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Rib pain for over 10 years

Hi, I’ve been sufferening from rib pain for over 10 years now, it started when I was a child and it was diagnosed as inflammation of the ribs, I’ve been told that this usually disappears however mine has persisted every few months causing severe pain, difficulty in breathing, indigestion and general inability to perform daily activities because of the severity of the pain. I just want a solution or even an answer to what I have been dealing with since a young age, any Feedback would be great, thank you

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I take it that you've already had xrays etc.? What investigations have you had over the years? Are you taking any medication for the pain and breathing problems? 10 years is a long time to be struggling on and I'd like to think your still under a specialist?


I’ve had no investigations into it since it first happened, have learnt to deal with it but am at a point where it’s affecting me too much


Go back to your doctor and tell him/her everything you've put on here. It's time to have it investigated so that you know what your dealing with. X


Have you had your vitamin D levels checked?


No I haven’t


Good idea to get a blood test done for this. I had rib pain caused by vit d deficiency. Get booked in. Perhaps don't start taking supplements until after blood test or you won't get to the crux of it.

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The earlier suggestion of a vitamin D test is an excellent one as it's a frequent symptom for those who are deficient in their serum levels.

I'm just wondering, has your GP ever suggested that you have costochondritis?

You've had this rib pain for a long time and I wondered if your GP has ever prescribed or advised NSAIDs or any other anti-inflammatory to damp down any inflammation? Referral to a physiotherapist?


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