Nerve Damage

Hi guys, I've suffered with chronic pain in my neck for about 7 years. I have nerve damage at the top of my spine. I've tried everything from LOTS of different painkillers, physio, chiropractor, acupuncture, etc etc.

The last injections did work for a couple of weeks, I had 2 in the base of my skull and 3 on either side of my spine, all directly into the nerves.

The next step is to kill off the nerves and burn the ends to not grow back!!!

SCARY, has anyone had this done successfully?

I've heard some horrible risks!

Any advise would be appreciated


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  • I would advise against. They want to try every risky thing to avoid using opiates. I just got cut off my pain meds unfairly and inhumanely. Am not going to eat or drink any fluids until my pain meds are reinstated. If that means I starve to death oh well. I won't be treated this inhumanely anymore.

  • I am in the ukand am on Fentanyl patches which is the only thing which has reduced my pain. Pain is still high but i am not screaming and writhung in pain.

  • Sorry to hear that, I don't see how they can just cut you off.

    In the beginning, they couldn't give me enough painkillers, and I got so ill from them it was me that refused them.

    Hope you get something sorted soon.

    You have the right to get pain relief.

  • In the USA you don't even have a right to any kind of medical care. Our veterans and war heroes go without care at times. Our right wing politicians say there is no and never should be a right to health care. But in most states and in most cases we don't have a right to die either. Except for hunger strikes. They are considered a constitutional right. Drives them crazy because they can't trigger suicide protocol and defraud your insurance company. That is the problem here. Hardly anyone really practicing medicine. Most just committing insurance fraud. Doctors can get away with any crime they want to commit as long as no controlled substances are involved. They can and have been prosecuted for being compassionate. Big problem for people truly in pain.

  • Sorry, That sounds horrendous.

    I'm from the Uk, its alot different here, they only want to give out as many painkillers and pills as they can, so they earn the money.

    Hope you sort something soon.

  • That sounds disgraceful. How could they just take you off your medication. Hope you have some help asap x

  • It is fate worse than death to be disabled in America. Will rectify situation soon. Any way to get the word out. Unwritten, unspoken policy is to promote suicide for disabled while pretending to do the opposite.

  • It's discussing. I'm on butrans patches at 35mcg and still in pain most of the time. Couldn't imagine them declining them. Thinking of you x

  • It is getting worse. When you get older things never get better

  • Death isn't the answer that means they've won

  • Someone has to be the martyr. I feel God has chosen me for this. Disabled are treated horribly inhumanely in America and a light needs to shine on this fact that many are not aware of. The more people that are informed about the way things really are the better. Maybe hopefully my death will result in someone else not having to suffer the way I have.

  • Sorry you're in all that pain I am too but life is previous both my parents died in their twenties mum 24 with tuberculosis I was 8weeks old dad in the war I was 1 when I visit the grave every Xmas I always think bet they would swap places

  • I have had nerves burned off in my back, called rhizotomys. I was stupid enough to let a doctor talk me into a lumbar fusion which I didn't need, and caused more harm than good. There is always a risk in procedures, but they have helped me tremendously. Unfortunately, the nerve ending grow back and you have to have the procedure repeated in about 9 months. The end game is for the area to settle down and not have to have any more. It sounds like you have tried everything. No sense in hurting if something might help. I say go for it. I have not had any adverse side affects. Get someone good to do them, however. Do you live near Indianapolis, IN? My doctor's name is Dr. Boggus, she is with Indianapolyclinic, and I trust her so much I would have her treat me wherever she might relocate. Good Luck!

  • Yes, I had steroid shots then cauterizing nearves. It helped but gave up on anymore. Doctor would not do top nerve, too close to brain. Doctor now prescibes percaset 1 morning1 night. Also have sciatic nerve problem entire length left leg. Percaset takes care of it too (learned to live with pain no lower than 2 on pain scale)

    Good luck, hang in there, may get better in time. DO NOT increase pain pills, beyond what doc prescibes.(max 3perday), it will not work😜😜😜😜

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