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How do you deal with pain?


I have been recently been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease. I have had 3 "flair ups" in the past year. Then recently I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in both my feet. I don't know which is worse the physical pain or the mental pain. I can not afford to go to a doctor as I have no income and do not qualify for Medicaid in my state. So with that being said I can only go to the emergency room when the pain gets unbearable. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Have you heard of Reiki? I think you can teach yourself it but not sure. Maybe worth looking it up. I've not used it myself but hear it can be helpful.

Jade1992 in reply to Rosepetal60

Thank you I'll look it up.

Rosepetal60 in reply to Jade1992

And then I thought of Reflexology, again not used it myself but maybe worth a check online.

Toplady in reply to Rosepetal60

I have reflexology every couple of weeks? It helps me cope with the stress of being in pain everyday. It might help you maybe?

Jade1992 in reply to Toplady

Where do you get this done?

Toplady in reply to Jade1992

I'm in South Wales in the UK?

Hi jade

I had something similar,the best thing you can do for your back is to strengthen the muscles around it ie your glutes,hip flexors,core etc to take the load of your back all these exercises can be done at home at no cost,also when I had a herniated disc I only had referring pain in my foot which 2 physios diagnosed as plantar fascitis,but turned out to be the nerve being pinched

Hope your on the mend soon

Hi there. Read your post you say your not sure which is worse the mental or physical. If you find getting physical help due to cost etc i would try to tackle the mental side of things.

There are many relaxation techniques distraction techniques on line they do take time to learn and to find which work best.

I would also suggest trying some rational thinking , espesially through a flair up. Understanding it is just a flair up helps me shorten my flair ups.

For example when i used to have flair ups i would have end of the world type thoughts and think the pain would never go away. Now i say to myself i know exactly what is happening its just a flair up i get to relaxation , distraction etc . People find it easy to train theyre brain to be negative during chronic pain. Which is understanable. But difficult to retrain the brain to be positive. This does work but is very difficult and does take practice . Think of it like learning a new language or how to drive. You couldnt do thrse without practice.

Really hope this helps and you find something that works for you.

Thanks dave

Jade1992 in reply to Davek723

Yes I do tend to think negative when I have one. They hurt so bad that it makes it difficult to stand straight and to breathe. I will give it a try to think positive and find something to help with the pain.

I'm not medically trained:

For the plantar fasciitis in both feet stretch BEFORE you get out of bed (very important). Pull your toes towards your head.

2. NEVER go barefoot, even at home, always wear shoes, even to go to the bathroom during the night.

3. Purchase a good SUPPORT for your shoes. Get some help selecting the right ones. Cost $40.00 to maybe $70.00

4. If you follow to the "T" the above, it should take care of it in most cases, but maybe not. Use ice on your feet, stretch during the day.

I had plantar fasciitis for two long years before I did the above!

Good luck.

I can't help with the back pain unfortunately.

But for the plantar fisciitis make sure you're taking antiinflammatory drugs. Either over the counter or Naproxen worked well for mine. Cold compresses can help ease the pain and make sure you have inserts for your shoes to make the heel area more padded.

Avoid running/jumping and high heels.

It's worth assessing how you walk to, having a toe to heel approach can sometimes help.

I've lived with it in both heels since I was a child and have found these things control it.

There are gel covers you can wear on your heels at all time. I'm yet to use them but have been told they're amazing.

Thank you for the ideas when it comes to my feet. I do have inserts for my shoes. As for the stretches I have started doing yoga. Don't know if it will help Any, but decided it was worth the try.

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