Coccyx and sciatica

Hi all..So just an update after a year of battling through pain and seeing everyone under the sun but still no xray or MRI and nothing has worked as yet..I have finally had it out with the gp and been referred to neurosurgery department not sure exactly what will happen but gp has talked about whether I would be willing to undergo back surgery then done the refferal which will be 8th may.. has anyone else had this as I'm a little clueless as to what they will do as they have yet to do the MRI to see the full cause of all this pain all i no os i had sciatica and since landing on concrete on coccyx in a seizure it all been awful pain so any info on what to expect from them would be great heads up thanks everyone x

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  • Have you ever tried homeopathy? I have suffered sciatica in the past and successfully used Rhus Tox to treat it. It may be worth a shot and might even help your coccyx pain as well. Hope you find your answers soon.

  • I don't think your dr can refer you for mri, so hopefully neurology will and this I hope will find answers or refer you to pain clinic who are marvellous, good luck, hope for positive news and you will find answersxx

  • MRI or ct and X-ray will most definitely or at least should be the start of the investigation s. Then depending on the findings the neurosurgeon will take it from there keep us posted

  • I am very relieved that he has referred you to a Neurosurgeon and not an Orthopedic Surgeon

    I have come across over the years many many people who.have had back surgery by Orthopedic Surgeons that has led to disaster

    That said I can't believe that you have not had an x-ray MRI can only be requested by a hospital consultant

    Mys story is that I.had both In 1999 trying to take a pram down stairs it started to run off with me Trying to stop it which I did ended up on my bottom I had coccyidenia I had really severe pain especially when I went from sitting to standing It settled after about a year In 1971 I had a very difficult forceps delivery when my.son was born which has left me with neuropathic pain Before that was diagnosed I had my coccyx removed 6 months X-ray showed old injury

    For my pain it made not a jot of difference I had 20 years pain.with all sort including Neurosurgeon Too risky to do anything 25 years ago I had a spinal implant for pain control That.has reduced my about 50*% I have had sciatica on and off for about 24 years different situation Years ago.they told you to rest it but now that is the worst thing you can do I.have only.had Physio for mine which has helped on.and off Always twinges I have osteoporosis so explains it plus heavy lifting I was a nurse and midwifr

    Talking of GP I have had shoulder pain for a year GP says arthritis Eventually had an x-ray I asked in late September for a scan (can't have MRI due to metal in implant) He was very reluctant said oh we do Scan UNDER 60.and x-ray over 60

    I said I was willing to pay to have it done I stood my ground and he kept insisting it was arthritis in the ball and socket I had fluid on my shoulder He was very arrogant and said I have seen inside lots of shoulders when I said I thought it was my rotator He then did refer me On the 8tb April 2 weeks now I had keyhole surgery The scan showed I did have a tear They have shaved a bit of bone to make more room for the cuff and other ligaments to.pass under it Removed the very inflammed Bursa and as the cuff itself was very ragged they did what the call a debridement of the cuff Having Physio and hydrotherapy Doing well lots of Physio

    Had I not stood my ground I would still be suffering Pretty painful right now but that's to be expected The whole joint is very inflammed so antiinflammatory meds

    Good luck and I hope you don't wait too long to be seen I think it is disgraceful that you have not even had an x-ray You should not have to.fight for a referral.or like me be told that at 75 you are too old At no time did the hospital consultant make me feel that I was wasting their time Was not to have any more Physio pre op I did have some private back.last May but it made things worse so had to stop

    Good for you and good luc

  • Sorry see you have an appt early May Good luck

  • If the GP has referred you then the doors are open to a wealth of NHS tests and scans available. With the GP, essentially they are the gate keepers but can request very little in the way of tests. Once you are in touch with a specialist, they will send you for all the tests relevant to your condition, diagnosis and further treatment.

    It took me a while to get past the GP (painkiller pushers) and, once past, my condition was discovered to be actually very serious


  • Lots of info on

    I used to visit this site lots. worth reading the many posts and lots of helpful information.

  • Ive had a lot of help for sciatica with Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

  • Hi everyone thanks for your replies and regarding scans they declined them on the grounds that I'm at child bearing age and don't have children yet that was the reason as too much radiation would apparently cause more harm than gd but leaving me in agony is acceptable I have had months of this fobbing off with painkillers attitude to which I replied back on last appointment I have had everything I can have and physio hydro etc. And nothing has helped this is wen I was asked if I would consider surgery but yet no mention of MRI or anything so think I just keep on at them till they pull there finger out n help sort it I desperately want to go bk to work and normal life not stuck hm in pain lol so fingers crossed will keep updating xx

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