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I have just dug my mri scan out from last year I go for another 6th May it reads as follows L4/L5 small disc bulge,and facet joint hypertrophy, unchanged that means from last mri scan 2013,severe left foraminal stenosis unchanged from before,the left L4 nerve affected, moderate spinal canal stenosis unchanged,and now they believe due to the moderate spinal canal stenosis is causing me the arms wrists and neck pain I am constent pain but my morphine ect help for a while does anyone else have this and is there much hope of it getting better had the epidural in the back with pain relief admitted no help and the drip in the hand with pain relief admitted slow via a drip 2 hours good 2nd day after rubbish then please help x

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  • Who is overseeing your care? I ask this because someone is authorising your scans and should be discussing your back problems ewth you, else why authorise three MRIs over a short period of time. The questions you ask need to be put to your doctor, whether that be your gp, your surgeon or whoever. The short answer to will your back get better Is firstly, the degenerative changes you describe will not get better as they seem to be age-related. As the whether the pain will get better, then that is a different matter. Firstly, your pain might not be caused by the changes seen on your MRI.They may be caused by muscle tension or other things which may or may not be relieved stretching, medication or relaxation techniques. Have you been to Pain Management, or Pain Clinic? Surgery can sometimes help. Has this been discused?

    My MRI shows the same features as yours and more, that's what MRIs do, frighten the bejaysus out of us before we are told they are pretty much meaningless in terms of how we feel pain. Good luck and please post with more info.

  • I am having a third whole body mri to see what exactly is happening in my shoulders and arms but it does not take a genius if they read previous reports ,however a few weeks ago my gp came out when I was in horrible pain and said he did not no what was happening I am so fed up pain is terrible at the moment top of my arms shoulders if I forget and lean back for something it hurts so much if I lay on one arm or the other it hurts so much after a short amount of time x

  • Yes, I have constitutional canal narrowing and severe spinal stenosis in L2/L3 and L3/L4

  • So sorry missdianedyas23, I hit the reply button by mistake before completing my response.

    I also have a a problem with my S1 but can't remember the name, will need to go back and check the consultant's letter. Always in great pain, especially on rising, standing, sitting or walking - ok, everything. Not so bad leaning over - which can be quite nice in a full stretch actually.

    Scheduled to have open back surgery as, like you, all medical pain inteventions thus far have failed. It may be that you will be advised that a similar operation is your only viable option for relief. I have however, done quite a lot of reading up on it and there appears to be so many conflicting reports as to it's effectiveness in terms of pain management so still undecided.

    Wishing you all the best going forward. I'm hoping to try accupuncture soon so will let you know how I get on.

  • How are you doing now and how's the back problems x

  • The bits of the MRI report you have posted are not conclusive for pain. Stenosis in the neck area might indicate shoulder and arm problems but it's unlikely to come from your lower back. Has anyone checked for frozen shoulder, ligament damage, rotator cuff tear, arthritis, etc ? MRIs can show drastic changes, yet no pain to the person, or mild changes but yet with massive pain to the person. Its just not that simple.

  • My docter at pain clinic states I wont get better she needs to find the right treatment for my pain ,she suspects that all the pain is from my stenosis be,it legs or arms I have not got frozen shoulder my pain is in both shoulders arms feel heavy and wrists are painful I cant pull anything over my head it hurts so much,I have a good docter at pain clinic and she is aware I haven't got ligament damage ect sometimes I can barley move so I just hope they can find a bit of relief for me

  • There is the pain killer route. You have tried this and found it wanting. I presume that no one in the medical profession has looked at the part muscle play in the causing of pain. This is the route you need to look at. However, this is not an area that the medical profession receive any training in.

    You need to look at the complementary. There is McTimony Chiropractic which I mention because I have been receiving this treatment on the NHS since 1994. The chiropractic does not cure the problem that I have, but it does prevent from being worse than need be.

    Another treatment is Alexander Technique which helps with posture and as a result reduces the muscle tension which produces pain.

    Hope this helps.

  • When I lay down I cant press up on my arms to get up without screaming this could be laying next to my hubby on sofa or laying on a flat floor for my back my arms have had pain nothing like I have had even in childbirth hurts from legs to back to neck shoulders arms underarms and tops worse tonight is this what you mean john smith I would give anything for one day pain free xxx

  • Dianne, have you been blood tested for inflammatory conditions? One, called polymyalgia rheumatica, produces severe pain across both shoulders. It is treatable with steroids but it's long term and sometimes goes away on its own. Although it feels muscular, it is in fact inflammation of the lining if the veins. If you Google it, you might see whether it sounds right to you and ask your doc for the test.

  • Yes love been tested for all them kinds of things and the symptoms are not the same I did Google ,I am under care of pain clinic and I am sure they will get to the bottem of it ,it just seems forever to be fair pain clinic are not treating for this yet till mri results they are overseeing my back and leg problems but my gp as tested for all sorts inc what you state and nothing is coming back linked to any kind of arthritis at all so we shall see any help you offer is great and kind words are always welcome thank you to you and everyone else who helps xx

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