No rush....

I have had pain from my sij on and off for many years. Posture through sight loss and being a gardener have taken their toll.

Couple of years ago my hip decided to join in and an Xray showed bad wear in left hip together with left sij. Physio was too painful, acupuncture worked well so...resigned I started on the pain meds route with cocodamol. This was changed to Tramadol on arrival as GP felt more suitable. I didn't but thats another story.

Moving here last year and change of lifestyle did wonders. I had sort of hung up my garden shears once and for all. Or so I thought. That lasted about 3 weeks until I found my first nursery here. Pots!. Big ones. Huge ones. Ones for trees and ones for decoration. I was smitten

Gradually over the coming weeks and months trees and shrubs arrived to fill those beautiful pots and my body started down the protest road once again. It came to a head about 2 weeks ago when I couldn't get out of bed. Floundering like a beached whale David sort of pushed, pulled and rolled me around the bed. Nope I was rocking back and fro like an upside down turtle. Eventually with lots of pillows on the floor and more shoving from behind I hit the deck and climbed up the side of bed to something resembling a standing position.

GP apt was made. I shuffled into his surgery with neither speaking a word. He clattered on his computer, gave me a script and dispatched me to nursy next door. There before I could ask what's that - he had my shorts down and 2 needles inserted in my btm. One an anti inflammatory the other pain relief. I have no idea which was which but one sent me splat to the ceiling with a scream of pain.

Instructions were if no better in 24 hrs then emergency clinic for another. Me? Another? No chance.

Yes they did help enormously and together with Meloxicam and 10 days supply of Omazeprole things calmed down.

End of this week and course of Melloxicam - the pain was returning. GP examined me this time. The usual swinging of legs, arms, touch toes and lie on tummy.

Verdict? Sij bad but hip far worse... Next stage? Back on dreaded Tramadol. Hospital for scans. Date? 3 months time!. Nothing rushes here.

So maybe a little more sitting in the sunshine for a while

Pat x

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  • Hello there Pat, looks like you are overdoing things since you left UK. slow down, rest relax in the sun, take advantage of the better weather ect and wait for that appointment. I had a fall a few weeks ago but have recovered OK but it is scary when you live alone. One day I may not be able to get up to use the phone for advice. My neighbour suggests one of those fall alarm things. Just been trying to get holiday insurance one won't cover baggage or COPD and the excess even in uk is getting bigger and bigger. Another one is dearer than the holiday. Well enjoy your relaxing , nice to chat again .Take care xx

  • Hi paton lovely that you are still making the efforts you are make sure you don't burn yourself out good luck with your journey xx

  • Hi Pat, 3 month for an hospital apt is rapid for here now. Some folk are waiting a month for a GP apt.

    If Tramadol is too heavy-duty can you not explain that to your GP? As you know there are plenty of other pain meds. Maybe he could find another that suits you better.

    Thanks for the email. Will reply in the week.

    Love and best wishes , Rib

  • Oh Pat. I do know the temptations of a bag of compost, an empty pot and things to plant. Then the pain that night. So what's the answer ? Any strong teenagers wanting the odd euros for helping ? I think you will not be able to resist the feel of soil on your hands for long.

    It must have been ghastly at the time but your description of David pushing and pulling you around to haul you out of bed made me giggle. What fo you think you were injected with ? Anti inflammatory medication ? I can remember being in the same state and a locum gave me Diclofenic suppositories. Almost instant relief.

    Good to hear that you are still the same full of life Pat despite the pain though can guess there are times of dispair too.

    Lovely to hear from you and keep us posted about how your referral goes.



  • Oh no pat everything was going so well for you both. I've been in my greenhouse the last couple of weeks seeing to my vegetables and although I have a high work bench to work on im finding I lift more than I should and when those pots are full there also really heavy. Go back to doing a little at a time but don't give up on something that you enjoy doing. Hope you feel better soon. X

  • Oh Paton!! I thought you were the most sensible out of the lot of us!! I know, I know, the temptation is just that too strong: for you gardening, for me, just getting out & about with family doing normal stuff but half an hour in I hear that voice of doom with a warning.....

    It's just rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. All the lifestyle negotiations we have to endure for such simple pleasures. I suppose the consolation you have is the sun and comparatively shorter waiting times for any tests & treatments BUT that doesn't resolve you of any, what my pain specialist calls, ridiculous self inflicted episodes!!!

    As Dee has suggested, perhaps some young, fit lads wanting to earn a euro or two? Although that's yet another thing that you have to add to the "can't do list" isn't it?

    I do feel for you and can empathise SI joint wise (and hip wise now I think) but if ya gotta take meds, ya gotta take meds. It's yet another turning point for you though and what with David's meds, you'll need an extension to fit them all in!!

    How do you feel about having a hip replacement if it comes to it? I'm not jumping the gun but it's all looking to be the next step, right? In the meantime, you look after yourself and get back to being the voice of reason on here!!!!

    R x

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