Hi All, I'm a new member and would welcome feedback. I suffer from severe coccydynia pain (this pain emanates from the coccyx). It is very deliberating as I can only sit for a short periods of time which eliminates social life severely. The pain is quite unbearable only way I can describe the pain is one feels as if they are sitting on red hot coals which spreads across my lower region. I have seen a Consultant specialist who performed two manipulation steroid injections which, unfortunately, haven't helped. The only painkiller I take is Co-codamol/Codeine for my arthritis but my doctor won't prescribe a stronger painkiller only to attend pain management which I have reservations about. I have read that Lidocaine patches may help! I am at a point where I will try anything. Any suggestions please.

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  • my coccyx is out of alignment and it does make life difficult. I use Tempur medical memory foam cushions when sitting in order to avoid further pain. And I have a memory foam topper on my bed. I feel you ought to ask to see a pain consultant team. As I think the pain management thing you mention is like a weekly course. Although I could be wrong about that. I went to one on this basis many years ago and found it to be no help to me at all. But I felt if my pain had been in my arm/ leg or somewhere not where sitting is involved, it could help some people. It's like when I went to see a hypnotherapist. She asked me if I was sitting comfortably ? Well no, I'm in pain with sitting. Anyway, that did not help me. Some people use the cut out cushions for sitting on and find this beneficial. You may find some ideas on Very informative. Another thing to consider is seeing an osteopath or an Acupuncturist with Osteopath training.

  • Hi thank you for your response and suggestions. My coccyx pain has been with me for many years but it came and went but over the past 12 months it has been constant and deliberating. I have had MRI which didn't show anything untoward so pain remains a mystery. I have tried two coccyx cushions but they didn't help. I do have a memory foam mattress. I am pain free when lying straight and standing. I have been considering other routes as suggested its just getting the right person.

  • Very difficult finding the right person, you may find you have to try several Acupuncturists/ osteopaths before you can get the help needed for you. Number 5 Acupuncturist / Osteopath has helped me a lot. This Acupuncturist has had 10 years training but that is unusual. Certainly a minimum of 3 years is needed. If you do go down this route, my advice would be to choose one who has been trained in China in the traditional Chinese style Acupuncture.

  • Suggestion only calamity37 - Dr told me there are two types of tailbone pains and I would have to learn to live with mine. Dr was wrong, I got rid of my type of tailbone pain by taking high dose vitamin D3.

    When I forget to take my D3 pains all come back to remind me. I couldn't sit for long or stand for long. My type was diagnosed because I mentioned that I shifted from cheek to cheek to get relief. I was found deficient in my vitamin D bloods, (nothing to do with tailbone pain,) but the prescribed 1000iu vitamin D3 to get my blood levels up also affected my Tailbone pain and for a few days it went away, but then sadly came back again, someone suggested I took a far higher (but safe,) dose, now it stays away unless I forget to take my D3.

    Idea to check your vitamin D bloods ?

  • Thank you for supportive information. I have had numerous blood checks but do not think my vitamin D bloods were checked, in fact my doctor has never mentioned this could be the cause. My coccyx pain when sitting is unbearable. Lidocaine patches and Celebrex have been recommended by other sufferers which my doctor has not suggested at the point where I must get some pain relief. I will investigate further your advice, many thanks.

  • Don't accept 'normal' bloods as a result when getting vitamin D bloods checked because even being low in range can cause problems, I check vitamin D results with, I have more faith in them.

    Don't expect your Doctor to know the connection, mine didn't know and I have never gone back to tell them. Taking vitamin D3 also cured (again almost overnight,) my stiffness when getting up out of bed and chairs, my hurting hips, sciatica type leg pains and lower back pain, oh! and not forgetting SAD (the winter blues, down to no sun in winter.)

    Not saying it works for everybody, but it has helped many friends and family turn their ailments around. (again stiffness, tailbone pain, knee problems etc.,) *85% of us are deficient in vitamin D, I was one of them and did not realize.

  • Thank you will investigate further, my doctor never mentioned Acupuncturist/Osteopaths to me, typical.

  • yep unfortunately alot of people perhaps don't realize that the tail bone can be extremely painful,I had this condition and was x-rayed and nothing showed up,but I was underweight at the time and it was more prevalent and more noticeable the pain,so I managed to put some weight on and don't tend to feel the pain anymore,the lidocane patches might help but they tend to roll up and probably will gather in your clothing as it's not the easiest of places to put any sort of dressings etc,I to was offered the steroid injection but I persevered with my weight gain programme and it worked,I'm not saying it's the healthy way to get round this problem,but dunno if there's any other way around,good luck

  • Thank you for your comments, agree there is no positive solution to this problem except grin and suffer it.

  • I've had the same issue for about 12 years now and I totally understand how bad it hurts. My Doc prescribed Celebrex and it worked wonders!! Took my pain completely away! It's a non steroid anti inflammatory. Unfortunately I soon found out that I was allergic to sulfa, which is in Celebrex. Maybe ask your dr about it and see if it helps u

  • Thank you, not heard of Celebrex will most certainly enquire at my surgery, these days I find doctors are not very forthcoming especially when the patient asks for something to be prescribed.

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