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Red streaking lines with a bump at the back

Does anyone know when the throat heals I've been waiting and waiting but no improvement what so ever. Tried throat spray no use and on anti acid but I just burp and fart (Sorry!). If my throat heals I can maybe eat normally again. Any help to speed it up I dunno if I should go to a specialist instead? My gp don't seem very concerned. But I might go with my sister in England and see what a gp there can do. She's going to help me try and feel better.. hopefully. I'm still heavily unable to eat because of the acid from paracetamol poisoning... Any advice for my throat? I try honey and eating only soft food but I don't know what else I can try. Should I get an endoscopy or whatever you call it to check the throat and stomach? Trying to get better but seems futile. Very hungry and tired test results will be in on Wednesday for my liver... But somehow think I'm toxicated my liver. Each day is boring sore and makes me seriously want to end my life because of the damage I've did. I wish I could reverse and get the charcoal and belly pumped but instead just antidote/saline.. I genuinely have a lump at the very back that never seems to go down no idea why.

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if your farting out of your throat then get to your gp asap,


Oh no! Aha I mean symptoms of the antiacid is just burping and farting out either end I meant. Sorry if this wasn't clear..


I would imagine as soon as the acid starts to settle down the throat issues will also start to subside,I've been reading some of your previous posts and it seems you've been having a difficult time of things,whilst what has happened has caused you physical health problems is now probably causing you to feel depressed,so one of the big things here is that the liver is probably one of the most forgiving organs in the human body and can tolerate an awful lot of abuse,so yes you've given it a rough ride,but give it time and you'll turn the corner,keep drinking plenty of fluids,and sip it rather than taking large gulps',yes your bowels will be suffering due to the lack of food,try soup,poached eggs anything that's easy for the stomach and your throat,your bowels will come back online again once you've got your appetite back,as with anything that happens in the human body the knock on effects are nuisance,also don't start taking over the counter indigestion remedies on top of any medications prescribed by your doctors,as these can cause more acid related problems,I've been on long-term omeprazole for acid reflux,and I missed a couple of days,and yep the acid was already into the back of my throat,like I said a had an internal bleed and I've got to keep on top of this acid problems,just be patient,I know your suffering,but eventually you'll turn a corner and then start to enjoy life,best wishes my friend


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