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Chronic lower back pain. Summer flare up has begun.

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I've suffered chronic lower back pain for 2 yrs now and although I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia the issue with my spine has not been dealt with at all . No xray done just told originally to go home and get a butt massage. Eventually orthopaedics specialist said because we may not find the cause through scans we won't because even if we find a cause we can't fix it, so you just need to learn to live with pain.

I've been self managing for 2 yrs and it does go through a cycle of winter it eases I can walk a little more and the pain for most of the time I can cope with . It's there 24 7 but manageable but spring time my pain goes off the scale and stays again til winter. Easter wkend came and I'm aware times coming for when I may be struggling with stairs sleeping and just freely being able to grab a plate from a low cupboard but I wasn't waiting expecting and boom easter wkend I couldn't move . I thought maybe a bad day but it's been high level since and I know summer pain has kicked in and I'm now having to learn how to cope again mentally and physically. I'm sleeping on the sofa with millions of cushions and may get a few hours. I don't want to give into this pain. I don't want to have to be needing help to get dressed but I'm being forced to consider that and it's hard as I'm very independent.

Any advice ideas things that anyone has tried to help ease ease this pain even a little would be great

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You have had regular massages like the doctor advised?

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I considered it but one of my symptoms is a numb buttocks and radiating pain and I can't have anything touch it at all .

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You have never actually tried it then.

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No I haven't based on that even the slightest touch hurts as does wearing tight clothes the sensations I get along with the pain it became a no go area even when the cat sits next to me and he foot touches me it makes me wince so kinda bypassed the massage option. Although did consider a test one just to see but again thought how can I have one when it hurts so much.

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Can you go talk with a person that does the massage and tell them about your worries, maybe they can explain how it works and if it would be beneficial to you.

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It's definitely worth trying . Right now everything is worth a try. Thanks

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I hope it works out for you.

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That sounds miserable. You've had a referral to a pain clinic for advice on management of this and day to day activities?

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Yes I've been through pain management course and now with clinical psychologist.

Also I've a 22 yr history of back issues and morning paralysis In summer times but all manageable 2 yrs ago it just kinda went bad . I have tender lower spine radiating pain numbness in butt permanently, pins needles down legs hip stiffness plus many more.the only time I can maybe get relief is in hot baths.

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I would not tolerate that doctor's opinion for a minute. Butt (pun intended) if you live in the UK I don't know how it works to get another referral. I suggest you go to another ortho or see a neuro instead. Images must be done to rule out anything damaging or see if there are other problems that exist. In particular an MRI of your hip and lower back. Many people who have lower back issues have changing pain depending on weather. But please advocate for yourself because there is no one else that will do it for you. And while your at it, get yourself in to see a pain management doctor. They will help to manage your pain using all different types of methods. Not all of them methods used are with habit forming drugs. But I would suggest that you find one that does prescribe opiates in case you do need that. They are hard to come by so you will have to look for one and if your in the UK it is my understanding that you may have to wait up to a year to get into one. So get on the list now rather then wait.

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My first GP was not helpful and I had to push to get the 2 referrals back in 2015 to hip and spinal orthopaedics . It seems that the 2 I saw for hips weren't overly interested as I have mild dysplasia one was the one who literally wrote butt massage on a to do list note to bring home along with 'back exercise. Google it.' The other had mild dysplasia and her atritude was go deal with it as she did. Even showed me her own xrays . I suffer alot of radiating pain also permanent numbness in the butt that i can't have anything touch it as it's horrible sensations and pain. I pushed to see spinal as besides the burning and aching stiffness etc etc I have raw severe pain in the lower spine. So I'm like ok I have dysplasia now what's wrong with the spine but the attitude was because I had dysplasia that must be my pain and I felt ignored . This appointment I found out I have a leg length difference . The stress of all these pathetic people brushing off what I said I gave up and just dealt with life with pain . Then 2016 Sept it was beyond copable so I moved doctors got a new referral to someone able to get it have hip and spine issues. He poked n prodded and pulled me about and said you could have bulge disc you could have osteoarthritis we can't fix you and imagining won't always find a reason for pain so learn to live with chronic pain . So mechanical pain was said. I did feel listened to and that he understood I suffer severe pain not just an ache. So I saw my gp who refered me to pain management after 2 months he agreed I was already doing everything I could and they suggested so refered me to psychologist to help me deal with the stresses of life like this and other people and how they are . Which so far is good and I've even helped her and she asked if I'd ever considered a job in psychology lol because generally I'm gd at coping and dealing but it drains you . I've always been very independent and good with power tools lol but when I'm sat having considering that I may need to ask my partner to help me get my jeans off for a bath ( not that he'd mind lol ) or help in and out of it I can't deal with. I've run out of ideas to help pain with out Meds I have a spa I have hundreds of pillows of alsorts softness I tried crutches walking stick even a mobility scooter to have a back up incase I really had to get out n couldn't but I can't sit for a few minutes on my butt I can't stand or walk hardly and spend most my time sitting on my dodgy hips that hurt and now causing more issues with pins needles n sharp pains which is fun driving with and necessary as I live in village no shop and middle know where 20 minute to nearest big town 10 to a super market when 5 min can be impossible at times.

Oh and pills I have diazipam. But will not go down the pill route I've seen what it's done to a friend I wanna fight n learn not use scaffolding to hide what's wrong

sorry that was epic but off my chest now 😀

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Thats ok I'm glad you got it off your chest. It sounds to me like you really been through the ringer on this. Like you I have problems sitting too. I use a cushion similar to what you would use on a kitchen chair. I take it with me when I go out to dinner too and bring it in with me at the restaurant. And I'm good for about an hour and that's about it. Otherwise I typically lay down because I can't stand for long periods of time either I also can't walk. As for all of your doctors I think you're letting them walk all over you and I think you're going to have to get tough with him. As I said before you're going to have to advocate for yourself. You're going to have to demand treatment. What it sounds to me like you have is neuropathy which is a pinched nerve probably a pinched nerve from a disc and that nerve that is pinched is running down your leg causing the pain. The diazepam that you have will work as a muscle relaxer somewhat and I'm guessing that's why it was prescribed to you. Although I can think of better muscle relaxers. And diazepam is habit forming so be careful. There is a drug called Gabapentin that will help with the nerve pain it is not habit forming and it is typical drug used for nerve pain or neuropathy. I've never taken it myself because I don't suffer from neuropathy but I have heard some people complain about memory problems when taking it. But on the other side I have heard a lot of people say it works for them so you've gotta decide for yourself if you want to try it and if you decide to try it then you've got to ask your doctor for it. We might be better off talking by email rather than here. My email address is and my name is Kathleen. Of course it's your choice. Good luck to you.

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Thanks Kathleen and know what your saying I will send an email so u have mine and it will alot better.

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His vondahue have you tried the morphine patches as I'm on 15mg of them for my back they help a bit maybe worth ur while giving them a go if u haven't already x

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I know about the morphine patches and also remember how great morphine was after my c section 15yrs ago . I spoke to my new doctors in Jan about these and I'm and hugely against Meds and I know I will try my hardest to avoid I did want to at least know more and we agreed for now that they wasn't something for me.

I suffered from agoraphobia anxiety and panic attacks I was totally house bound for 4 yrs and spend 4 getting my life back all with out Meds or doctors and this is still my mind set. I tried everything from homeopathic remedies to my own version of cbt therapy even eating spinach lol I joined support groups and learnt everything I could about what I was suffering.

The bit that's hard with this is that l don't know exactly what I'm dealing with. So I'm shooting in the dark leaning and analysing my pains to try solve the amount I suffer.

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