Hay everyone, I'm here to get stuff off my chest!

Hay, I'm a bit stuck with 'life ' at the moment and looking for some guidance πŸ˜” I'm 28 and have had chronic back and hip pain for 10 years. It's ruined my life. Yes, I have so much to be greatful for ; my loving husband, my beautiful son, my own flat. But I suffer every day and I just can't see the end of it. I lost my job 4 years ago because of the pain, had to cancel my dream of becoming a nurse, almost lost my home, have lost almost all forms of social life and hardly ever leave the house. I'm exhausted all the time from the pain meds but need to take them to be able to cope with the pain. I regularly have flare ups which leave me bedridden for days. I'm just so depressed, I'm so sick of tests, injections, scans, being poked and prodded and everything comes back 'clear' . Please help, I really can't take much more x

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  • I'm sure this not what you want to hear- I'm telling myself as much as you - so please don't take it personally.😒

    I've osteoarthritis in lower back and on ineffective paincontrol -and I don't want to go into zombie territory!

    I know in my head, that I need to exercise and stretch those areas to get relief and strengthen the core.

    But do I do it? ??? I find it so hard to get motivated- just to get up off my A*se and start. I have all the apps and charts. But do I do it.

    My good and better half is fed up of me moaning. She says " Motivation follows Activity" ie - start with small steps and I should get motivated.

    I'm also going to timetable the "Fun" activity. Starting now.

    You with me Miks?

    Keep me posted.πŸ˜…πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜€

  • good luck madlegs.love grace xoxoxo

  • I hope it goes well madlegs strengthening the muscles makes sense.

    Keep moving


  • Hi Madlegs

    Thank you, and ditto all the other things I could / should do (mindfulness, diary of positives (yes there are some) respond to people on this forum rather than just read ie give as well as take, read my very helpful books/all the resources I've gathered - they're not doing much good on the shelf! etc etc etc)

    Oh and the exercises - mine are tiny movements prescribed by a great neuro physio (I have neuropathic pain) simply to 'reawaken' the deeper 'switched off' postural muscles. When I do them I'm inclined to over do them, despite his advice, sometimes I think I never learn.

    All the best to you and everyone else in the boat 😊

  • Madlegs1, you are so right. I should get more exercise. I lie in bed every night and say to myself "tomorrow is the day", but the morning comes and I wake up exhausted and in pain and exercise is the last thing on my mind. I want to get motivated but I don't know how. Xxx

  • Great to hear from you again. You sound a bit more chipper now. That will help you move on a bit and just start with one little exercise at first. Be it ever so gradual. Once you start at all you will get energy. It's all around you- just plug in and enjoy.

    You have so much to live for with your family. You can do it for them.

    Every morning I wake up and laugh at the pain. I refuse to let it get me down or let it get under my skin.

    " Pain- I spit in your face- so just get lost"

    Then the guys in the white coats come to give me my morning injection.!πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‚

    Keep the faith-Miks.

  • hi miks-mcc i can understand exactly why you feel the way you feel and its no wonder. as your going through so much. like a lot of us here. we are allowed to moan and get things of our chest. and it can be hard to feel grateful for anything at all at times. we have to be allowed to feel how we feel. im on my own and im not saying its harder on my own as i had my ex boyfriend here and it was worse. i was glad when i was well enough for him to go home. so sometimes its harder when we have partners as we can moan at them and then feel bad about that.i do have my little cat whom i love dearly and am gratefull for him although when i got out of the hospital it was such hard work looking after him as i could not bend down to pick up his dish or change his litter tray without a lot of trouble . but he is worth it. iv only been out the house once in just over a month now and that was to go to the doctor. i have had a really rough weekend with depression and tiredness and feeling lonely.the most social life i'v had is here on the forum. and thats been a god send as i'v got to know a few really nice people who i have littel chats with by private messages. and that does cheer me up. im having to learn to be grateful for small things. im sure im not always going to feel like this. i cant really do much exercise at the moment as im just recovering from a major operation and had my bile duct reconstructed so im still in pain. and i think those pain meds cause me to get tired and depressed as well. but id rather have them than not. you'd be surprised how strong we are when we have to be. and im sure that you are a very stong person after all that you have been through. getting things of your chest is a big help and also a relief to know that you dont have to have this stiff upper lip. im sure you will get round to feeling more postive once you get all this of your chest and realize that we are all the same really. it can be a daily battle. i wish you well. its not going to feel like this every single day. you are going to have good days. its just sometimes we cant see any way out. but there is and it will come and you will have good days again. and when you feel up to it you can make changes to make things better for yourself. be gently on yourself and dont give yourself a hard time for feeling the way you do you are only human. love to you. grace xoxoxo

  • Think that Madlegs1 makes sense..... But it sure is hard to get down to those necessary exercises.....motivation just isn't always there :( I really hope that you can find your way through..... You are not alone in this..... I hope that helps a little.

  • Just wanted to say hang in there, just because they haven't found anything doesn't mean the pain isn't real. When I started down the pain management route I learned that after only a few months the pain becomes 'hard wired' into our bodies/brain/nervous system, there are physiological changes which help keep the wheel turning. I can't stop this happening, but have found learning about this a comfort of sorts - it's not all my own fault! But like many people with pain I find it hard to make allowances, which sometimes might help as well.

    Simply having pain and the emotional side of it all is exhausting, in my opinion! never mind the meds 😩

    Wishing you lots of hope and peace of mind. Easy to say, I know ......


  • Hi miksmcc

    Sorry to read what an awful time your having with back and hip pain. Just wondering have you been referred to a Pain Clinic?. They offer several ways to help with this type of pain, injections, stronger painkillers, physio and run support groups where you meet others similarly affected and learn coping strategies. I'm having a lot of help from one now and have made two new friends as an added bonus!.

    Hope you feel better for sharing. X

  • please get a copy of Margaret Hills book. She too had to stop her nursing training due to osteoarthritis all over when she was in her 20s. She studied all nutritional diet, got RID of all, trained, raised 8 kids and founded a clinic here in UK. I have been following her"diet"for over a year and KNOW I am much much better now.

  • hi miks-mcc how are you feeling today? i just want to let you know that your not forgotten about and I'm wishing you well. keep in touch. as you can see your not alone. hope to hear from you. love grace xoxoxoπŸ–

  • Find out where the local church groups are and pay a visit to some of their coffee mornings. This will enable you to network with people who hopefully can enable you to develop companionship in the local community.

    The local vicar, pastor, priest have a finger on the pulse of the local community and should be able to provide useful contacts.

  • Hi miks-mcc, wondering if you are deficient in your vitamin D blood level.

    85% of us here in UK are either low in range or deficient in vitamin D and have no idea they are.

    5000iu of vitamin D3 cured my chronic lower back and hip pain over night. It also cured my stiffness when getting up out of chairs and bed first thing in the morning, sciatica leg pains and diagnosed tailbone pain, despite my Doctor saying tailbone pain could not be cured. I was prescribed 1000iu of vitamin D3 by my Doctor to correct my vitamin levels only and oddly noticed my pains all went (almost overnight) for a few days then came back again, somebody told me 1000iu of D3 was actually quite a low dose and to check the website vitamindcouncil.com for safe up to date (modern doses) doses. I bought my 5000iu of D3 on line and found again almost over night all pains went and now only come back when I forget to take my 5000iu of vitamin D3.

  • Hi coastwalker. First, thank you for your reply. I'll definitely need to look into this, I'm willing to try anything. I'll speak to my gp, see if he'll write me a script, thanks for the advice! 😊

  • I buy my own online 5000iu D3 with added K2 100mcg as they work well together,

  • good to see that your back and you sound so much more positive. im really pleased for you. love grace xoxoxo

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