Issues nearly a year after surgery

Good morning. I am nearly a year down the line from having a acromioplasty and a repair of rotator cuff and yet I am still struggling with pain (especially in cold weather) does anyone have any advice please. I have only now got to the point where I can lift my arm straight up and even not for long. i am also getting bad pins and needles down the arm at times and am dropping stuff on ocassion.

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  • Are you taking any medication such as pain relief or antiinflamatory. Also have you had recent physio? If not I advice you to go to GP as I think these things could help. Pain and tingling could indicate a trapped nerve. You also say that the cold weather makes it worse so you've more than lightly got arthritis which unfortunately comes with Injuries. I fractured my shoulder many years ago which gave me pain years later. It's fine now until I yawn and it sends an ache right down to my fingers lol. Anyway another thing you could try is a chiropractor or acupuncture. Also a heat pad my help while your waiting to see your doctor. I hope you get it sorted soon but let me know how it goes. X

  • Hi. I have been at physio from 6 weeks after the operation. She is happy with my progress but i haven't told her the pain is sometimes unbearable. I have a kidney problem so anti inflammatory are a problem. I do have pain meds from the doctor. I havent seen the doctor since my six week checkup. Handed over to physiotherapy for further treatment. (state patient).

  • You've had some good tips from lowlife

    Iit sounds like you are having trouble with day to day activities and need another referral for assessment as well as some physiotherapy.

    If the pain is particularly troublesome, you might ask for a referral to a Pain Clinic, particularly if they can do some assessment of the pins and needles and other problems.

  • Hi. I am at physio. I do have a spondolytis in c5/6 vertabrae but dont think this is related. Due to the fact that I am a state patient I don't think there is a option of a pain clinic.

  • Hi I have had both shoulders done twice. You need to go back to see your doctor. It could be bursitis I had my bursa removed a year after my rota cuff repair because of the pain. I was told by my consultant I would most likely need a clean out a few years down the line.

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