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All over body pain

I have chronic pain all over my body i can hardly move . in less than a year i have gone from a very active sporty person to someone who dreads having to move because the pain becomes unbearable pain killers dont seem to work doctors are at a loss and seem to be passed from pillar to post with no real help. Dose any one recognise the symptoms as to what is wrong

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That sounds very difficult to live with and it must add to the problems that there's no clear clinical explanation that would prompt a clear course of treatment to improve matters.

I think widespread pain is a symptom that is associated with so many disorders that it wouldn't be practical to suggest anything based on that alone. Have you had a lot of testing or investigations that are ruling things out even if they're not so far helping to provide a diagnosis?

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I was very active, 25 years chasing my clients (challenging behaviour) active mum struck down at 47 with fibromyalgia but it started with a frozen shoulder and went from joint to joint even tendons, it's taken me only two weeks ago to get to where I am now with a full diagnosis . On morphine. I'm 50 next week and on full disability, I was taking tramadol and zapain four times a day for that long . Couldn't take anti inflammatory meds due to stomach problems, so my advice is go back and let it all go at once to your gp and tell him that's what you think you have and request a full blood test, mine came back severe anemia no vitamin b12 high white cells and very small red cells , don't take maybe for a answer xx good luck 😉


Hi Joanna... That must be very depressing and I'm sure quite frightening. Apart from the chronic pain are there any other symptoms, like swollen joints, general swelling of legs etc. Has reactive arthritis been ruled out? That's something which is hard to diagnose and to treat. From what I understand it's usually caused by an infection somewhere in the body. Have they done any blood tests. I'm sure you have already done this but have you thought back to when it first came on.? It could be associated with possibly a mild illness, a vaccination, a hiliday abroad, a food borne bacteria, something in the gut, bowel or chlamydia. By the way chlamydia doesn't always show symptoms in women. Have you introduced something in your diet... It might be worth a shot to follow a elimination diet and follow a clean diet. I used to be quite fit a few years ago and things have changed for me so I know how hard it is not to be able to do what you used to... and not know why! If you can manage it, maybe try some gently swimming, some relaxation and meditation. If you think about it wasn't long ago when they thought M.E was 'all in head'. There will be an answer, but it might take time.By the way, keep a daily dairy... what you do, eat and drink, how you feel and how the pain is. Chin up, try not to let it get you down too much... easier said than done, I know.


Hi I've had a stroke and then said I have fibromyalgia.



It sounds to me like you may be suffering from Fibromyalgia .I was diagnosed around 3 years ago, all over body pains, fatigue and depression.

Take care X.


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