Living with arthritis is no joke

I'm so glad I came across this site as it's nice to know I'm not alone, cuz even tho I have friends and family who help me when things are really bad, the majority of them have no idea what it's like to be in pain every single day and how depressing it is to go to bed every night knowing that it will be the same again tomorrow, I've learnt to handle the pain what really gets me down is not being able to do the things I want to do, and the medication I take doesn't really help anymore cuz I've been on them for so long I've become immune to them so I'm constantly in pain and struggle to do anything and I know most people think it can't be that bad and I'm just putting it on, so I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some useful advice that might be helpful,πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

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  • How about going to see your GP and mentioning you feel your drugs don't work anymore and could you slowly come off them and try something different. You might also like to consider Traditional Chinese style Acupuncture to help with your Arthritis.ive had help over the years with this treatment for my various types of Arthritis.

  • Before I moved to North Yorkshire a few years ago, I attended the local hospital or Electronic Acupuncture, I had it fortnightly and it was best relief I ever had, I'd advise give it a try

  • Awww thank you I will do some research and see if they do it anywhere in my local area πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

  • Electronic Acupuncture is in my experience, different to Traditional Chinese Style Acupuncture which treats the body as a whole. It's important to check the Acupuncturist has a minimum of three years training. Preferably more. You can Message me if you need further advice / help on this subject

  • Thank you so much for your help and advice ❀️

  • The person who treated me was fully qualified and had many years experience in both Chinese and Electronic Acupuncture, I have had both and would recommend either .

  • Sadly for me, the practitioner using Electronic Acupuncture although qualified was negligent and I suffer nerve damage from it to this day and forever.

  • How sad to try something new only to end up worse off 😒 ❀️

  • Thanx for your considerate and kind response. Agree and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. No help from practitioner or Acupuncture council.

  • So sorry you had bad experience, It is hard enough to deal with the pain never mind it being added to . I am lucky it worked for me and people in charge were very good. However I do not get this treatment where I live now. only answer was operation which I have been advised against. by several consultants, so it is painkillers. from now on. Hope you get help that works soon

  • Following on from the nerve damage incident, I managed to find a Consultant Acupuncturist who I have been with for about 17 years. He did part of his 10 years training in China.

    I feel if you have been advised against an operation for now, that is most likely good advice from my experiences in procedures in general. But unfortunate for you. It maybe at a later date this may change.i do know of a person who did the exercises one does prior to a certain knee operation, only to find his knee improved greatly and he no longer needed the operation. But everyone is different and I know I would never be able to have a knee op as my knee bone area is too fragile.

  • Yes I agree, I have been pushing myself to walk a bit longer distance when out. I do get sore but try to walk through it. usually next day I cannot move but it is worth it at the time. I used to be into gymnastics and taught Highland dancing, jigs and hornpipes, with a little bit ballet thrown in. so my joints are ruined now. Also I do not like being unable to do things. Anyway just have to get on with it. Take care

  • Definitely the hardest thing to come to terms with not being able to do all the things you used to do and still wish you could, enjoy your day ❀️

  • I know what do you mean I know that pain 😒

  • It depends on your illness,sometimes you have all the medical answers,ie AS or Ost.But we have to live with it,there's no cure,just pain relief,no matter where it comes from.😒

  • So sorry I know exactly what you are feeling I'm the same I have osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis diagnosed last month I'm 50 my condition is getting worse every day I have been a carer most of my working life and think I will need one in the near future I fractured 4 Ribs and Smashed my vertebrae 20 months ago that's when pain started and oh what pain it is I have been on gabapentin getting the dosage upped as I get worse but think I will need something else I'm losing concentration if I try to do a wee bit of house work I get agitated and very confused thought I was losing it but I googled symptoms and it's because of the pain and GP verified it I can't have steroids for Osteoarthritis because I have osteoporosis so that's me knackered I don't do things by half's let me know how you are hope you get pain free soon x

  • Awww I'm sorry to hear how bad things are for you, I also take gabapentin and I find every time they increase my dose I have periods of confusion I walk around in a daze most of the time but it does pass after a while, also high doses of steroids cause the same symptoms, which I suffer from each time I have a severe flare up as they will increase my daily dose from 10 ml to 50 ml until things settle down again. Thanks for your concern but feeling a lot better today and actually managed to get out of bed by myself this morning πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ

  • Hi TKLOVE, no it is not fun with arthritis, and people do not realise how depressing it can be to be in constant pain. There are lots of things that can help releive the pain other than drugs. I am about to try another natural so called pain releiver, we are individual so is our illness so best to try anything that might work then select the best for you. try to keep as active as possible so your joints don't seize up. Have a look on Arthritis research UKs site for suggestions to try new things are coming out all the time. Enjoy your day.

  • Thank you for your suggestions I'll try anything if there's a chance it might give me even a moment of relief πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ

  • You are welcome, I've had arthritis now for over thirty years, with constant daily pain. Glad I could come up with some helpful info. Just saw another item in the saga magazine , like a pen that works similar to a tens machine for pain. And there are so many herbal suggestions, Tumeric is very popular at present worth a try for three months is quite cheap. Best Wishes xx

  • Thanks for the new information, I already take tumeric daily but not sure if it's made much difference but I'll persevere with it as it can't hurt πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

  • Very true it can't do you any harm, but maybe something different might help, how long have you been takling Tumeric ? Sadly it did not help me either, but I am sure there must be something natural as back in the old days we did not have all these painkilling drugs available. I found heat pain patches help but have to go all the way to town for them and not many in a pack if you need to use them everyday. Have a good night hope the fan keeps you cool.

  • I have found a heat patch called SalonPas at my local Wal-Mart. The patches are the smaller size. They come 60 to a box for 9.00. You can leave them on 8 hours. I like the ease in using them and they really are helpful. I have been using a pharmacy formulary supplement called Inflatrol. It contains Tumeric, Ginger, Cucumerin, and some other natural things. I did notice some relief after the 3rd week. I am on my 3rd month of taking it. I had a knee replaced and have had a rough time with pain even after 2 months of physical therapy. I think I could have benefited from the use of a heated pool, but my insurance constantly denies, although it is for my knee.

    Anyway those two things have been helpful to me. Good luck to you.

  • I am so sorry about your pain. I have rheumatoid arthritis since I was a teenager and I am now 65. I know the frustration of people not getting it because you may look fine. At the same time you feel like you must have been run over by a big truck. The medications offered can make a person sicker. We do them from time to time for a few hours of relief. Then the stomach aches and headaches come in and you return to your well known arthritic pain. This is not an answer. There is still no cure. Although the disease is as old as mankind I have never seen a benefit for it. I would like to take people to hospitals to see the smallest of children suffering. I hope you go into a remission. I hope they post this for you. You are not alone.

  • Thank you for your kind words of support it means so much, I couldn't agree about the meds, for every treatment they give me for the symptoms of arthritis I end up taking another 3/4 for the side effects of the first treatment πŸ˜±πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‘ it's a vicious circle, don't take them and end up in agony barely able to move or take them and a 100 more for the migraines , insomnia,weight gain, sickness, upset stomach, decreased bone density, compromised immune system etc etc it's something you wouldn't even wish on your worst enemy πŸ˜©πŸ™ˆπŸ˜£πŸ’‹

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