Amitriptyline - prescribed for Osteo/RA.

Hi - I am new here

Apt this week at Addenbrookes resulted in the above - as a painkiller which would also help me to sleep (pain wakes me up). Leaflets says antidepressant. I am certainly not depressed although fed up with the pain but concerned about the drug group.

Any feedback about this drug and it's intended purpose would be gratefully received.

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  • Although an antidepressant it's also got pain killing properties. Not everyone seems to find it works though, it didn't for me.

    It's worth trying out for a couple of weeks imo though as it does work for quite a few ppl I know.

  • I have taken a 25mg dose at night to aid me off to sleep. I have migraine and ME muscle/nerve pain. Taken 2 hours before sleep it aids sleep but will not keep you asleep. It relaxes the muscles and so the body for a while. I can take a higher dose for migraine attack to send me off to sleep but it does not take away the pain. A higher dose also gives me leg cramps/restless legs but the 25mg is OK. The information leaflet does say that it is prescribed for anorexit patients and the body may store fat in a different way. Obviously it will bring about a weight gain but it needs to be looked at for whether its benefits outbalance the negatives. This is an old drug and I have taken it for many years. I have had breaks from it on my own initiative and have not suffered withdrawal symptoms. It does have a constipation side effect though which is why I give my body frequent rests from it,

  • Get imigraine prescribed for migraines and diazepam or clonazepam for sleep plus many others. Don't take amitriptyline

  • Nitrazepam is good sleeping tablets with no side effects except addictuve

  • Causes fatty liver resulting in permanent damage also to bladder dribbling from mouth also dry mouth kidney liver heart damage not to mention digestive disorders life long and prolapse bladder bowels

  • I was on that but it made me incredibly thirsty and didn't help with the pain. Also coming off of it was a nightmare. I'm on gabapentin now which was prescribed by pain clinic. It has helped me sleep more although I do get chronic knee and back locking which keeps me awake.

  • Gabapebtin has made me put on a stone in two months. No pain help from it either. Amatriptiline helps me to sleep but as said dosnt help pain or keeping asleep. I also have severe knee pain along with back/groin fibromalgia and countless others

  • Read my posts under help with pain. These will help u but there's many on their.

  • Gabopentin oregabin amitriptyline all affect and cause severe damage such as dry mouth then long term slavvering dribbling from mouth digestive liver renal heart problems long term irreversible ask pain clinic for diazepam or clonazepam which help better and not as severe side effects except for addiction as are all drugs if you can't take gastrointestinal resistant diflocenac or your in need of something stronger do the take trandaol as theirs a website for the severe problems that causes as I had that yrs ago for many yrs and made me very ill. Oxycodeine sliw release 12 HR is controlled but helps also fentanyl 3 day morphine patch I've been in morphines 25 yrs after trying everything before and invetween. Nitrazepam us sleeping tablets with little side effects apart from addiction same as diazepam and clonazepam as all benzodiazepines don't take amitriptyline pre gabolin gabonoentin is a printed cheap drug and useless and many long term side effects. Oxycodeine you will need go CD turkey come off then go back but substituted with fentanyl patch will help. I'm bedridden with many conditions explained over many post under pain post by binz2 and I've said all what I've got what works what you can get in NHS what you can't what works what doesn't fit range if disabilities I have and know a lot about last 28+ yrs. Please check those post above or directly under yours posted. Thsnks

  • Hello,

    Been offfered Amitrip so pleased you posted.

    I have no problem with getting off to sleep as I am usually very tired. Low back pain kicks in after 5-6 hrs of lying on back. L5/S1 hot spot facet joint. So I wake with chronic pain

    When up and mobile my low back pain goes.

    Leg cramps thigh chronic without drugs. Frightening dibilitating cramps.

    This all leads to deep anal canal pain, in-compete evacuation, chronic sitting discomfort and now down for rectopexy surgery. (Which may or may not help as the internal recital prolapse is debatable)

    If u can cope without the drug or drugs or the above surgery or surgeries then I suggest you do so. The interaction between drugs is an unknown. And not properly tested.

    I have been told Tens wireless may help although I have not tried yet.

  • Tens don't work on most pains I used 28 yrs ago and I been nder many specialised specialists for 22 yes I have posted all info conditions treatments apps to help under post directly above it under this on pain help. There's many in their with prolapsed discs chronic pain arkolosing spondylitis flat feet fallen arches osteoporosis double incontinence surgery didn't work for, osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis and others Inc fybromyalgia and uMotif app in app store for fybromyalgia aka chronic pain syndrome. I've out many posts in aids not in NHS that help mattress available thru district nurses Ines you can buy repuse mattress for chronic pain sufferers as I have l5 l3 damage plus slipped discs and many other conditions please refer to my post I replied to many on help with pain. I've also out on their the insoles u can buy no longer in NHS and repose boots you can get for feet in bed or sat out of bed and many other things to assist. I know a lot I've had a lot wrong with me and still have. I been disabled nearly all my life and all my family dead before 42 except me. I've campaigned firvkaws created and changed and I do what I can to help and advise others if what's not told to u. Please refer any if you to the help with pain post where I posted many tips help who to ask for referrals for Inc pain clinic and drugs to ask for such as nitrazepam for sleeping or clonazepam or diazepam which all have fewer side effects and nirmtraxepam is better than temazepam and I had in and off since 14 which is 35 yrs ago. I hope anyone reading this will read the help with pain posts I've replied to.

  • Sorry for typos like out instead or out in instead of on if instead of of etc it's predictive texting and disabities causing it. I'm sure for most part typed out ok you can make out what words it should said.

  • I have double prolapse that was operated on in big op 2024 and rescusitated 4 times and didn't work. Left in worst state. Please check all my posts under help with pain under many conditions I have diagnosed most my life and mounting as over 17. It will help u if u read. Thanks and sorry to hear but I know exactly what you going through. I can't lie on back or on right side 5 yrs only left side and right leg out if bed 5 yrs. See my posts there's lot with lot of help to msny under help with pain post posted by binz2.

  • Tens crap and the electrical impulses cause your muscles to go into spasm as that what it actually does. I've had many of them machines even thou consultants drs specialists told me not waste my money as would cause more pain make situ worse which did. Not bought anymore if those since 2007. Since first buying in 94 when first released. Will make u worse. Waste of money. They now used in tightening muscles in fitness help abs tighten thighs stomach muscles. It's an electrical impulses and painful if your sensitive to pain in or have muscle spasms the u don't want a machine making more. Read my posts under help with pain, warning there's many.

  • My husband has also been prescribed amytripline for severe back pain and depression. i am not sure how much it is assisting with the pain as he is also taking tramadol, paractamol and ibuprofen and is still in severe disomfort. i am sure his depression / moods would be much worse if he were not taking it

  • Omg I just seen this there's a website dedicated since 2005 my late husband found with me that tells you how evil tramadol is. You miss a dose and within 30 mins you know as you got pain and flu like symptoms. I was on it for approx 5 yrs it's evil, people have wanted it banned for over 15 yrs. Amitriptyline causes long term serious conditions slavvering or dribbling is a life long but minor compared to severe digestive bladder renal kidney liver heart damage and I had that drug high dose at 17-21 and low dose from neurologists for help with pain relief tablets Inc many morphines and it's lethal. I advise everyone not use it as I'm Bedridden 7 yes housebound totally 8 yrs no family alive whatsoever and all died before 42. Please see all my posts giving great advice tips help organisations aids Sti available what works what do they on the replies to someone posting help with pain. Binz2 posted help with pain. I been disabled nearly all my life so I've offered many helpful posts to wide range of conditions illnesses I have. Please check. Your husband needs off trabadol and amitriptyline asap and I've suggested what tablets meds have lesser serious long term side effects and ones they have are just addiction I'm expert on pain relief and meds as pain clinic told me when they gave up on me in multi disciplinary meeting in 2011 as I knew and had all drugs. I've listed in my many posts what I'm in what works what don't what avoid and what effects and what's available and what helps. Anyone everyone with pain many types disabilities cancer etc read posts left on help with pain. Thanks

  • Read all my posts under help with pain posted by bunz2

  • Binz2

  • Amitriptyline is one of the old style drugs that they thought was going to help with depression when given at high doses. It turned out that it wasn't very good at dealing with depression but at low doses it was really good for certain types of pain. It works very well for my son and he had been on the minimum dose for several years which got rid of his neuropathic pain.

    Recently we upped the dose and it had a significant affect on the amount of time it takes him to get to sleep! (I have been modelling the data from his Jawbone with control charts) It is still a very low dose.

    But like all drugs we are actually all individuals and respond differently so it is worth trying it.

  • I'm on Amitriptyline and take at night to ease the pain and help me sleep. As far as I know pain tenses your muscles which stops you from going to sleep. The Amitriptyline works is it relaxes your muscles so you can sleep. The last time they tried to take off them I didn't sleep for week and the emergency Doctor put back on them. I've heard they use them as a anti-depressant but a larger dose.

  • That's right but long term shirt dose causes dribbling slavvering from mouth rest of your life , liver disease kidney renal disease and failure and heart problems Inc heart disease, completely ruined bladder to prolapse Inc bowel causes severe side effects and I been in it at 320 my antidepressant at 17 and low dose used by neurologists in first instance from 84 onwards in 20-60 mg doses but causes serious long term complications that in end ki u. Don't take. Nitrazepam clonazepam diazepam a help with sleep and pain relief I've mentioned with all these as in amitriptyline gabopentin pregabolin and many many more in my response posted to binz2 under help with pain. I have 35 yes experience if nearly every antidepressant before 2015 and every morphine or uncontrolled pain relief for last 35 yrs. The pain clinic call me the specialist in knowing the drugs that can help so do consultants and drs. Please read my posts under help with pain a d get off the amitriptyline asap

  • hi, I take amitriptyline, started at 10mg, i now take 50mg night. it is for depression but in much higher doses. I take it for nerve pain in my neck, it really helps. at first you feel a bit groggy in the mornings but that eases over time. my only side effect is dry mouth. on the positive side it helps the pain and helps you get a better more relaxed sleep. the thing is to give it a try and see how you get on. good luck xxx

  • And causes severe digestive disorders bladder disorders fatty liver kidney liver and heart damage life long irreversible as I tried sue them so know as it's diagnosed as causing all of it by specialists and drs. Please read my posts on here and on help with pain posted by binz2 I been responding to. I've 35 yes experience since 15 and I'm Bedridden in hospital bed last 7 yes and totally housebound 8 yrs a my family dead before 42. I know all drugs antidepressants used for depression and used for pain stimulant by neurologist since 94 and now by drs. It's worst tablet take and the only tablet besides lithium that you can take 14 which will put you in coma if your lucky to or your dead. Box if 28 at 25 mg can ki u. It's a favourite with suicidal people. I know I was in coma over a mth and on ventilator in ICU in 1987 with my last rights read and wasn't only time. I did same again in 95 and was in hospital in ICU 2 mths I never had that tablet since and in 95 I was on 20 mg upped to 50 and took only 25.

  • Thanks to all who have responded with varying success/unsuccessful stories. Comments appreciated. Guess I need to try it and see what happens over the month's supply I have been given via the hospital.

  • Hi decima.

    Your right amatriptaline is also you for depression. But it's also been showed that it is used to help sleep due to pain. Ive been taking amatriptaline for years now I take 75mg every night before bed. Most nights it does help. But I do find if I've had a good day and done alot more than I normally do or (housework, shopping etc) , it's not so affective, but that's just me u might be different. But on a whole it's am affective drug. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask anything.


  • I have been taking Amitriptyline for over five years. I went from getting no sleep (or constant waking) due to a lower back problem (Scoliosis) to getting restful sleep. I now rarely take painkillers or anti-inflammatories at all. I just keep ambulant and watch my posture. And take my Amitriptyline at night.

    I am on a low dosage. One or two 10 mg tablets before bedtime. I find that they really work for me. My brother is a GP. He explained that Amitriptyline was originally used in high dosage to treat psychosis, and that doctors noticed that psychotics who had back pain stopped having back pain. It was then used in very low doses as a cumulative treatment for neuropathic pain.

    It is also really good for your liver as you shouldn't drink with them. I allow myself a few glasses of wine with a meal at the weekend and that's it. Amitriptyline gave me my sleep back - which was an incredible gift.

  • thanks for the feedback. odd how discoveries are often by accident - all it needs is a few observant clinicians joining up the dots. How worried do I need to be about alcohol - I have a couple of glasses most nights (liver is fine) and used to be on Methotrexate with the similar warnings. They help me to get off to sleep - then various pains kick in several hours later and I can't get comfortable enough to doze off again.

    Maybe this is the incentive I need to shift my 8 lbs overweight as alcohol is sheer calories. :-(

  • And in long term will wreck your bladder proven by many specialist in my own case and many others. Cause numerous digestive disorders Inc ibs and ibd cause an enlarged spleen, Kinsey liver heart damage and I've lot more experience used in massive high doses and low doses for nerve damage which they also think is linked to it used in the first instance as an antideoressant. Your husband's no phychiatrist or specialist with all due respect he has very limited knowledge on a drugs and conditions as that's what specialist and consultants are for. I have absolute concrete evidence in writing what the damage is by amitriptyline over many yrs from 17 then low doses for neurogical over many yrs and have expertise evidence in the related fields of bladder liver kidney IBS and heart to show 1 tablet caused me to be completely bedridden with numerous disabilities started off by amitriptyline used to 5 bereavenents in 10 mths immediate family and post natal depression at 18.5 and I was married at 16 long before pregnant. Amitrytiline us lethal and a very old drug, there's lot safer drugs out there and I don't sleep more than 1-2 hrs over 24 HR period last 30 yrs with fybromyalgia and osteoporosis osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis plus many many other disabilities and had cancer 3x since 22 which why a my family dead between 23 - 42. Deadly drug is amitriptyline.

  • Amitriptyline is not good for your liver it damaged your liver in several ways fatty liver and damage to liver as your liver recycled everything you out in it. Amitrytiline and few glasses of wine at night and your husband a GP is not good advice and contrary to all public health warnings about alcohol units. Maybe u need something other than alcohol and amitrytiline. As your not supposed take any alcohol with amitrytiline and I find that an irresponsible post saying few glasses of wine and amitrytiline endorsed by your husband a GP is good for your liver and people read that then maybe follow suit. That's really worrying. I think your missing a few hard facts Inc instructions in leaflet and label on amitriptyline not to drink k alohol at all whilst taking that Ned may cause drowsiness without alcohol and your at least 3 x over gvt limit for drinking wine in particular. If that's what you want do with your life that's fine but please do not endorse your husband a qualified go as saying it's ok and good for your liver when amitrytiline like many drugs are not good for your liver and no alcohol is good for your liver without breaking the govt guidelines backed up by no end if evidence Inc causing cancers and a nation if alcoholics and obesity all facts endorsed by a GP. Leave your husband out of it. I'm sure he won't recommend your post with him e dirsibg the opposite if what's acceptable true factual and us absolutely irresponsible for people looking for answers. I'm shocked and outraged

  • You haven't read my post. I don't drink at all through the week and occasionally allow myself a couple of glasses of wine with my dinner on a Saturday. That is one night. And very moderate. And it is not my husband who is a GP. He is my brother and he has NOT recommended drinking every night with Amitriptyline. Please read before you rant.

    I had implied that because I dont drink alcohol when taking Amitriptyline, that there would therefore be considerably less liver damage than a "normal drinker". I think two units a week (taken with a meal on a Saturday) is pretty moderate. Two glasses of wine is not "at least 3 x over gvt limit for drinking" and I don't know who "Ned" you talk about is. Please read posts carefully before you rant.

    I hope your shock and outrage subsides. Please read posts carefully before you rant.

  • I don't do rants. I'm sensible person who studied law and have had laws created and changed and at lower level get systems and security in place such as councils who breach, utilities etc for every customers safety. I use ombudsman and ifcom as last resort if I can't get changes. I was on very high dose amitriptyline 30 yrs ago as explained with misdiagnosed post natal depression missed by Dr who was struck off. He cost me 5 yrs if my life and lot more besides. I did make mistake re brother a gp but how I read it in same para as drinking wine was misinterpreted but maybe shodnt been in same sentence. However it's my mistake and for that I'm very sorry. I don't judge people who drink as that's upto them. I was merely worried about you think amitrytiline a wonderful drug and it's one of the worst drugs out there to cause permanent damage to your stomachs digestive system and IBS or ibd usually follows, it does aid neuropathy pain but it also helps you sleep to point of you don't wake when you really need to in some circumstances I wouldn't put on here. It would be inappropriate. It also causes long term as in life long dribbling from mouth as that dry mouth you got causes more salivating when off it. If you could see into the future you wouldn't want to take that drug and whilst I respect you think it's great it's not a drug I would promote to anyone knowing the long term side effects outweighing the be edits by far. That long list of contraindications needs be read thoroughly by everyone as this is an old tablet with serious side effects that you will have some of life long. I can say which wasn't the inappropriate reason I wanted put as was real situations that if you got children you need attend to and live alone or fire risk if you smoke in bed or cook after taking it or live in bedsit or block of flats I wouldn't recommend d taking this drug on safety reasons as someone cod get hurt and if you live in area with burglaries you wouldn't want to being burgled. As I said those not reason I wanted state but feel comment would be inappropriate although was on TV programme I made. Like everything take with extreme care, read the long term disadvantages that can be found mostly on american sites as they're much better than UK and from someone who had history on both sides of high dose and low dose neuropathic this tablet is evil. The long term you'll suffer isn't worth a night's sleep. I be spent my life with 1-2 hrs disturbed sleep over 24 hrs and have severe disabilities that this tablet would enable me sleep get out if pain but if someone on morphine which don't work won't take that tablet then I good reason besides the other illnesses it's caused abdong term effects. I wouldn't promote any tablet for anything and there's not a Dr pyschiatric that do t agree with me. Meditation, relaxation classes or books tapes hot bath and hot milky drink can help those to sleep that not got chronic pain history as tablets don't solve the problems in most things. Any typos made are because of situation as I'm severely disabled so whilst I apologise for my mistake maybe you shod read I already apologised for typos and stated I was severely disabled which some effects are down to that drug. Thank you.

  • You didn't read (or understand) my post. Sorry you labour under such confusion. You responded with a terribly unpunctuated and ungrammatical rant. Now you are warning me about burglaries and suggesting I take warm milk to help Scoliosis. I am sorry that you say you are severely disabled and also appear to speak for the entire Medical Community when you state that

    "I wouldn't promote any tablet for anything and there's not a Dr pyschiatric that don't agree with me."

    I'm afraid that kind of sweeping statement is of little use to any discussion about neuropathic pain management. Or indeed any discussion about medicine. You are stating that your rejection of all medicines is supported by all the doctors and psychiatric practitioners in the world. And that is "not one one of them disagrees with you". Is that what they are teling you? I'm afraid you are suffering from some kind of delusion. Drug treatment of pain is a reality and no amount of warm milk is gonna change my Scoliosis. Please take your BS elsewhere.

    As I stated earlier, I have found Amytriptilene to really help with getting restful sleep. My earlier post explains how my GP brother explained how its use in the treatment of neuropathic pain was discovered. I also still say that because you cannot really drink when having Amytriptilene, one side-effect might well be a healthier liver!

  • It helps me sleep but funnily if ive got things on my mind i can still be awake for hours. It can make you groggy at first when u wake up and it can make you feel irratible.

  • Absolutely and that's the nicer side effects compared to irritable bladder dribbling from mouth slavvering which is life long and only caused by amitrytiline then there's the enlarged spleen, liver kidney heart problems it's also caused later on after many yrs on it then off it as u not had it since 95 and I have health diet all my life and always have. And it's 1 of only 2 drugs with a certain outcome of suicide in taking pack if 28 or less in lower dose prescribed. If not dead your in a long coma and that's if you was found quickly. Bet u didn't know that. Amitrytiline made me a vegetable in high dose . I could add more but not for public site. It's a lethal drug and should been banned and stopped many yrs ago. You all wait until your off it or on it for few yrs longer and see what damage it's done. I'd rather none if u on it. But your choice but read all the contra indications leaflet it came with. Thanks

  • Amitriptyline in low dose is used for many pain conditions mostly neurological it's the most evil drug ever. I was in it high dose for depression from 18-22 then for fybromyalgia slipped discs sciatic nerve trapping osteoporosis arthritis rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis low dose 95-97 then wanted put me in it since 2007 on for pain relief but I refused as it's caused uncontrollable severe problems like slavvering from mouth unknowingly, dry mouth but worse is it actually cause severe bladder digestive disorders resulting in l life long disabilities diagnosed plus irreversible damage liver, renal kidney damage that's led to heart condition. . It's the quickest tablet and least as in how many you need take to kill you. Pack of 28 taken would put you in coma if not dead. I know I took one pack read my last rights after mth but woke up. It's one of the most lethal drugs and oldest drugs still used. I refuse have it and tell anyone not take it. Please ask for a lesser invasive drug they can use as their are alertantives

  • Don't take amitriptyline unless you want a host of long term complications and I promise you I've listed them all that tablet caused me in high dose as antidepressant for 4 yrs then low dose stimulate pain killers by neurologists and drs other periods of yes in NY life leaving me with severe Kong life complications it dies to everyone. Bladder give digestive disorders IBS kidney renal liver damage and heart. Please see also my post under here but mostly on posts for help with pain. Pain clinic and drs consultants call me the expert on drugs like that and many others as I know all their us to know. Check my posts under help with pain posted by binz2. Also posted in here but many posts lots of info help on pain posts.

  • Read my posts in the living with pain post.

  • Hi

    I was prescribed this for back pain. Taken at a low dose it acts on the nerve endings and reduces pain. It's only the very high doses that are used as antidepressants.

    However, I found that Amytriptyline caused a horrible side effect of feeling like I had a hangover in the mornings and I struggled to function. I had to take it at night. I mentioned this to my GP and I'm now on Nortrityline 10mg 1 or 2 at night. It's works in much the same way but doesnt give you the 'hangover feeling' the next morning.

    And guess what? It's more expensive than the one you been prescribed. They always try the cheaper drug first.

    Give it a go but if it make to feel like a zombie ask for an alternative ie. Nortryptline .

    I hope this helps


  • I had nortryptiline also yes doesn't cause as bad as hang over effect but I've stated many reasons and conditions not to take it in above as the consequences could be life changing but not reason I wanted post but inappropriate as may offend some people which I wouldn't want to do. If you knew that reason many if you think twice before taking it but I've given you the unconscious state reasons why not take it that can't offend as should come with major safety and health warning like other drugs. There are temazepam nitrazepam sleeping tablets and trazadone which don't render you unconscious but help you sleep. They no more addictive than amitryptilinebut least you would wake in situation where small kids fire burgulary also your not supposed drive next day or operate any machinery with amitrytiline nortryptiline nitrazepam temazepam most opiates all controlled morphines I'm on plus sedatives such as clonazepam diazepam (benzodiazepines) and many antidepressants. You could lose finger toe, arm or leg if operating machinery and could crash if driving and kill yourself, family or someone else. Always states on label of packet if one of those tablets and not put on to be ignored or rubbished or scare you. Put on as it really matters. Also not reason I can't post why not take amitriptyline. Thanks

  • Hi I have been taking Amitriptyline for 5 years due to extreme nerve pain, I can't fault it aside from a very dry mouth (kind of used to now) I am on 60 mg and if it wasn' t for that medication I wouldn't sleep at all! Just give it a go not all meds work for everybody, good luck :-)

  • Why not take sleeping tablets from Dr. I have severe neurological pain with 17 serious disabilities and diseases that are incurable but amitryptiline are worst drug ever and you won't know side effects it will cause for few more years yet, then you got contend with enlarged spleen which may start showing shortly if not now, kidney dysfunctionality, bladder dysfunctionality Inc catheterised liver and heart problems and slavvering and digestive diseases such as IBS ibd. All those with chronic pain fybromyalgia arthritis osteoarthritis osteoporosis please go to app store on phone and download uMotif app cloudy with chance of pain it's a national study of pain. It's been on news. Please help Manchester university. Also you can Google it. Manchester university have led some if the biggest tests worldwide. Thanks

  • I used amitriptyline before for nerve damage, I have to say all it did for me was I was very drowsy and sleepy but felt it did not serve it's purpose of dealing with my nerve pain. It was like being pinned down unable to get up but with horrendous pain.I was reading the whole thread, I got to say there is no medication that you take for on long term that has no effect on your health in long term,it's a balancing act over relief from pain and accepting the long side effects. Besides everyone reacts differently to medication anyway, one medication can be lifesaver to someone yet does nothing to you keep trying until you find something that suits you. I know some people find the drug helpful and for me it was counter productive.

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