Chest pain help?

Hi, my daughter has went to the hospital last night because she is starting to have this pain in her chest. She can feel some muscle tightness, left arm hurting (shoulder also), back pain, and leg also. She took Advil medicine but it did not work for her. The doctor says about Lyme disease.. She never been to the woods except two years ago but she never got bitten by one so.. She might have a heart problem but doctors says that it's nothing like that. Right now her breast hurts and she can feel some sting also. My daughter can probably have fibromyalgia since it's hurting everywhere around her body but I don't know about the heart and the breast.. Her neck sorta hurts too. She does not have difficulty breathing but the chest pain is getting on her nerves. Somebody please help! The doctors doesn't know what this mean. She is 12 years old and she is not overweight. What can this be?

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  • Glad it wasn't a heart problem. Advil? Never heard of that one. What is it for?

    You keep mentioning pain. I am, as last night, assuming that this is quite severe if it is keeping her awake at 1:30 in the early hour of the morning. How bad is this pain?

    Does it feel like somebody just parked a car on her chest? Rib

  • She keeps on struggling on this chest pain.. The doctor says to take Advil medicine but it doesn't really help at all and the tightness is like somebody is laying on her chest (upper left breast). She told me that it hurts a lot and sometimes it goes away and comes back.

  • Not heard of Advil. When the hospital prescribed it what did they say it was meant to do? Is it to calm her down, to help her breathe, to ease her pain. I have no idea what it is. Is it a pill, cream, liquid?

    when she is having breathing diffulties what does her blood oxygen level measure?

  • Advil is a pill and it's suppose to calm the pain down but it keeps on coming back after one or two hours. The doctors says that her blood oxygen is normal and they checked the x ray already. Right now the doctors think she has Lyme disease which is very unusual. I checked all over her body and nothing is wrong. The doctor gave her medicine to calm her down.. They never mention what to buy about that medicine. So, I went to the family doctor and the doctor says to take Advil medicine to calm her down..

  • Advil is exactly the same as paraseatamol

  • Thanks. Rib

  • Are you in the UK?

  • No, I live in Maryland.

  • I thought so. The language is Very different. It is 02:17 in the morning here.

  • Oh, do you know what this situation can be?

  • There are plenty of people in the US with Lymes and it is increasing. You don't need to have gone into the woods to pick up the infection. I know several folk on Twitter who got it in their own yards. Anyway it might not be that. I hope not.

    I hope that your darling daughter has got growing pains and has gotten over worried and frightened by this.

    The main to things are that it is not her heart and it is not her breathing. Hopefully she will be less troubled by this as the days pass and you can turn your motherly alarm bells down a notch or two. After all, if she she's you worried about it then she will reinforce her worries too.

    I wish you a good night. I am going to try and sleep. Regards Rib x

  • Thank you so much! Good night to you too.

  • You are very welcome. Always. Rib

  • Lymes can be treated with antibiotics. Did the docs Not take bloods to test?

  • She already had her blood test and nothing was wrong.

  • Please, make sure your daughter has her heart ruled out by a cardiologist! Women, including young women, have smaller veins & can have problems unrecognized by PCs, hospitalists, and basic internal medicine doctors. The 1st action the ER should have taken was to give her nitroglycerin...if it helped it is the heart. Also, because of the range of the pain up & down her body, she should have a CT or MRI to check the aorta for possible dissection (inner tearing) or other serious problems. Get yourself on the computer & read up on Lyme Disease from WebMD or medical sites (no blogs..unreliable)ASK lots of question of your doctor. You have the right & the responsibility to know not only the diagnosis but why the decided on it!!!

    I pray your daughter is already better & that you have piece of mind as well

  • Hi sorry to hear about your baby. A friend of mine in her 40s had lupus. But she said v she also has very bad chest pain. So bad she can only lay on her back to sleep. She said pain is so bad feels like she's having heart attack.

  • My daughter is starting to feel better right after the doctors sended her medicine and is your friend doing ok? I hope it's nothing like a heart attack.

  • Shesaid its not a heart attack But it feels like heart attack. Pain is excruciating. Glad your baby is better. God bless her and you. I know it's difficult to watch someone ghi through somethingand you can't help.

  • Thank you

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