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Fatty liver, bilirubin 2.2h, Constant pain under left and (right ribs no so much ) and on the right side of the belly button.

I’m 35 years old female . I have a pain under left ribs almost constantly from five months . After five months I start having pain under my right ribs . Usually I have constant pain during the day, few times at night . First I did CAT scan without contrast and shows that everything was OK. Only my Billirubin was always elevated. I just recently did CT scan with contrast and they found that I have diffuse hepatic steatosis ( fatty liver ) .Everything else was good. My bilirubin in 3 months is elevated from 1.9h to 2.2h.

I’ve been having gases, bloating for 5 months. I just recently went on gluten-free diet, maybe that will help, because so far I went to a lot of doctors and nobody knows what is going on with me.

Does anybody has problems like me?

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Hello Karina35. Can you tell me if you are in the UK?

Your bilirubin results are higher than would be expected in an adult. It could be many reasons.

Have you been checked for anemia? Jaundice? A fatty liver could cause this.

Ask your Doctor for a full blood count. It could be something blocking yor bile ducts.

Sorry I can't be ore help


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Hi Bananas5 ☺️. I am in US.

Thank you for replying to me ☺️

I did all metabolic tests and only 2 things I have out of range :

Bilirubin ( 0.2-1.2 mg/dL ) I have 2.2 - high.

Alkaline phosphatase ( 33-115 U/L ) I have 29 -low

I don’t have anemia , so far no Jaundice and my Ct-scan with contrast shows no evidence of liver mass or bile duct dilatation. I’m going to GASTRO DOC. next week , let’s see what he will tell me.

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Good. Hopefully he will have some answers


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Have you thought it could be yourgall bladder

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Hi Chrisfagan .

6 months ago I did ultrasound of my gallbladder, they told me I have 2 polips ( 8 and 9 mm) , after that they send me to hospital to check function of my gallbladder ( HIDA scan ) and everything was good. They told me to keep eye on it every 6 months , if they grow I will have to remove my gallbladder .

4 months ago I went for another ultrasound and they told me there was no polyps in the gallbladder - who to trust ????

I am going to do another ultrasound, this is so ridiculous !


Trying to get answers can be very difficult especially when you feel like you keep being referred to different specialists. It's a frustrating time cause you are still in pain. Part of the problem is the medical model, which is diagnosis-treatment-cure. If they are not able to do this you are referred on.

Did they check your pancreas? have you noticed that any foods make it worse? If its your gall bladder the pain will get a lot worse if you eat fatty foods.

i hope you get some answers soon

take care Kate

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Hi Katelee ☺️

Trust me 😤 I’m so tired of this , no one’s know what it’s going on with me . Yes, they check my pancreas, everything is good , amylase and lipase normal. They give me medication for stomach ( Pantroprazole ) , I am taking for five weeks already , to be honest with you I don’t see any difference in my pain . They told me keep taking five more weeks 😩.

I put myself on gluten-free low-fat diet , I only eat the good fats from the fish, olive oil and Udo’s Oil (this one is the best ) . Not a mention - I have a good appetite every day!

There is not such a food make it worse or better. I’m going to see two different GI doctors this week , let’s see what they’re going to say 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


I share your frustration. It's hard enough managing the pain without having to fight for a diagnosis as well.

I have been on the my own hamster wheel since my pain started. I find it unbelievably frustrating and it really angers me at times.

I am glad that most of your tests have come back ok, i know it hasn't helped with a diagnosis but i try to think of it as reassuring that i dont have something life limiting.

I really hope you get some answers this week. 🤞 🤞 🤞 🤞

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I feel so bad that you are going through the same thing like me , pain and no diagnosis. I hope this pain will leave us forever and never ever come back again !!!

Sometimes I’m thinking, maybe because I constantly think about the pain it just make it worse.

I went to GI doc. today .

He told me there is nothing wrong with me and gave me medication for IBS ( IBGARD ) .

Also he told me that lots of people have high bilirubin and this doesn’t mean they’re sick . So I am a little yellow and it’s ok , God help Me 🙏🏼!

They draw blood from me, so in 2 days I will have resorts.


me too! I want my life back.

I am sorry you didn't get any answers. You are right, thinking bout pain all time won't help but its difficult not to! It's why fun is so important and so is having a laugh even though we usually pay for it later. Pain every day just grinds you down.

Did you know that pain lights up the limbic system, so is directly linked to emotions. It's one of the many reasons that pain often coexists with depression and depression increases pain. It's one hell of a vicious cycle and why it is so important to do something pleasurable on a daily basis, it can be little like eating a favourite food, a nice cup of tea/coffee, going outside or having a bath/shower depending on pain and energy levels.

I hope your next appointment is more enlightening and you start to get some relief soon.

Take care 😊

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I agree with you hundred percent .

That pain will drain you and put you into depression. Energy flows where your mind goes right ? ! I am working on it 😬

By the way, they change my doctor appointment two weeks from now because doctor is sick .. can you imagine ?

To be honest with you I am actually happy that I don’t need to go to Dr. for next 2 weeks- ( yeah like they are going to tell me something different ).

I just want to have totally amnesia if comes to this subject 🤪

Hope your pain in my pain will go away very soon 🙏🏼☺️



all we can do is try and some days are easier than others. It's really important to be kind to ourselves 🤗🤗

It's a bit weird that there is two weeks notice for being sick and if they do have two weeks notice why can't they get a locum in! Strange.

Sometimes its nice to have a break from the hamster wheel. I seem to come away from most appointments frustrated and disappointed. Everyone just refers me on to a different department! It's a never ending treasure hunt with an explanation or treatment being the treasure!

Maybe the collective positive energy from the people on this site will help us all. 🤞🤞🙏 x

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Hi 👋🏽I know it’s so frustrating ,

I honestly think that most of the doctors are just educate by the “book” , they follow the book and that’s it .There’s so much more out there, but they don’t even bother to study more to educate themselves more, because they are too busy milking money from our insurance to paid their bills.

They called me today from the GI office, they change my appointment to Tuesday, but I will not be able to see the doctor I’m going to see his assistant . Also I got a phone call today from another GI doctor with my blood results, I find out that my bilirubin is now 2.5 but everything else is in range 🙏🏼.

Doc. Officially diagnose me with Gilbert syndrome, they told me it’s genetic but there’s nobody in my family with Gilbert syndrome 😕.

Nice , now on top of the pain I’m going to be yellow 🤦🏼‍♀️

I need a vacation 🏝 ‼️


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