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Please help me


I have an inflamed disc L5 pinching the S1 nerve causing severe pain all down the left side of my leg. Doctor had me on tramadol 100mg 4 times a day and naproxen 250mg twice a day they helped with the pain lots but monged me out. Now I've just been given pregablin only been taking them for 24 hrs doc said stop the others and try this. I've been rolling round in agony 24hrs now any suggestions what I can take aswell as the pregabs to help until these start working

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Also can i double up the dose of these pregablin would that help

Well for starters you should always reduce Tramadol slowly . Stopping suddenly is never advised.

Pregabalin should also be introduced slowly and built up to required dose over weeks. Months in cases of high doses.

No never take extra Pregabalin without consulting your Doctor, or consultant, first


Glassback89 in reply to Bananas5

Thanks. Can I take naproxen still

Bananas5 in reply to Glassback89

As an NSAID it should be fine


Glassback89 in reply to Bananas5

Thanks for the help

I also suffered like you L5 / S1 with badly pinched nerve in terrible agony for 3 yrs having injections inbetween

facet joints and lumber punctures all to no avail until I met a surgeon who decided to operate and do a

T.L.I.F transforaminal lumber interbody fusion, during the opening he found the nerve that was badly crushed

he said much longer could have meant losing my leg.

Believe me the op was no walk in the park it's been a year now but it's still better than that agonising droning

pain that wont go no matter what you do.

I wish you well don't just accept pain killers push for something more permanent.

Thanks will do it's been 6 weeks now I've had enough don't know how you coped so long I'm ready for amputation already. But seriously thank you for you time

Hi suffragette. I see you have had a T,L,I,B,F. I am on the list to have this done after everthing I have tried has not helped. I am on Pregablin 300mls 2xday Plus Dukoxtine and 30/50 ml Co-codomol. This has def. helped but the side affects are not good. Please can you give me any advise about this op. What it was like and recovery. Thank you.


Sorry for the late reply, my experience of the op was traumatic my surgeon placed 2 rods in my lumbar spine one

either side for stability, unfortunately my nerve was completely crushed so the op was more invasive .

Take any pain relief they offer you as the muscle spasms in my back on day 2 were extreme and that lasted 24 hrs.

Make sure you have good family support as you will not be able to do anything for yourself for at least 2 weeks.

I hope this doesn't put you off but bear in mind this is a BIG operation

I wish you the very best.


Thank you Suffragette, sounds awful and I am quite worried about this op. but unfortunatly I do not know what else I can do, I can't stay on Pregablin and all the rest of the drugs I am on the side affects are horrible, but maybe they are better than this op. I hope you are keeping pain free now. x

Hi mate much same as you but their wanting to operate on my spine, like you rolling around, all my Gp will give me is Tramadol 150 Daily but i only take 100, i don't like them, 5 months ago i had the spine injections in 5 places Well iv'e ended up worse than ever once they wore off, i don't want to but i'm looking at the opp back hips groins so much bloody pain, My feelings go out to all who have got to put up with these pain's, it's a 9 month wait to get in the Pain Clinic Here ! Take care all :)

Hi x you have my utmost sympathy as I too had a problems at L5/S1 with a inpinged nerve and prolapse disc. Absolute agony. I was overlooked and at one point told I'd have to 'live with it. Naproxen etc and then the surgeon said he would do a dissection and said I'd be pain free immediately from the sciatica afterwards.... only I wasn't and this was in 2016. I haven't worked since due to continuing probs with nerve damage in left leg and now my right thigh is numb and sensitive parasthetica neuralgia plus now sciatica in my right leg. Spinal stenosis with osteoarthritis arthritis in my neck (2 discs abutting my spinal cord) and o.a in my right knee too! I've now gone on to solphadol 30/500 and Oramorph when it's really bad plus Amiltripyline at night.

If I had my time again I would not have had the op but hey 99% are obviously grateful they did! I did Yoga before so was 'fitish' now I'm in pain daily.

I wish you well - I use heat, a roll on strong deep heat and a TENS Machine xx

waylay in reply to calliejx

Exactly the same for me, but in 2008. :/

calliejx in reply to waylay

So how are you now bless you? X

Glassback89 in reply to calliejx

Still same got appointment to see some osteopathic surgeon next week so zombie land until then x

calliejx in reply to Glassback89

Bless you xx I know what you're going through xx

waylay in reply to calliejx

Too disabled to work. Being worn down by the benefits system.

Glassback89 in reply to waylay

I was having 240 pounds a week stoppages for national insurance peoples pension and tax out of my wages and all im entitled to 28 weeks of ssp at 94.50 week complete joke that will just about feed me my back is knackerd through wear and tear installing the roads we drive on. My life is now extremly limited. There is no neglegence involved in my injury so no grounds for a claim this is what happens i gave my mobility for my country and now left to beg and borrow to survive.

calliejx in reply to Glassback89

It's a disgrace isn't it, absolute disgrace .. I think it's worse too if you have pride and try as you get penalised for it.

Glassback89 in reply to calliejx

They belittle you same as local gps they treat you like children i cant stand it you shouldnt have to beg of a system that you pay for it should be auto for workers as soon as sick note is the system should take care of you also sick of undertrained gps

I get more help from dr google

I've had 2 herniated discs over the past 6 years . Terrible pain down my leg both times. It's agonising and frustrating I understand what you are going through. I tried pretty much everything . Pills, chiropractor, physio but nothing made it better. Best advise I can give to you is to get down your doctor's and request a scan . If he says no it hasn't been long enough then just tell him how badly it is affecting your quality of life and you are struggling to cope . That's the route I went down and he got me an MRI scan and then surgery . Surgery took a few months to come through. But it was the best thing I ever done. Completely pain free now and back to my old self . My advise is to not get fobbed off with pills for the rest of your life. You need the root cause sorted because it won't heal by itself. If you don't want surgery then try physio and all that . But if you ask me for a herniated disc it won't do nout. Good luck mate . Don't gett fobbed off get it sorted . Its minor surgery . Good luck

Cheers marky

Had 1 MRI they said it's prolapse L5 pinching s1 but they don't want to operate. I'll be pushing now for sure. The information I've gathered over the past few weeks has given me a better understanding and knowledge of the condition than my gp i think he just clutching at straws. Thanks for your advise

Hello,... your names not yvette is it? This could have been written by me!!!

I have the L5 disc is pressing on the sciatic nerve causing severe pain all down my right leg, I am trying to do exercises, but the pain is so bad I cannot do them as well as I should.its all at the back of the thigh and in my foot and calf, ( the pain in the foot feels like a bad sprain would be and I finding it difficult to put weight on, hence now walking with a stick) I can only lay in one position in bed, but that now putting pressure on my left hip :-((

I was on tramadol, it didn’t work for me, now on pregablin, building up, so far on r a day ( not working yet)

My dr is calling me on thurs, with hopefully another suggestion, also I am waiting to be referred for a scan or X-ray.

Let me know how you are doing ( we sound like a couple of book ends :-)


Glassback89 in reply to Yvette49

Hi Yvette

Get a MRI asap push for it you may need an operation. I've not slept in 48 hours since not taking tramadol my doctor said my MRI scan shows L5 trapping the s1 nerve but not severe enough for surgery yet he wanted to try and see if it got better ???????? I'm pushing for surgery now it's not 100 percent guaranteed and can cause other issues. But I realy don't see any other option. Waiting for a call as we speak.

My experience with my gp is poor unless they have suffered this they have no idea how to treat us and he kind of ask we can try this what do you think. All I think is I never did 5 years at uni if I did I wouldn't be ringing you for help. It's your profession if I acted like that in my profession there would be questions asked as to why and how.

Ok rant over

Best wishes Yvette

Keep pushing

Yvette49 in reply to Glassback89

Ha ha, I don’t mind listening to you ranting, quite’s like banging your head on a brick wall sometimes isn’t it.

Hope you get some satisfaction from the phone call.

I had surgery on my L5 disk three years ago, it was brilliant, but then slipped in the kitchen 6 months later and had to have it done again. It’s been very good, just slight twinges. I hope I can get this other leg sorted, I can only walk for about 2 mins before excruciating pain....

Roll n thurs when dr rings me...I will be pushing them for mri, but apparently now I have to be referred via physiotherapist!!!

Why, is the Dr not to be trusted that she knows what she is doing,.....

That’s my rant over 😊

Yvette Xx

Glassback89 in reply to Yvette49

Quick way to MRI is go to accident emergency at the hospital and lay it on thick I was told 6 weeks so I drove to the hospital parked up didn't pay limped towards the door then got on all fours and started expressing my pain I got a wheel chair and MRI same day that was a result

Gotta speak up or be last now a days

Yvette49 in reply to Glassback89

Wow brilliant, wish I was there with you, ( bet you were smiling when you got home :-))


Get off the tramadol. If you can learn how to relieve the symptoms through movement and exercise then you will be far better off than taking the drugs. Definitely I wouldn’t take the nerve blockers. The pain will not last and the body will mend. Go through it, learn how to manage it without the meds and you’ll be better off in the long run.

waylay in reply to Chris1977

Chris, this is really unhelpful and it's also bad advice. Untreated severe pain is far more likely to become chronic pain.

Also, have you ever felt this particular type of pain? I have, and it is absolute agony. If you haven't, you have no idea.

I use pregabalin and a topical Ketamine cream for a similar problem. I've been on very high doses of tramadol as we're you but I didn't have any of the "monged out" side effects, I just am on enough meds for c/ptsd already.

Lidocaine plasters are also good for turning down the pai a bit. I would recommend that you look into having a nerve block inserted. I hope this is of help.

I am on Pregablin 300mls 2xday Plus Dukoxtine and 30/50 ml Co-codomol. This has def. helped but the side affects are not good. I have tried just about everthing and this is the only medication that has helped for me. I know how painful this problem can be and hope you soon sort some relief' I have know decieded on an op. x

I had the same, but as it was slow onset cauda equine I got operated on very quickly. Things were looking up after that although it left me with a gammy leg that slowly got better. However a year and a half later the same disc went again and I had another op which unfortunately only helped for 2 weeks after which I went through the roof with pain. An emergency MRI showed a huge herniation at the same level yet again and off I went for op 3. It is now slowly getting better but has taken 3 years so far.

I feel for you but they like to give it 8 to 12 weeks before going the surgery root as a lot of time it does go away then. It is probably why you have not been offered it yet. Also before surgery they usually first like to try a spinal injection to see if that does the trick. A lot of people get relief from them so it might be worth a try.

Good luck.

Glassback89 in reply to Emma2017

I feel like a soft lad now I'm crying already and by the look of things it's only just the beginning. I realy feel for you having a 3rd op must be depressing. Have you been able to work. That's my next worry I work for a civil engineering

company it's heavy work so my career looking grim .

Emma2017 in reply to Glassback89

Sorry did not mean to scare you. Looking on the bright side is better.

I am not the norm, honoustly. Most people have the one op and do not suffer the cauda equine onset.

Most people do feel absolutely fine afterwards as microdiscectomies have a very high success rate and you are more than likely going to be one of them if you need the op.

I do still work but have a sitting job and can manage a lot from home.

There is no reason why you should not be able to carry on with your career. Somebody I know had the one op and never looked back and goes skiing every year! Initially you just have to take it a bit easier but you company might be happy to accommodate that.

However like I said you might never need an op if an injection does work as it does in many cases.

Take care.


Let the pregabilin kick in its good for nerve pain in on it after I had tried gabberpentin also codein is good for nerve pain but it can bung you up so I take it in kapake which as paracetamol in, just give it time, good luck

Be careful with Naproxen, one of the rare side effects is it affects your liver. I have chronic neuralgia and sciatica from damaging my spine in 92. Tried nerve blocks, didn't work. Because mine is at both ends of my spine( i fractured my neck and damaged the vertebrae at L4-5-S1) surgery is being delayed until I cannot walk at all. Had full blood work up last year due to a seizure and it was discovered that my liver was badly damaged. As I don't drink we looked into my meds, I'm on morphine, gabapentin, amitriptyline, Oramorph and amlodipine. Was on naproxen 1000mg per day so stopped that and my liver is slowly recovering.

Wish you well. Wish they'd operate on me but all i get is pain management.

Hi, your doctor should have told you to reduce other meds and not just stop them. Take some tram but not 4x a day and then ask for smaller dose and gradually reduce to what helps. Pregab works for me and I've had nerve jabs but nerve pain coming back. I'm also on tram 100mg 4x a day but have 50mg tabs so sometimes only take 1. You need referred to pain clinic for right meds. Hope you get some relief soon. I was doing OK but lost my balance in bathroom and fell against sink hitting right on bad spot and now in agony with even weaker left leg, but got pain clinic tomorrow so fingers crossed.

That is the worst pain ever! Natural childbirth times 10! The only thing that helped me was seeing a spine Orthopedic Dr and getting an MRI and then a minimally invasive procedure called microdiscectomy. Best thing I ever did! Pain is gone. Outpatient surgery. If you wait too long (which I stupidly did) you can get nerve damage. The side of my ankle and calf and the top of my foot is numb. It can take up to a year but it’s getting better now and I’m feeling more. My best to you!


I used to take all 3 of those meds at the same time.

Have you been refered for an mri? I was told I had sciatica.. the left side of my back hip and left leg was in complete agony for weeks and weeks... I was prescribed all sorts of pain relief and even offered morphine the pain was that severe.. however i took none of these as I have two children and refused to be monged out! Further to this I was reassessed by another Dr who said the pain in my hip wasn't quite normal I was stuck!!! I had physio which helped but I was given naproxen and they are AMAZING... no pain killers but they reduce the swelling which is causing all this in the first place!! I was eventually sent for an mri and have a disc in the lower lumber out of place causing it to trap the nerve... I took naproxen for 8 days and I'm fully pain free awaiting an appointment as to how to treat the disc..

Don't let them fob you off with painkillers to knock you out you need a good strong anti inflammatory and i wouldn't have never have thought they would have ever taken the pain away but they did and I have such bad nerve damage in my leg i cant feel anything down my left leg but these have been amazing !

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