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I'm in agony, with Chronic Pain!

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Should I have my left thumb joint operated on, as the joint is deteriorating? I have Osteoarthritis in it, & I am in agony 24/7. It's causing me so much distress, as I have Osteoarthritis in my knees, & lower back too. I am depressed all the time, from the pain.

Can someone help me. please? Thank you :) x

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If you have the chance of surgery then yes go for it, I have bad Osteo in my right hand fingers but I'm told I have to live with it, given the chance I would definitely have it done.

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Bella_37 in reply to bantam12

Hi, bantam12

Thanx for replying to me, I'm new here. I read about the Surgery on line. My GP told me nothing about it, until I asked him. He wants me to have a Steroid injection, plus some Counselling, first though.

GP told me that the pain is worse for me, because I am extremely stressed. I know that I am extremely stressed, from trying to live with this agonizing pain 24/7!!!

Pain killers, & Tiger Balm only last for a short time, & do no take the pain away, just help in a small way. :(

Kind Regards!

Bella_37 xo

I take it you haven't tried the injection yet then? Do you think they'd insist on that before agreeing to surgery?

Are you under an Orthopaedic Consultant? If not, would that be the first step? See what the Specialist opinion is? Have you had MRI scans? (I've only had xrays of thumbs/hand but MRIs of knees.)

Mine sent me to his Hand Therapist in OT for supports. Supposed to be having made to measure but trying different ones first. If I want pain injection when pain comes so severe again I can go back to Consultant for injection anytime.

Under a different Orthopaedic Consultant with knees. Have numerous things in there under the umbrella term of Osteoarthritis. Have a meniscus tear but they don't think all pain & difficulty with go with surgery due to the arthritis at the front of knee caps. I'm not keen on knee surgery either.

Other Consultant hasn't mentioned surgery for thumb. I may ask, if pain gets as bad as yours again.

Hope you find a way to lessen your pain, whatever decision you make.

I've never tried Tiger balm, does if give short term relief?

What painkillers are you on? Cocodamol & Ibuprofen I suspect ?

Have you tried 2 nights a week of low dose Diazepam as a muscle relaxant? Might help with stress & pain? Would GP prescribe! I found they helped occassionally but lost effect after 2 days. But a couple of good night's sleep would be a help though ? Then your strongest pain relief on waking?

Hi Mary-intussuception,

Thank you so much, I will have the injection first as this agony is far too much to deal with, as its making me a depressed mess, at the moment.

I take, Mobic, Panediene Forte, 8 per day (highest dose), Cymbalta. I take Diazepam, 2 1/2 mil tab for muscle relaxation when necessary. I wake up daily in shocking pain, & have nightmares from my past, from all the body pain, when I have too many other issues to cope with.

I have to be very careful that I do not get overwhelmed, & this is why I came to this site. I came to try & get some proper help, & understanding. As no one around me understands me, nor what I am going through. I am very good natured, & can handle much more than, most who are like me.

Thank you!

Kind Regards,

Bella_37 xo :)

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Honorah in reply to Bella_37

Hi Bella, I feel for you. I really do. I need a new hip. 18 months ago I hurt my back moving furniture. Nothing serious. I found though that I seemed to be leaning more heavily on my left leg. I kept going to the doctor, 'your age' exercise will help. Slowly it got worse, still he took no notice. In Feb after 14 months I was abroad and had some xrays which I paid for. I went to the G. P he wouldn't even look at them. I, like you am in agony. The pain in my groin is unbelievable, it goes down my leg to my knee. I began to think I had sciatica or osteo arthritis of the knee. I bought a walking stick. Some days I couldn't walk. I felt misunderstood. I then paid to go privately to an orthopaedic consultant who looked at my xrays, at last. Now the GP has decided to listen. I was advised to have a steroid injection £1,680. I decided to have it on NHS. I take Warfarin for a heart problem. Anti inflams affect my warfarin levels and I have to have 3 readings in range, each one a week apart, so only paracetamol which doesn't help. If even only one reading is out of range they can't do the injection. Oh dear. It's hard not to go down in the dumps, but do try to be upbeat.

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Teapot66 in reply to Bella_37

You poor thing , I have had arthritis for over 30 years and my hands are pretty bad anyway just had to help you if I can although i am not in pain 24/7 . I have had injection s in my one middle finger, and one in the bottom of my thumb anyway the thing is if you have the injections if you rest them for a couple of days try not to use your fingers at all I cannot tell you that I have a new hand and I would advise you to go ahead give it ago your not going to lose anything. And if that doesn’t work then take the next op.x

Hi Bella, I have had both thumbs operated on. Had no choice really. Best thing I ever did. Pain free hands now, stronger grip than my husband. Still have to cope with chronic back problem though. Good luck!

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Oh I am excited now! :)

Thank you so much TennysonBear, I will talk to my GP on Wednesday, as I have an appointment. You have made my day!! I am so relieved & happy now :)

I understand it is not a cure for all my other pain. At least part will be healed, I have a positive now, to hang onto!! I have a High Pain Threshold, & I am starting a get fit programme, I have put together for myself.

If you would like to talk about your own pain, & to me, I am here for you, I have lower back pain daily.

I had an accident, which has left me with shocking Chronic pain, in many parts of my body. I have had life saving Surgery, recently. Which I am amazed by, & am eternally grateful for.

Now I am working at becoming well again, better that I used to be, as now I am ever so grateful for my life, & who GOD created me to be! :)

Kind Regards,

Bella_37 xo <3

in reply to Bella_37

Bella, I'm delighted to have made your day! Please let us know how you get on. Love, Debbie.

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Bella_37 in reply to

Yes, Debbie, I sure will let you know ASAP!!

GOD Bless your Precious Heart!

((((((((Debbie))))))))) xo

Donna -Bella_37 :)

Hi I've just had a hand operation on 2 fingers iv had a A1 pulley and tendon operation I can bend my finger tips but not my knuckle I have to go back for a anaesthetic put in my knuckle because of the pain and if that doesn't help I have to have a new knuckle because I have osteoarthritis in my hands and it's very painful. So good luck and hope everything works for u

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Bella_37 in reply to Tretre

I don't mind a full Thumb (bones) replacement. I would kiss the ground they walk on, if they just do it, for me too!!! I seriously mean that.

I am happy you understand this Agony, NOT, that I am happy that you have to go through it too! :'(

Thank you so much, you are beautiful to care!

Love & Hugs!

Bella xo :) <3 <3

Dear Bella. Your pain sounds similar to mine. I have terrible left hip pain for going on 7 years. I take oxycontin but it only works for awhile. My stress certainly adds to the pain level. I do breathing excercises and woodwork to try to calm down. I think you should try the shot of steroid. For some people this works for quite awhile--a month or more. I find counseling does not work for me. It's tough to talk to someone when your hip is screaming. Hoe does your hand feel if you soak it in really cold water? Ask your doctor about a compounding cream where they mix in all the oral meds in a cream and then you rub on the area that has the pain. Keep us posted because we love it when one of us feels better.


Hi, Tim WOW! now I am concerned?? :(

Yes, I knew about the limitation, by having the knuckle fused. I would do just about anything to be out of this pain!!!!!!! My thumb is distressing me to the point that I just want to go to bed, & stay there.

I will go & freeze it in ice water after I finish typing to you, Tim! I only get joy from listening to music, it sorta takes my mind off this agony, not 100% though! :'(

I hate my thumb, I really do! I wouldn't care is they removed, to be truthful!



I will tell my GP Wednesday AU, when I have my visit, that- I NEED THAT STERIOD INJECTION!!!......Sorry I am yelling at the GP, not you! ;)

Kindest Regards!

Bella xo :)


Talk to your GP there are various treatments they can do, although you need an appointment with a Clinic who does this type of treatment.

I had a trigger finger operated on last year and they just froze the area and operated there and then. It took about twenty mins from start to finish. They may rotate the joint or something.

You are medication covered well, although when you see your GP, push for an operation.

They can do wonders these days on hands etc


Thank you Bob so very much, I have been so upset & stressed, even though I am happy natured, & playful, most times. I am to be truthful, getting so warn out from all this Chronic pain. My stress level is extremely high, at the moment! :(

I will be seeing my GP on Wednesday to let him know my decision, with your encouragement & care, plus others in this Forum, I now know to be brave & trust surgery.

I will let you know how I am after I tell GP about my decision, Thanx!! :)

Kind Regards,

Bella_37 xo :)

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Honorah in reply to Bella_37

Bella, although I hv just written about my knee I too have had two trigger finger operations. It was such a simple thing I would hardly call it an operation. A little cut, a loosening of the tendon, a couple of stitches, plaster on my palm, no more pain, no more finger suddenly dropping things. I have another one to do but my hip pain is number one at the moment.

Bella-37, Hi, I also have osteoarthritis but in my left knee, neck and lower back. They all hurt when I try to sleep so I dont get much sleep at night. I had a TKR last April on my right knee. Never again! After almost 8 months that leg p, behind and the sides of that are still stiff and very sore. I get relief for my lower back from a heating pad. For my neck I have this horseshoe looking microwavable heat thing that I heat and wrap around my neck. I just had xrays of my left knee but the doc hasnt contacted me about that yet. She will not give drugs for relief, which is fine with me as most of the drugs have so many life threatening side effects I wont take them. I do take ibuprofen, 800 mg a couple times a week only, as that stuff actually breaks down cartilage.I walk 2 miles a couple times a week now hoping it will strenghten the muscles and joints. I feel your pain people, very difficult to get through the day sometimes.

Suggest Glucosamine tablet(s) daily, also Hyaluronic powder ( I use 1/8th teaspoon over two days - cannot guarantee result). Cocodamol can be useful if Doctor permits.

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