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Burning ache pain after landing on my arm

Hey guys i have recently landed on my arm and now my arm is aching all of the time. This isnt the first time i have landed on my arm. A week before landing on it before it started having like a burning ache i dived and landed on my arm. I had a bad ache on that one too but this one was that normal pain that would just ache for ages. But since i have landed on it for the second time its been hurting a lot more but it has had a burning effect on it.(the ache is under the skin). My arm is also getting tired really fast now compared to before. If anyone has experience this please tell me what is happening.

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Landed from where and doing what? If your arm has suddenly taken your body weight then I would expect it to ache. You say you dived - not sure what that means. Sounds like an injury to the muscle or tendon - why not see your GP and ask to be referred to physios?


At first it was from volley ball and i dived on it and i landed on it virtically the second time i slipped on tiles and landed on it virtically again


Do u just get the burning pain if u get more than that I think u could have crps


It aches all the time but it has a vining effect to is since i landed on it. I can fell the ache but i can faintly feel it burning


This should like a jarring to the neck. When you fell on your arm the forces went though the arm and into the neck. It may be worth seeing a chiropractor to check this out.

Burning can be indicative of nerve bruising or compression.

Hope this helps

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Ok thankyou. When i landed on it in volley ball i bent the bone :/. I will try and see a chiropractor.


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