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Chest pain

Hello guys, hope you can help me. I recently felt intermittent pain at left chest (slightly above the heart) where the pain is like knife stabbing pain. I'm a smoker but not a hardcore smoker (i smoke only about 5 sticks per day). My concern is, is this a sign of heart problem?

Subsequent to this, i'm committed to quit. Is there any piece of advice that i can do as a quickfix or long term solution to quit smoking?

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Get it checked out right away! My sister-in-law is currently in hospital after what she thought was just bad heartburn turned out to be a heart attack. The pain had been on and off for a few days.

Not saying that's what's wrong but for any chest pain causing concern it's best to get advice from a professional as soon as possible.


See your GP but also look into Costochondritis. I experienced the same in December and honestly thought I was having a heart attack. I was given anti inflammatories, but since then have been advised to get a back pod or lacrosse ball. Rather than explain it all here, look it up. Its an eye opener.

Hope this helps.



Hi! I've been experiencing a similar thing. It's not all the time, but gets worse when I've been exerting my upper body. However, sometimes it's there even when I'm just lying down. Sometimes I feel out of breath and dizzy with it, sometimes it's just a sharp localised deep pinching pain & other times it spreads further over my left upper chest, but it's there more often than not. I saw the doc for blood tests & ecg yesterday, no results yet. There are a few things that can cause chest pain & the doc would need to do a process of elimination, and, depending on your symptoms, it would depend on where & how they start investigating, but either way, best to see the doc for a chat, or if it's unbearable, an ambulance! Keep us posted!


You have been advised to see a doctor by others who have posted. I would say the same. It is worth seeing a McTimony CHiropractor to check if the nerve near your rib is not being compressed. Cannot remember which rib at the moment.


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