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removal of tramadol and no scan or replacement

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I was diagnosed with sciatica and a slipped disc last year and given tramadol which really helps but recently I've moved areas and the GP said tramadol is addictive so it's being removed. He wouldn't discuss whether tht was relevent to me individually. I asked what would be done now re other meds or investigating the back pain or maybe a scan regarding the slipped disc but his reply was that none of this is necessary because the pain will resolve itself once the tramadol ends. I really doubt he's right. I've halved my dose but I'm in pain. What I want is a scan and some pain meds until we know what's going on. It seems I can't change GP practice because they all have a one mile policy. I've wasted my time seeing two GPs there now. Do I have to see every GP there and if they all insist that the pain will magically disappear then what do I do?

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I forgot to add that I first tried co codamol which did nothing to help me. The same with amitriptylene and gabapentin. Tramadol and diazepam are the only drugs that help and I feel like I'm trying to be reasonable with what the GP wants (although addiction isn't relevant to me indivually) but they are refusing anything other than no meds and no further help

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Hi i did hear they were cutting down on med's but no shouldn't happen , my GP tried to stop one of my med's , i went to the Dr i see in the Hospital he put me back on them , if i may say they did mention my age cause over a certain age some med's can do damage (heart,lung's, ect, ) but in your case id'e fight for it , seems these days sometimes you do have to plead for what you know what is good for you , take care (could you keep HealthUnlocked) updated id'e like to know the outcome , !

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yes. I couldn't get another gp appointment until 4th March sos I'll reply with the results then

Complain to NHS England. They provide the funding to GP surgery. Look at

I agree with what GP says about pain killer. However, I think he is taking you off it too fast.

You say: "...his reply was that none of this is necessary because the pain will resolve itself once the tramadol ends." This I think is incompetence on part of the GP.

Have a look at NICE guidelines. Sciatica and slipped disc is chiropractor territory. Looking though painconcern of healthunlocked will show you that sciatica and slipped discs does not resolve itself for many people.

If you are changing address, but are not moving too far, you may wish to stay with your current GP. ... A GP can continue to treat you if you have moved out of their practice area, but they will have to assure the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) that they are willing to continue visiting and treating you.


It says: "Since 2015, all GP practices in England have been free to register new patients who live outside their practice boundary area.

This means you can register with a GP practice somewhere that's more convenient for you, such as a practice near your work or closer to your children's schools. "

Hope I have been able to help.

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I moved 30 miles away and I said I was fine staying where I was but they refused to allow me and said I would be blocked from using their services because I have moved out of the area. I have found one other practice that said they sometimes take people from another part of the city (I'm now in Leicester) so I'm going to go on Monday too see if it's possible to register there

Hello Gemmakin, your story is not unusual. I have been taking Tramadol for a long time for arthritic pain, which works for me. I take this because I cannot take Nsaids due to diagnosed Asthma. Some time ago they reduced it to two tablets per day in guantity which does not control the pain, is difficulty to get prescribed and now the pain control clinic advises I obtain my paracetamol from the local chemist . You are right they stop the painkillers but offer no alternative, apparently in my case there are no alternatives other than manage without and hope the pain isn't too bad. It seems to me they are saying the same to you I think we should all complain to the NHS if what we are taking works it kind of contravenes the nice guide lines on the best for patients issue. Im not going to take anymore drugs that way I won't have to talk to people on issues that don't relate to my circumstances. And the NHS will save hundreds more pounds a year to spend on digital newspapers. Would you like to join me with the best old fashioned help for pain and cold symptom releif its called Whiskey and costs less for a large bottle than a prescription :) :)

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It is appalling that medical marijuana is very restrictive especially as Britain is a huge exporter of the staff and Theresa May's husband is a major shareholder in GW pharmaceutical which is the sole producer of medical cannabis. I asked about this at the pain clinic. Shock and horror you would think I was requesting crack cocaine. She admitted many patients are taking it and sourcing it on the street.

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yes absolutely but that us the case for a diabetes item that would be very useful instead of finger pricks but that is also very restricted and tes the prime minister has managed to get in on nhs

High I have had back problems I sciatica and find that

Sciaticure fro Snowden Pharms has help look it up I may help

Hi I sympathise. That's how my fibromyalgia began. 3 slipped discs and sciatica, I could barely walk. They tend to offer naproxen now for relief, but it's not great. I would keep at your GPS until they do something. Pain does not simply disappear! Good luck

Oh and as a recovering alcoholic, whiskey being my poison. It only enhances the pain in every joint. Don't do it

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I used to enjoy whiskey but I don't fancy the idea of having to drink enough every night to be able to lie down (since when my tramadol runs out I imagine I won't be able to lie or sit down as this is how it felt before I received tramadol)

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Thanks for that reply , Whiskey can make things worse as it affects the liver and can cause muscular pain apart from becoming addicted in the same way as we can on strong painkillers (it was only a joke I don't drink or smoke but I am an x smoker). Paracetamol can also damage the liver long term but people still take it for pain often on a daily basis.

I would put in a formal complaint to the manager of the surgery. I still use tramodol only PRN now. I was also giving sessions in pain management. I would not let it lie. It is your health and your pain. I would be at the doctors every day until they got fed up and they sent me for the scan. Do not give up.

This medication can be addictive however I have been on it for years going from 400mgs prescribed day then reduced to half and now PRN. It took many years its not a quick fix

Hope this helps a little take care xx

I was thinking about doing so but I wasn't too sure because I considered they'd probably ask the doctor who would deny it and then I'd have a red flag against my name. Have you complained before and if so how did it go?

Hi, I had a slipped disc 10 years ago. I tried chiropractor physio all sorts of pain killers and nothing worked. I was desperate and told my doctor I would go private. I could ill afford it but the pain was unbearable. Had an mri scan and even I could clearly see the disc had come out and was pressing on the nerve. The only long term solution is surgery. Sorry to say this. When I went back to another doctor in the surgery about something unrelated he asked why I went private. I told him the other doctors would only suggest drugs and physio. He said I should have just gone into A and E. They would have had to do something. That was 10 years ago so I know things have changed. It is worth a try though. I do hope you get it sorted because it's a terrible pain to have. Good luck.

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I imagine I'll have to go to A&E when the tramadol runs out anyway because when I first went to the GP (where I used to live) I was by then unable to lie down or sit for long and It's already getting like that so I think that is the best idea. Thanks. I was unsure about seeing a GP privately but I plan to get an MRI scan even if the nhs gp says no

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Must say I agree with this. I have had this problem since April last year tried everthing Meds Physio Chiropracter etc nothing has helped. I am now on the list for a spinal fusion. Not something I really want but can stand this pain. Hope you get sorted. The only way I got a Scan and MRI was going to A&E by the way.

I have 3 compression Fractures in my back and arthritis and was on Tramadol for many years! I went on a course to get me off opiods and I have been Tramadol free now for over 6 months! I will add that the pain I was in when taking them as not changed a great deal at all! Well worth a read of the link below.

Be wEll

i'm so sorry! sometimes I really despise doctors! do you have access to a pain clinic? recently I saw my neurologist, described my pain to him (knowing it was nerve pain, but many doctors prefer to think of patients as stupid, so I didn't use that term), and he said, "I wonder why the pain moves?" and suggested I take vitamin b. *sigh. one of my symptoms is feeling as if my calf is on fire.

last week I went to my pain clinic and was immediately given gabapentin. within a week or so I should be feeling better. i'm surprised the doctor doesn't want you on tramadol since the alternatives include stronger opiates. good luck and stay strong.

yes I've been denies a referral to the pain clinic as they tel me it's only for people with the likes of fibromyalgia who can use cbt and coping techniques. Yes I know all about doctors thinking patients are stupid, many even seem offended when you're not an idiot. They like to go on about "Dr Google" and deny it's possible for you to do proper research into your problem

indeed! I had one doctor who seemed comfy with my understanding my body until I started asking him questions. he was convinced I had a rare disease and wanted to study me. I don't have it and seemed to figure it out before he did. then he suggested all of my symptoms were psychological, despite the lesion on my spine and the damage shown on mri's. it's ridiculous.

Hi everyone, I just wanted to update on what has happened. I saw a diffetent GP today who has referred me for a scan but she said that surgery is no longer done for this type of thing so it will only be pain relief and depending on the scan results I might be able to have an injection every three months but if not she's happy for me to remain on tramadol because the dose I take has never gone up and therefore I am less likely to become addicted to it.

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