Pain in lower back

Hi all I been suffering with my lower back to the point I can't roll over at night with out having help from my husband he has to help me out of bed to go to toilet I am taking 400 mg galpentin, 500 mg paracetamol tramdol, diazapan, amitriptyline, and tramliefe but none is helping I had a scan two years to tell me I have L4 and L5 disc that's damaged I feel so low and it feels like something in my back is pinching in lower part of back I am crying with pain

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  • Sorry you are in pain, maybe a snoozle slide sheet might help you to get out of bed. Have you had any physiotherapy for your back at all?

    I do know how you feel (been there) but thankfully my back has improved quite a bit over the last year. Hope yours will get better too!!

  • Hi

    I've got herniated discs at L4 and L5 too as well as osteoarthritis in my lower spine. At present I'm recovering from a hip replacement and using one crutch which is putting a lot of pressure on my back (basically, I'm falling apart!!).

    Anyway, if I were you, I would ask your doctor to refer you to orthopaedics and/or an MRI scan, you should'not have to suffer that much pain. Also, prior to my hip replacement, I was in so much pain, my dr prescribed butrans patches (like morphine) , I was also taking max doses of gabapentin, 30/500 paracetamol and codeine and sertraline.......and it just took the edge off.

    I hope you get sorted soon, make it very clear to your doctor that you cannot tolerate the pain anymore.

    Good luck

    Judi x

  • Tasherking I,m the same way I either have roll to my side roll out of bed or fiance has to push on my back to help me out of bed. I have to almost sit up with help to roll over. Do you take anything to help,I take pain meds and muscle relaxers sometimes they help but not all the time. I hope your back gets better. susiejo1948

  • Have you tried CBD oil? Its the top part of the cannabis plant and is legal. You can use it as a food additive but I use it as an e cig liquid. You can get it in different strengths 100, 300, 500. I use the 500 and I find that it help to ease the pain better than painkillers. ( I am on zomorph, Oramorph, Zapain. And also use Gabapentin, Amitriptylene, Clonazepam, and Duloxetine) but at night to help me relax to sleep I use the CBD oil and sometimes during the day too. I have Athritis, bulging discs, trapped nerves and degeneration of the discs, so am in pain 24/7. I've just been told that there is no more can be done for me so have to manage with painkillers. I'm sure with the pain team who are also now saying that they've done all they can. Basically I'm a lost cause lol. Gotta laugh about it otherwise I'd cry. So this is where I'm at at this moment. Hope you get some relief from your pain in whatever form, best wishes, Lynne x

  • Where can I buy the CBD Ecigs from lynndotgilbert? I to am on Oxcycodone modified release every 12hrs 45mg, Amitriptylene. Naproxen gave me lots of tummy ulcers and Gabapentin made my legs swell - so an e cig I'm willing to try. Thanks

  • Hi lynne

    Reading your reply to tash was like reading exactly the same thing I would have written.can you tell me where I would get the CBD oil?your ailments are the same as mine only I have disc bulges in T3&4 L3,4,5 and S1 I also have a numb right leg from the knee down due to nerve damage.Have you had any lower back surgery? I have twice.also,have you ever been prescribed long or shortec?

    Best wishes


  • I was refused any surgery or injections i just seem to be getting more pain now I am suggling at work now to

  • You can get online at Amazon, but I get it anow eliquid shop as I find that they are cheaper. It comes in 10ml which is around £25 or 35ml at £35 the 15ml usually lasts round 3-4 weeks. I find that it is well worth it. It doesn't get you high as it's the top of the plant. There is a stronger version where you put 2-3 drops under your tongue which really relaxes you. I haven't tried this but a friend did .she has bowel problems and when she woke she was so relaxed that she had messed herself, so I am reluctant to try it. Well good luck in hope you can find it & it helps a little. No harm in trying it for a bit of relief.

  • Hi Tasherking, I had an MRI last year which showed an herniation of L4/L5. I was sent for one as I could not get of the floor suddenly and then for 2 days I could not roll over in bed without pulling my nightie or get out of bed or anything. After this and that for 3 months I ended up at the neuro surgeon who sent for an other urgent MRI which showed a dangerously large herniation and I was operated on within a week. Still have issues now but my point is that it would be a good idea to press for an appointment with a neuro surgeon and another MRI as yours was a long time ago and anything could have happened to have made it so much worse.

  • I have a referral to see someone bout them doing a other mri scan

  • I Hi,I know how worrying this can be,and how painful it is! It can help to understand where the pain originates from,if you have damaged discs that probably means they're bulging out of the vertebrae ( which are likely slightly narrowed ) and are then able to touch nerve endings ,this often means sciatica as the sciatic nerve is the big one that runs down the back of your leg,but around the spinal chord is a very sensitive area generally. However,you dont say if this is a sudden,recengtthing ,if so youd be amazed how easy it is to pull a muscle thete,and how painful it is (most acute back pain is because of this) That's s whack of medication,and no point in even considering stronger analgesia if they make no difference. I'd ask your pharmacist,they are experts in medicines,on timings of the dosing to get best from it. I got some fantastic tips/advice from mine. . As a fellow suffererfor over30 years , (ive had to retire early from my job as a nurse ,which is how i damaged my back liftung in the 80,s) ,here my advice.But,this isn't given as a medical professional,im not a doctor,it's my advice as a sufferer on managing it

    1 get a tens machine,a 4 channel one,Lloyds pharmacy have then on offer at 14.99 atm. Also,I buy larger pads online,ebay/Amazon have excellent ones much cheaper. Please dont disregard this if you've possibility tried one before, they WONT take the pain away,they are however unfailingly effective in reducing pain from say 8/10 to 4/10 or less. Use it regularly,at as high an intensity as you can tolerate

    2 Stay active,walking in particular mobiles the joints freeing the pressure that's causing the pain. You can't damage your back or make the paun worse by walking

    3 avoid putting hea ton it,use I've packs Ion the area ,3 times a day,this will reduce the inflammation

    4 stay hydrated,this may seem odd advice,but I learned this from my chiropractor,the discs are full of fluid,if your dehydrated so are they,increasing pain!

    5 this one was life changing for me. When sitting,ensure your no need are lower than the base of your spine,sitting with your knees hunched up puts pressure on your lower back from the front,lower the knees,lower the pressure,this works. Also,sitting for more than 15 mins at a time isn't good ,simply standing up,raisin each knee as if marching ,twice helps massively. In a car etc use ushions or a foam block as way of raising the base of the spin

    6 have a consultation with a chiropractor. Most people's initial response is that they can't afford it. Most will see patients initially cheaply or free.I went without luxuries,holidays,night's out,the lot.,I'm a nurse and was a very junior one at the time so no high wage,..but I avoided back surgery and am pain free. It's mainstream in Australia and isn't 'alternative medicine',they treat the spine,nothing else compares to the feeling of being free of chronic low back pain (apart from the fact I have a frozen shoulder atm lol!)and therefore happier!

    This advice is a General back pain management guide ,most of it isn't serious but that is why changes should be reported to a doctor,they can determine whether referral on is needed,asking questions that you may think are silly,like are your bowels affected,but can be vital to diagnose a problem that needs urgent referral

    Hope that helps x

  • Thank you for your reply it feels something is pinching in one side of my back i have ever had this where I need someone to help me roll over in bed at night or have someone have to help me up to go to toilet I feel so low I walk everywhere, I have had to turn to getting a bus to work and home now as it hurts so much and I seem to end up in pain more at night when my body is relaxed atmosphere weekends I can't even go to local shop due you pain and even to push a hoover around hurts

  • You should really see a doctor,or a chiropractor,for an assessment if it worsens ,but please heed all the advice 're sitting etc,tens machine too,they are great,as long as you remembef they reduce,not eliminate pain. Pinching sensations sound like nerve endings,theres no way you can actually damage your spine unless by impact injury, so try not to worry,nerve endings,ligaments and muscles can cause a pain that is as severe as a fracture in some cases. Also,though the advice 're posture etc ive givenmay seem trivial,its the simple things that unlock the mystery of back pain. Put all these together and if no genuinly no improvemt (especially heed seeking advice from pharmacist timings of your pain relief,iid be very surprided and urge you to seek medical advice . Without trying some self help measures 1st its unlikely your go will be able to improve on what I've said,its a holistic thing,back care.

    You do need to keep moving,i understand that feeling low because of pain reduces the urge to move,but the body isn't naturally meant to be seated,cthinkausing all sorts of problems...think paleo,but not diet,,lifestyle,movement,what is natural. I would personally urge you to see a chiropracter,at least for an assessment,not an osteopath btw,a doctor of chiropractic,they are really the ones who have a solution,they treat the spine,adjusting it back into position gently. Miraculous,

    But that's my personal experience, which is why we are on here really,to share it.

    Please try and take on board a few tips,i wish you well,i really do

  • Tmags is the best advice I've read since joining this. I've had chronic spine problems since early 70's and agree that "no movement" worsens the spine but can also deteriorate other muscles e.g. Thigh/calf over a period of time so do keep walking at least. For my excruciating pain I take MST 60mg twice a day (slow release morphine) and up to 80mg Severedol (morphine) in 10mg pills as a top up when needed daily. Over a period of a year I tried many of the Meds I've seen on this site but only you can tell which suit, ask your GP for referral to a pain specialist. I can also add Diazepam if needed. I've had 5 MRI over a 10 year period as I worsened by 2007, these showed exactly what damage I had and the deterioration a few years later, but other than Physio, hydrotherapy was the best. I can't sit for long nor stand for long, use crutches to help walk distances, but only in the last 10 years. The best help I received was when my specialist invited me to attend a help group. I attended a Pain Management Group for a year which helped mentally and gave good CBT advice. You can also get a Health Service Referral via GP who can come to your home and provide information/supply (some items) on things like a bed grab. I use mine to get out of bed and help to turn slightly. There are many items which might help your mobility problems. I've tried Tens machines which don't help personally, but do at least try (physiotherapist may provide initially). As Tmags said, the pain isn't taken away but can be reduced to a level you can manage, just try all that can be offered. I feel for so many when I read on this site some cases where you can physically feel their distress, but your GP should be able to get you specialist help. Just ask, good luck.

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