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Scar tissue. Can I do anything?

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I have scar tissue from my operation which is causing very severe vibrations and electric shock feelings in my body. Can gentle exercise loosen up scar tissue and possibly alleviate symptoms?

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Hello Bob here

It seems that the the nerves around the the scar tissue may be damaged, so I would recommend that you see your doctor, there are a group of drugs that can deal with nerve pain so it is worth you discussing this with your GP., movement can help, although sometimes it may be possibly beneficial to have further operations to clear the effected area, say after pins are removed, or need to be taken out. Sometimes this problem may clear on its own as the nerves that are effected may find an alternative pathway through repaired tissue, scar tussue is what it says scar tissue

So the best thing to do is see your GP possibly have some manipulation and take medications such as AMYTRYPTALENE, this should assist with the nerve damage. The doctor may consider in the future getting rid of scar tissue it depends on the operation that you have just had, your GP will keep you right


Thanks Bob, no one seems to think I have damage although I don't understand how I can't with such symptoms. Ive tried so much pain and nerve medication but nothing has helped..doc doesnt seem to be able to do much more. Might be doing pain management class but would rather getGet pain and symptoms under control. Its scary and feels horrible . especially not being able to control whats happening to my body.. I know its the same for many on here

Hello Pat here,

See what Bob's started!

I had a very old injury in my elbow which was extremely pinful from time to time. The physio used Utra scan onit which broke down the scar tissue so it could heal properly. Sever sessions seemed to work and I have had no problems for iver 4 years.

Might be worth seeing a physio and asking.

Pat x

What is a "Utra scan" ? Sigh...

ULTRAA scan.

Sorry. Blame my sight loss for bad typing

The same they give you when pregnant to d detect baby heartbeat!

An ultra sound scan? how did that help your pain? Sorry about your eye sight.

Physio did it. Apparently it undoes all the old scar tissue from years of wear and tear. Sort of puts that bit of you back where it should be.

I think that's what she said but a while ago. But it worked a miracle and that was good enough for me!

I can now garden completely pain free - from elbow anyway!


Thanks Bob and Pat

It is worth going to pain management if you have been offered it. These courses are rare and hard to get onto and teach many useful skills for minimising pain through posture, pacing, and little tricks around the home and out and about. They can also put you in touch with a Pain Consultant, who will know more about meds for your condition. Remember GPs are not trained in trained in pain ......

I had a rib removed (an extra one between my shoulder and collar bone), due to loss of sensation and use of my arm. The op was a complete success but a month after I developed all the symptoms again. I was told it was adhering scar tissue, was referred to physio and it worked really well. Massage also helps break down scar tissue. I am a nurse and worked on a burn ward, all the patients were advised to use a mild cream like aqueous to gently massage the area and help the healing and reduce the scaring. Hope this helps.


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