Hello Everyone I'm Joan

I have OA in most/all joints and my 1st TKR. I signed up as I'm having increased soreness /pain on top on operated knee. I'm to have 2nd knee replaced later this year. My pain relief consists if Paracetamol or when gets out of control Solpodol. . Can't take anti inflammatory meds. I'm wore out and shattered from pain...any advice please.

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  • Joan

    Not too well up on knees but welcome to the forum.

    Lots of experienced people to call on.



  • Thank you Jim. Hope you never have knee trouble.

  • Hello Joan. When did you have your first knee replacement? Sometimes these things take a long time to settle down. Much longer than we think they are going to. Has your pain overall improved since you had the first knee replacement? And when is your next outpatients appointment? If you are about to have a second knee replacement, it could be that your walking it's a bit out of alignment, and this could cause more pain. Are you having physio? Try frozen peas or cold pack on the areas that are causing you pain. If they are inflamed, this may help. Are you able to sleep at night? Please let us know how you're getting on.

  • Oh sleep is so bad with pain in non operated knee.. I had 1st knee done 25 August 2016 and I do see here it takes longer than I thought. Will I put peas on top of operated knee? Yes pain in 1st knee most definitelyalmost gone but has in last month started to pain or feel sore. I do think yes it could be due to over compensating for non operated knee as it's really bad. Thanks for your reply and I'll let you know after Monday appt with ortho consultant as to how I get on.

  • Hello MadMatron...I'm still here, have had my pre Op (3 weeks ago) and waiting on letter for admission for TKR. I'm really housebound now as it's so painful to walk or if I do it feels like my bones are burning or my knee just goes which causes me to shout so it's easier to not walk at the moment unfortunately. It's great to talk to people here in similar pain. I hope this note finds you well as you can be.


  • Hello Joan and welcome, have you not been offered patches for pain releif if you can't have anti inflammatories? I can't take anti inflammatories but take tramadol and paracetamol, when pain is bad I have top up naproxen but it makes my breathing worse and I have to have another drug to stop stomach upset. You probably only need some top up pain releif till you get over the first operation otherwise you will be in a lot of pain when you have your second op. I found pain patches from boots work on low pain or heat applied to the joints, aloe vera gel and voltarol will ease the pain. I have OA like you in several joints and also gout.

  • Thank you Katie I haven't been offered patches. I was on Tramadol earlier didn't know you can take paracetamol with them thanks for that. I'll ask my Dr. Yes I use antiinflammatory creams but my rhumathologist said to me the fact that I have OA/RA he said I'm wasting my time. However I do use them as I'll use anything to relieve pain and stiffness. How do you manage each day Katie it's so draining! I'll let you know how I get on after Monday after seeing Consultant. I feel if I get 2nd knee done I can then get walking properly and work on exercises. Thanks again for reply it is good to talk to someone with similar difficulties.

  • It really would be worth looking at further pain relief. I have a very bad lower spine.

    It sounds like you have very weak pain relief! I agree with previous posters that you need to talk to your doctor about stronger pain relief even if it's just until your 2nd knee I is done and healed. .

    Good luck!

  • I manage quite well till it comes to reaching, or steps or rushing which brings on cough. The pain I think as become a way of life it never goes away. But I get down days when it tests your resilience. The creams are not a cure but they ease the pain a little which can sometimes be a releive for a while. I hate immobility while others just dash around. Hopefully when you recover from your ops there will be less pain.

  • Hello Katie.. Consultant says my right knee is so bad not even pain relief would help. He's told me he'd give me a call regarding having full replacement asap. So hopefully I'll have the summer months to recover. We seem to be similar with our pain levels..steps are difficult. .did you ever get to stage saying to yourself..am I imagining this!!

  • Hello Joan, fortunately to date mine is not as bad as yours just constant, don't get to the stage I feel I am imagining it as my dr is quite capable of making me feel that way anyway. Hope you soon recover from first op so you can have the other much needed one, and who knows by next year you may be fully recovered with less pain , fingers crossed xx

  • Hello Katie

    How are you doing these days with pain? How are you managing? I wanted to drop you a note as I appreciate you replying to me regarding this constant pain. I have had my pre op and am waiting on letter to have TKR. At this stage it is very difficult for me to walk as it's so painful. Hopefully soon. The Left TKR is getting much more tender or sore, but I'm hoping when other knee is done and I work on physio and walking properly things will come right. I'm really housebound.

    I hope this finds you well


  • Well Joan good to hear from you again, and brilliant to hear you are moving forward, wno knows by this time next year you could be well mobile again, fingers crossed for you. As for me I am still mobile but having problems with drugs that cause muscle pain as if I haven't got enough pain with arthritis, & falls. Anyway we have stopped one tablet for a month see how the BP is, now I am getting ongoing low back pain from a fall I had about three months ago.hopefully it will get better given more time. Have as nicer day as you can and I will try to speak to you again soon x

  • Ho Joan, the frozen peas are to alleviate the pain from inflammation. I currently have bursitis in my right shoulder, and I find that the frozen peas to alleviate the pain, if only for a little while. But it might be better to ask your consultant this on Monday. Also, please remember that every knee is different. When I worked in orthopaedic outpatients, a lot of people used to think that both knees would be the same and the recovery time would be the same. It isn't always like that. You just have to take everything as it comes.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  • Hi Joan, I have OA in my neck. I can't take most anti inflammatories but I can take Arcoxia which are not as bad as most and especially good for OA.

    I only take them for a few days at a time and don't have it in my knees.

    I can't take Tramadol either and like you, take Solpadol.

    I use difene gel now and then but it doesn't help, Bio freeze gel helps sometimes.

    I hope you find some ease soon .

  • Joan, I have OA in both knees elbows and wrists and on alternative weeks/months sciatica on either side. The pain is unreal at times! I can't take tramadol and solpodol is causing me problems after 48 hours into treatment! I have to go back to 2 paracetamol/ 1 ponstan 4 times a day. It helps some with pain but not as good as solpodol. I also purchased a "Open Patella Knee Sleeve" which I have found fantastic since I began to use. I am also on a truck load of meds for my heart and depression as well. I also use difene and menthol&wintergreen for some distraction. Tomorrow I have another visit to GP with regard to solpodol alternative. Hope you get some relief for this painful condition, Martin.

  • Oh Martin you sound like me. The Dr I saw Monday said I'll have to have replacement as there is no pain relief that would help seeing the condition of my knee. So hopefully I'll have summer to recover. Fingers crossed!!!!

    Is your Dr easy to talk to?

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