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Surgery or not surgery this is the ?

I want to ask as many people who have slipped discs back problems sciatica worn discs any back related pain !!! Did you have surgery if not why ? And yes did it make a difference to your life?? I am asking as I want to go down this path my doctor did advice me that can make it the same with no positive results or make it worse have any of you been told the same thing went ahead with it anyway and had positive results??? Please help I need all the advice I can get. Thank you any help given will be greatly appreciated xxx

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Surgery is usually the last resort - it can make matters worse.

Usually everything else is tried first.

Painkillers , tens machines, various injections, pumps and stimulators.

Losing excess weight.

Manipulation and exercise.

Most doctors would be very wary of going in with the knife straight off.

Good luck.

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Hi there,

I damaged my back many years ago in an accident in the army when I was partly crushed under a 5 ton role of aluminium after several years I was offered surgery but as I had threee verterbray that were cracked which they offered to fuse but I was worned that there was a 10% chance of causing more damage including not being able to stand or walk again also they said that they have to fuse the one above and the one below so it would make me have 5 in a row fused from L1 to L5 as I have crackes in L2 to L4 with them having to do 5 it would make it a 50% chance of never walking again so I said I would leave it as at the moment (I can walk on my good days noit far but I can still walk) and if I got to the stage I could not manage to walk then I would let them give it a go as then there was a 50% chance of walking again which although they are the same odds it sounds much better if there may be a chance of you walking again than if you can walk and there was a 50% chance of never walking.

hope you find something that works for you.

Regards Poppy Ann.


You can ask as many people and get as many different answers.

At the end of the day you should listen to your surgeon and his advice but still yore own decision

It's a hard one to make



I had sciatica in my left leg and had been on strong pain killers for 6 months. The surgeon recommended microdiscectomy and it worked. Sciatica normally clears up without surgery on its own. Each case is different, so you must listen to your doctors.


Hi is it ok if I get back to you later

I'll put a comment on for you to

Read about my problems



😊 talk later xx


Hi all yeah I don't think I would even get surgery anyway. I have been on very strong painkillers been to chiropractor I am not over weight and take care of what I eat Dairy free no bread etc as doesn't help with bathroom matters along side of medication so clean living and healthy. I do exercise even if slow and nothing heavy mostly spin bike at a slow steady pace it loosens me up a bit, most days this isn't possible as pain so bad but , walk most days as it does help!! Even if have a limp. I am basically perfect weight for my height and just maintain this will all of the above. Tens machine yeah that's a funny one sometimes helps sometimes find makes it worse I actually think it's how fed up u can be tho being in constant pain is soul destroying xxx thanks for info tho think I'll keep going way in going for now. And omg I hope the army looked after you after this happened to you this is awful and I'm very sorry this happened to you xx hope u all have s great day xxx


Hi I'm with it now I think lol I don't want to

Put you of your decision I would never forgive myself if whatever you decided you changed your mind due to me so please keep to what you think

I am now 72 years of age still with it lol

I had a accident when I was 14 crushed by a car left me with all sorts of problems that a I won't go into now but

Left me with back problems over the years not much problem except pains in back and hips the hip problems I had sorted by having replacements this is wear the back then came to light

I suffered them horrible with as I'm sure you can imagine with pains of all sorts in 1993 I was offered a operation

I believe they call it a laptiotomy sorry can't spell it the other one is a discectomy awhile ago. Lol and shakes from ills don't help

I was about 53 then and I'm sorry to say it went wrong they had left a piece of bone it so nerves were damaged and went back in and had lt done again so now after suffering pains the last 19 years I am now in a position where I can't walk and never will again

Trying hard to accept it but what can I do not a lot ha ha

As you can imagine I wouldn't have gone done that road again but I expect there are loads of people out there with better stories to tell

So you do your own thing I said yes to a kidney transplant 25 years ago and that is going fine so you see what I mean by doing your own thing

Take care thinking of you



My advise is to stay away from surgery. ....I had my first back surgery five years ago, due to prolapse discs etc.....that surgery left me with pain in my right foot and little improvement to the sciatic pain and severe back pain..

Two years ago I had further and bigger surgery , and now I have numbness in genital area, severe neuropathy in both legs, but worse is the partial numbness and severe pain in both feet ,making walking very different. I feel like I am walking on rough pebbles, and the back pain is horrendous.

I was far far better before the surgeries ,but of course hindsight is a wonderful thing and I cannot turn the clock back.......

So please think very carefully about surgery, it isn't always the answer.


To rusty and bird lady I think u are both right after speaking with doctor today she said same thing so many things can go wrong. And what if made it worse she said being on medication and doing everything I do is probably better than risking surgery so I have to agree and then after reading your posts I have to take ur advice. I'm very sorry this has happened to u both and I hope u at least have good painkillers to stop pain as this is such terrible outcomes for u both but I will take ur advice definitely and thank you. I am only 37 and basically have what another 30 years working and I want to continue to work because it's a better way for my kids to have they things they need maybe not what they want but need lol I do struggle but also work very hard I try best to stop pain with little success but least as u both said I can walk and that is the best I can ask for. I feel for u both as this is plain awful and very unfair and I honestly hope u aren't in pain and thank you again as definitely taking ur advice. Xxx xxx


I am relieved that you have decided against surgery and so wished I had listened to people that tried to dissuade me from having it. Also I had the top spinal surgeon where I live , so it just shows how unreliable back surgery can be.....I had a spinal leak during my last surgery too.

No my pain is defiantly not under control, and I have been offered to have a morphine pump implanted, or a spinal cord stimulator.......but that's more surgery and no promises that it will it's NO from me.

Anyway enough of me, glad you have decided to steer clear of surgery and really hope you can find something that will help with your pain. X


That's quite evasive surgery they are talking about for u I would have to say no to that after what happened to u the last time no wonder u feel like this. Can u they give you pain med that can help like morphine without inserting it into xx It is so bad trying to get help near impossible sometimes so I get u probably have went down every avenue. But I know but mental have u read reports from people with chronic pain taking those oil tabs with marijuana in them read loads posts regarding it being great pain killer and it's now in holland and Barrett ??? I don't know enough about them just what's on here but they are great with people with issues from MS to Cancer. Might help might not but probably better than half the pain medication doctor dishes out ??? Xxx


Hi there

I have the same problem I've had a steroid injection that worked immediately, unfortunately and so am going in for an operation to remove a cyst on, I agree the pain sciatica or other from the trapped nerves can be soul destroying. My surgeon said I could go on having the injections but it will keep coming back. My question to me was 'do you want to live with the pain keep coming back?' 'My answer an emphatic 'no'!

I have been made aware of all the things that could go wrong, they have to tell you all the possible affects. The are all listed on my Patient Confirmation form.

My next step was to ask the surgeon if - he had paralized anyone with the op? Answer 'No' , did anyone need it re doing? Answer'no'? Has anyone died relative to the op...... that's good enough for me. The surgeon is the one who will operate?

Hope things work out for you xxxxx


Have u had surgery yet ?? If so how are u feeling xx if not hope all goes well with the surgery and much luck xxx


No not yet - 17th august and it can't come quick enough.

Looking at my reply to you it really doesn't make sense does it?

About 6 weeks after the injection the pain came back worse than before this is when I had a MRI scan and it showed a cyst growing in between my vertebrae and spinal cord. This is why I had the steroid injection. The surgeon told me that if left untreated there was a chance that it could paralyse my leg/foot - which of course makes my problem is slightly different place to yours.

I also have myelofibrosis as well as ET so I feel it's worth the risk - however much time I have or haven't got left I don't want to spend it in pain!

I agree with the others you have to make your own mind up - I didn't have the slightest hesitation _ but that's me!!

Good with your problem and I will let you know how it goes after 17th august

Take care xxx


Hi hope the surgery is a huge success for u and it makes ur life so much better and easier xx yeah let me know how u get on after august good luck xxx


Coradelphine, I hope your surgery goes well. Having a cyst, I can see that you have a different problem, as I don't think you have any option but to have it out. I could have chosen not to have surgery , and I would have stayed as I was ( in a lot of pain) . I was told that I had 10% of my surgery going wrong......seemed like good odds to me. Never thinking I would be one of the 10% . I think I am jinx because I had a knee replacement 8 years ago and have permanent nerve damage from that. My other knee badly needs replacing.......Am I having it done?...What does anyone think !!!


I would it's highly unlikely u will have any more problems!!?? But if it combats the pain definitely go for it as even at 10% things going wrong 90% is going to be good news hope ur decision has a very good outcome xxx


how old are you and what is your diagnosis


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