Any ideas

I'm new here.

I've been living with numbness in legs up to hips, pins and needles in hands and face my balance is no good and I fall easily and bruise easily when I bend down I cant get up I get what feels like a shock going through both legs.

I've had mri (3times) blood tests and been to a neurologist (who said 1,ms,then myelitis, then stress then due to menopause) so no idea

I've been like this since 2013, Can you help?

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  • Hi well the balance thing sounds like vertigo but I have no idea about the rest of it. Are you on any meds? If I was in your position I would go back to my doctor and if s/he has no idea then ask to be referred back to a consultant. I hope you find some answers.

  • I'm on gabapentin (12) a day, I don't think the balance is vertigo, its my lower body that gives way. thank you for taking the time to reply

  • gabapentin is used for neuropathy and don't know what else it's used for,it probably covers other conditions as well but good luck with your symptoms and hopefully it'll get resolved soon

  • Can you recall anything that happened prior to your symptoms happening. Falling awkwardly, falling heavily? Operation ? Trapped or something to do with a nerve comes to mind but this would NOT show up on MRI . Can you give anymore information please?

  • there was nothing that happened I just woke up one morning and I had this numbness and went straight to the docs who referred me to the neologise.

  • have you been tested for diabetes? Or neuropathy? These cause real bad pins and needles and can affect your nervous systems and as our bodies are covered in nerves,as I suffer with neuropathy and at the beginning my balance was affected and the electric shock sensations and pains associated with neuropathy are unreal,as for the bruising dare I ask how you are? As when we get older the skin gets thinner and bruises tend to show quite quickly and also if your taking any other medication this can accelerate bruising on some occasions,have you mentioned the bruising to your GP? Hopefully you'll continue with various blood tests to narrow down the cause of your symptoms and get a definitive answer,all being well you'll get your problems sorted out soon and be free of your aches and pains,thanks

  • yes I have been tested for diabetes, neuropathy no, but they did look for ms and myelitis and said its not showing. I've just turned 51 and on gabapentin (12) a day I have told the doc about it but he not concerned with it, i've had another blood test recently and ive been put on another tablet colecalciferol which I believe is to do vitiume d deficatley. i'm on them for 3 months then I got another blood test.

    Thank you for your time in replying.

  • Have a look at the symptoms for Functional Neurological Disorder on FND is not something that comes up on search engines when you out in symptoms. I was diagnosed with this in January there is a group on here and Facebook.

    Good Luck

  • thank you for your suggestion I will go and look at the site you have mentioned.

    Thank you for your time in replying.

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