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Good Weekend. Anyone else?

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I've had such a great weekend!

On Friday it was my dad's birthday so we had some family over and lots of birthday cake! On Saturday I had an extra long lie and then I had a DVD night with my partner (even tho I fell asleep at 9.30!) and then today I am having a quite day, doing some reading for university and then going to see my cousins new baby tonight, excited!

Has anyone else had a good weekend?

Charlie x

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Relaxing mainly, gearing up for a busy week ahead. Glad to see you are busy and enjoying. Have fun


Relaxing sounds good! Sorry for the late reply, this week has been non stop! x

Took Godchildren to cinema, went to our local for lunch, them Sunday played board games with them as I had massive flare. All in all my weekend was brilliant. Glad yours was too.

Sounds like you had a great weekend! x

been decorating, so husband genially did all the work and i made the tea. I can actually paint but can only hold a two inch paintbrush, not as mad as it sounds but i hate to admit defeat! Should be finished by next weekend and then may be able to post a more interesting post.

Hope you all have a good day x

Sorry for the late reply! Hope painting is going well :) x

Exceptionally good weekend, with Harvest Supper, then harvest festival yesterday. I have had more back pain the last few days, but know this is the result of moving a cage awkwardly. During the night on Saturday I had a very severe headache - probably a combination of sinus problems and medication effects.

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Oh no, hope your are feeling a lot better .. What was the harvest festival? x

Like treehugger, clearing up after shower room instalation, dodging partner as he painted. Outing alert - went out to get carpet samples for the stairs. Not so exciting but necessary.

Was quite as daughter was out at a party in a field somewhere Sat night then stayed over at friends.

A few hours on the computer playing games - great feeling when you can dominate the world via peaceful means. Sore though as I forget to move when engrossed.

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charlie_red in reply to zanna

Oh hope decorating is going well! Computer games are great tho! x

had a bad few days then grand children came, made us all laugh there energy was intoxicating, things didn't seem so bad after that. take care.

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Hope your feeling much better now! :) x

Hi guys, can anyone suggest any games to play on the computer, will have to be free ones! I have tried dominoes and checkers and got bored very quickly. Have the mammoth task of putting a colour rinse in my hair today. Used to be a breeze but I feel like I am playing that old game " statues" I used to play when I was a kid. I freeze up every now and again, but has to be done, I am starting to look like a great great granny. Cheers Ann

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