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Chronic Severe Pain 14 months no relief


I have been having injections done sense last year, I've had trigger points and the facet injections where you are put to sleep. When you are in constant severe pain your willing to do anything to get relief. But the injections have not worked for me either. I am happy to hear it works for some people, but it's difficult on those who do not get relief or have not had the procedure done before. So they need to know what to expect..When you live with chronic pain with little relief in sight it's hard not to become frustrated and negative, were only humans and can only take so much. I was in a severe car accident over a year ago and have had physical therapy, chiropractic care, and pain mgmt. I'm on more medication then anything for pain ,sleep and depression. I'm 32 and can no longer work, it's devastating when you are use to doing things you can no longer do, existing hurts even, and it's extremely wearing when treatments don't provide relief because you begin to loose hope. We have to be honest with each other at least we're not alone, I would not wish this on anyone. I hope the best for you all! I never understood this until I now going through it myself. Try everything you can it's hard not to give up.

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Hi, yes I'm in the same boat (Ship) should I say!! Please contact me for any Help??


Hi! What have you done to tolerate it? How long have you been experiencing this?

Hi. I have had 2 take early retirement due to ill health. I know what increased my pain to get worse so I keep off my leg. I have had it since 2005.


Hi. I have had mine since 2005 following Radiation Surgery on my Brain AVM. Following endless Tablets with not much impact to date that are either to Strong or to Weak. So the first thing that I did was

No 1:

"Cognitive Therapy " where I choose my favourite "hobby" This was/is "Music" so I take myself off to my bedroom on my own and listen to the music which distracts my Brain from the Pain. It works a treat!! Give that a go and I have another one to try.


I'm so sorry to hear that, you've really been through it. I can understand the medication either being to strong or to weak, I can't stand being on pills but even if it applys the littlest relief it's worth it. I love music I'll give it a go! I hope your having a better day today:)

I'm so sorry to hear this, I know how it can feel to be in so much pain that you can't even work. And sense 2005 you've been having chronic pain! I don't know how you have done it but it inspires and gives me hope.

This is called patient endurance. You are in a situation where you need to learn the skills to cope on the hoof. As you gain the skills things will become easier. Just observe your emotions and observe that as they come so will they go. It is important that you get enough sleep so that you have the energy to cope with all the resetting of the life ambitions you need to do.

Hope this helps.

This is so true! Thank you it's definitely I new way of life for me, I know sleep can be so healing I'm on prescription sleep meds and have switched often building tolerances, I also take over the counter to still not much relief, I'd think by now my body would finally just shut down you know. I'm pretty stubborn I have to say and maybe have a lot of adrenaline and anxiety festering where I just can't relax enough. I really hope your feeling better today!

Thanks for the reply.

One of the things I learnt to do or not to do when I have too much adrenaline and anxiety is to place up and down the floor. It takes time but helps removes the anxiety and adrenaline from system. So in your case it may or may not help to try it.

As for being better. This is a variable from being okay one minute to being in chronic pain a minute later because I did a movement I should not have. The constant monitoring can be very exhausting.

All the best.

Isn't that the truth! Going from one extreme to the next, but it's worth it even if it takes the pain away for a moment. I will try that technique of pacing that might take the edge off so I don't feel so boosted from the adrenaline, I know if I get angry the pain worsens, it's hard not to have those emotions, I guess I need to work on taking control of them more. I don't want to take it out on others, it's hard when your friends and family don't understand a lot it comes out on my husband. I become envious when he enjoys something or become angry at people who complain about a rough day at work, when I'm thinking I'd love to be able to work. Thank you for listening and giving me some ideas I can use. That means so much to me!☺️ I hope your having a good day today.

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