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It's hard when people won't do as their told. One of our little lads at the very beginning of his school career couldn't quite get over the fact that no one would play follow the leader. He seemed determined not to be cheered up even though me and a lovely 3 year old tried to temp him out of his sulk with a game of footie.

He rallied eventually when he got chance to watch the men wot sometimes work and the digger. However shortly after we had rounded the children up to watch the excitement, digger driver's mobile went off. So he stopped proceedings. The young teacher got so fed up she caught his eye and pointed at her watch in a very meaningful way. I reckon the ban on phones should apply to the workmen as well as the children.

Bit of that

We were not amused.

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  • I worked in a nursery and once a month the window cleaner would call. It was an old pre-fab and single storey. the children would all "down tools" and follow him from window to window. I t got that as he finished we'd all applaud. The joys of being small! [I found it interesting too!]

    regards, sandra.

  • Sandra How lovely. Truly it is the children that are my reason to climb out of bed some days. There have been times where I have been tempted to give it up as mostly you run on empty as constant pain is so draining isn't it. I have managed to cling on though mainly because I only work part time. How lucky is that.

    I think that window cleaner created some special memories for those children and in years to come they will remember him. Just out of curiosity who started the clapping was it a member of staff, if it was it was a master stroke.

  • I don't remember, but we always encouraged and supported the children thru positive re-inforcement and the children responded to it. It was a social services nursery and the homelife of most was not good. To see such a child blossom was truly wonderful. Back to the window cleaner, we sometimes cheered too!

    regards, sandra.

  • Your right to see children blossom is wonderful. I sometimes think that for a very few children I have come across nursery school may be the best time of their entire lives.

  • true, we had many of the children visit us all grown up - some bringing their own offspring in and saying the same. Makes you feel good. I miss the children but not the hard work!

    regards, sandra.

  • Have you come across this poem

    "What I learned in Kindergarden"


    I try to remember it as I am ticking of things from the dreaded foundation document which they were suppose stream line. That is really what I am there for I reckon.

  • so true.



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