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I feel that once I get one illness better or even gone another starts....what's wrong with me?

It started in 2012 , I had a stroke, but according to a the nuerololgist I never had one. BUT I went to a heart specialist and found out I had a rather large PFO...I ended up with open heart surgery. While recovering. I fell allot from a balance problem..I ended up having my vertebrae slip off my sacrum..back surgery post/anterior OUCH!!!!! Recovering right arm and hand keeps having horrible spasms and it curls up lasts for a long time or until I take muscle relaxers. This is being caused by herniated discs in my neck...I'm waiting for surgery..but all of a sudden both my wrists have gotten these cysts and half my hand is numb....oh and from my no so called stroke I fell and landed on a paint can and hurt my left foot to the point I can't walk on it....anyone suggestions besides bad luck!

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It happens to everyone. Problem after problem and it's frustrating and it's hard not to think about it. Well what I would do is not always looking to the world for solutions but rather talking to God and He hears us. God is right in us but He is always the last we turn to. The nearest we don't find. I just suffered from two panic attacks and I know the cause of it through researches but that's only one part of it. What I need is to be delivered from it! How? I look to the cross. He has borne my sicknesses and I proclaimed I shouldn't have them in Jesus Name! Keep proclaiming n nv stop. If we can make efforts to take our medication religiously why not also proclaim which requires zero effort and get twice the healing! Cheers! Remember God loves you!


Hello Nanciesnuthouse,

I hope things are a little better for you today.

I'm not at all surprised at the litany of issues you have mentioned. Over the years I've come to realise that our bodies are extraordinary, strange and wonderful things and one thing is for sure, there's always a reaction to an action.

You don't mention what occurred before you had your non-stroke. Why was it mistaken for a stroke at the time and what treatment were you given? Do you think it was a TIA? Whatever the issue, your body was struggling at the time and for every action/medication or operation you've had, your body has responded by reacting in a certain way.

I'm convinced that modern medicine is struggling to keep abreast of the weird and wonderful things our bodies do and don't really fully understand how to manage or fix things when they go wrong. It may be that a more conservative approach to some of your issues may have taken longer but your body may have responded more favourably - we may never know.

Like you, I'm at the stage where I'm terrified that one more thing going wrong will just send me over the edge - very much a why me approach to things. The truth is, why not me? What we may need to focus on is the things are are going well, keep the medicos informed of all developments so they can learn from it as well and be better able to support others and finally to constantly be grateful and appreciative of the wonderful things we do have like family, friends, the NHS, food to eat and a roof over our heads.

They say that positive people attract positive things into their lives so let's give it a try.

Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery.


Hi, I've got absolutely no idea what's 'wrong' with you but whatever it is, it is obviously causing you a lot of problems and stress. With this in mind you might think about reducing your stress levels as much as possible by reducing stimulants like caffeine and trying some sort of mindfulness/meditiation/body awareness techniques. Your local community centre or church hall will run classes. It won't cure you but it will give your body and mind a break from everything and possibly give it a chance to show you what the underlying problem is. When things like this happen our bodies are trying to tell us something, how and if we listen is down to us. Having said all that I really do understand how absolutely frustrating and maddening all these kinds of problems are but don't give up. One more thing to add is bear in mind that you may never find an's not always possible for GP's and Dr's to find a diagnosis. I only have a partial diagnosis after 17 years. So, be brave but calm and look after yourself. Good luck.


Hello , I am Rhapsody... I have just read about the terrible things that have been happening to you...I do understand how you have every reason to be furious

to say the least.

To be ignored by the very people that are meant to be helping you is disgraceful.

I wish I could help you...but I am afraid I cant...

I wont go into my problems but to say that this is terrible ,the way we are given things to cure us and half the time only give us terrible side effects.

I too am really down at the moment .

But I hope that you get through this awful period of your life... and end up pain free

very soon.. Good Luck...Rhapsody.



Good luck


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