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Just diagnosed DDD

Hi all

Only found group by accident (sorry for pun)

Was told i had ddd (was told prolapse S1) after having the injections on Friday, suffered constant pain and sleep deprived been off work for over 4 months.

I had a fall one morning on a night shift tripped on a hole in the concrete floor and fell into a stack of wooden pallets so fell forward and jolted backward.

I believe this is the straw that broke the camels back!

Still have numbness and pains

Any advice?

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I'm not clear if you suffered sleeplessness from t the shot or from the pain. Did you get any results from the shot or is that what your constant pain is from in addition to your back pain.

Since you have hurt for 4 months you've just past into the chronic pain criteria which is 3 months. If you haven't already you should seek​ out a pain specialist who can manage your pain. Also you will want to see a physical therapist.


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