometimes be worse than the pain in my back. I stopped having them for that reason as I found that I couldnt do any more in the way of exercise and still had to take pain medication so it seems a waste of time for me. However I think you need to try them as they work differently for everyone. And yes you are awake and yes they do hurt but nothing you can't manage. They will explain in detail exactly what they're doing as they go along. Hope it helps.


Thanks for all your help and has given me some answers sorry i never responded earlier.



Well last week i finally received the copy of the letter that my MSK consultant sent to the pain clinic(although of wed of last wk they have yet to receive it!) I also have a TARLOV CYST. Has anyone ever had one of these I was never even told I had one, this causes symptomatic problems too most of which I have well actually there's only 2 things i don't suffer from which is bladder dysfunction and sexual dysfunction. I am really angry at my consultant he never informed me of this. He's recommended me to have a nerve root block.

Can anyone tell me about this injection has anybody had much success and what time off might i need from work?

I am slowly coming to realise that I might not get back to normal especially with lots of people's posts on here. Ive just had to chat to my boss that Im really struggling, the pain is worse and is slowly getting worse and more severe when Im working (at a kids nursery on light duties)so ive dropped my hours again. and also expressed my concern that soon i feel that Im not going to be able to carry on at work. I would be devastated Ive worked in childcare for past 13 years, currently studying a part time degree with open uni to hopefully train to become a teacher. I dont even know if that will be possible now.

Then to top all of this off my 11 yr daughter has started to self harm and thinks shes fat, and tries to skip meals.!



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