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Hi Lavender26 I have recently been diagnosed with spondylitis. I am constantly in pain with that with osteoarthritis of the lower spine and sciatica I have tried a lot of different pain relief with not much help recently been put on 50mg of Tramodol but feel constantly sick and very tired after taking not sure what else to do what do you suggest I donot want to really have to take opoids.

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Have you been to pain clinic?

They can offer alternative therapy which, with certain drugs, may help.

50mg of Tramadol is fairly low dose.

I understand your reluctance to go onto the 'heavies' as - while they do help - after a certain point they don't/


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Cbd is pure and no ThC which gets you high this does not. It's a tasteless oil you put under tongue


So sorry for your condition.

You are already on an opioid - Tramadol- but as Paton says-a very low dose.

How often do you take that- it only lasts about 5 or 6 hrs , so you would need to be taking at least 4 a day for 24 hr treatment. If not , then that would explain some of your symptoms.

There is an extended release version which is supposed to last the full 24 hrs.( ER)

The importance thing for you is to be pain free as much as possible- again as Paton says- do you attend a Pain Clinic?

You may need to keep with the Tram for a while just to let your body get used to it. It will be worth it.

I have OA of lower spine and hips- am on oxycontin 10mg twice a day.- It gives about 80% relief and had quite a long lead in.

Good luck.


I take Tramadol 100 x twice a day for disintegrating hip and sij. Works most of the time but little blips every so often.



Hi thank you for your reply I still take the lyrica 50 mg twice a day I have tried an higher dose but because of other medication I am on it made me feel like a zombie I am now on 50mg 4 times a day but feel constantly sick so I will do it slowly twice a day the Sam as the Tramodol hope it stops the nausea I get with Tramodol as it does help with the pain Also what is the pain clinic I have not heard of that before Linda


I'm in Ireland so don't knowhow the NHS operates.

Every hospital here would have a pain clinic where a consultant - usually Anaesthesist - would advise on pain medications and procedures. They will do spinal injections etc.


Hi Paton thank you for your message but I have never heard of the pain clinic what is it. Linda


It is basically a clinic run by an anesthetist as they know all about pain drugs and how they react with each other.

They have a pain nurse too and possibly another couple of staff members.

You can get a referral through your GP. Many GPs don't know enough about pain meds - how to start or withdraw and what works on which part of you.

You will be assessed on what you have been prescribed, how long and how they work.

You are likely to offered physio. acupuncture and other alternatives to meds.

You will learn heaps about managing your own pain! Coping and pacing yourself. Pacing is number one rule in handbook of being a CP patient!

I will stop there. It is one of my pet loves and as far as I am concerned the anesthetist consultant is top man!


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Hi thank you for your message I will definitely see my GP about it I want to ease the pain but really fed up of trying different pain killers that though ease the pain a little I feel really ill in other ways and have no energy so to me anything is worth trying other than pain killers thanks again.


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I've recently been diagnosed also.

I'm sorry you are in so much pain. I have fibromyalgia and joint hypermobility also and used to take a heady cocktail of pain killers. I have stopped them all and only take pregabalin low dose which helps to reduce pain by block signals in the nerves.

I got to where I am thanks to pain psychology, pain physio and other support from the pain clinic. I also did my own research and tried to understand my pain and why the pain killers don't work long term. It was a long journey but so worth it.

I hope you get some relief soon.


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