Extreme weakness & pain , blood test normal

Extreme weakness & pain , blood test normal

Hi there ! I'm new here trying to find out why should i suffering pain so many years. I'm tired of going to doctors, sorry if my english is not good.So if you can help me i would be appreciated.

I'm male 30 years old 45kg ! It's about 10 years i have pain in my chests , muscles , knees , fingers... sometimes everythings get better but most if the times i have them. Also most times i have no energy to do anything so weakness i have , its so much hard for me to go to my job.i'm a developer and know doing my phd in Information technology.

I think i am depressed because i don't feel goid and i feel i have no desire and nothing make me happy...

Since 10 years ago i've gone to alot of doctors and i did a lot of bloot test because if my weakness and being so slim. There was nothing , about 4 years ago went to a sycological dr and he gave asentra (certraline, elanzapin, paroxetin)

And i continued to treatment for 1 years but my ears started to ring ! And never stops also i didnt feel better. For now i dont use any suuplements and medicine, because every doctors say me different thing and give me a lot of medicine, recently one if them said you have gh hormone deficiency and gave me somatropin but another dr said you dont need it because your test is normal.

I truely need help because its very very hard to live with this much pain , weakness and depression. I also have my blood test which i attached to post.

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  • I couldnt upload other pages of my blood test

  • Wow your life with doctors sounds like mine I started for about 10 years going to doctors and you know what they had no clue what I had I googled my symptoms and I either had lime disease or MS so I had to go tell them how do I find out what I have and then the idiot said oh don't jump to conclusions like I want to either of them so I had an MRI and spinal tap and guess what I have MS. And so I'm dealing with MS next month I start the treatment with Ocrevus and I hope that helps.

    So I want to tell you know you're not alone this is a good site you can learn a lot here you can also learn a lot from the M S Society and your doctor you do have a neurologist Good luck in all you do and hang in there.

  • Thank u so much for reply , sorry to hear that i wish you get better soon ❤️❤️

  • Have a look at the fibromyalgia web site,there is a link to it from the forum here on Healthunlocked and see if your symptoms match. I think they may.

  • Thank u for reply , yes i've checked it and i posted my problem there

  • I see Dizzytwo has kindly posted the link for you to the Fibro web site

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