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Nerve Fusion

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I have just had my nerve fusion on Tuesday 1st November in my hips/ lower and middle back. Has anyone had this operation and could they let me know how long the pain last? I have no pain now in my hips or the right side off my back but I still have the pain in my left side. I had the operation all done at once there is a lot of people go for this operation in two parts. When I woke up in recovery I was in excruciating pain and they put me on morphine and liquid paracetamol which helped a lot with the pain. I just would like to know if the pain will settle in my left side of my spine as after the operation my hips and right side of my spine is fine. I would appreciate anyone who has any knowledge on this type of operation to let me know How long it takes for the pain to go.

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What is a nerve fusion? Whay nerve conditions does it help? What kind of specialist does a nerve fusion?

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Hi sorry for late reply only I have been back in hospital. I had my SACROILIAC LUMBER DENERVATION. I called it now fusion it's the same thing that the laser nerves that are affected in your back. If you get your doctor to refer you to the pain clinic there is normally surgeons there that can do the operation. Or ask your GP to refer you to the surgeons that conduct this operation. It works differently for everyone I have been told I can see the full results after 3 to 4 weeks. I must admit part of my back and hips are in a lot less pain than my left side. But speak to your GP about this procedure. I wish you well and if you speak to anyone else on here then you can give them the proper name which I have made in capitals at the top. Take care

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RAYJAYC in reply to Jan101

You did confuse me! I'm due to have sacroiliac denervation in the future.


As has already been asked; what is nerve fusion?? I don't think I've ever heard anyone on this forum talk about it - even mention that they've heard about it!

Really interested to find out..........


A nerve fusion is also called an ablasion. I've had this done in December 2013. The after pain shouldn't last more than a few days and I got 30% pain relief for approx 4 months. I didn't find it helped enough to go through with it again but everyone is different. If you only have relied on one side then all I can think is that the surgeon may not of burnt off all the nerves that he could of. I hope you feel better soon. If not, ask your doctor to ask your surgeon for a further appointment with him to discuss you're problems.

Good luck

Sarah xx

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Thank you. I have just spoken to a private doctor I see and when he put in a numbing agents into L 3/4/5 I walk out with no pain but he said it would only lasts 6 hrs and sure enough he was right but he did also say if I had no pain it would be the right area and it would not be referred pain. He is an amazing doctor and based in Chichester. He is a specialist in all joint and nerve pains. The guys absolutely amazing he is a private doctor so you have to pay to see him. He also said he need to get my records to see what has been done to me and what nerves have been cut and then he can discuss it more with me. I am so determined to get my life back but in one way I am lucky because I am under some very good specialists at the hospital and also my private doctor. He also said that they'll be a lot of swelling inside and it can take 3 to 4 weeks to heal to feel what benefits I have from The procedure. I am sorry that yours only lasted a short time and I can understand why you wouldn't want to go through it again. But I am not going to give up. Because in this day I am a believer that people don't have to be in pain as I know there is a lot out there that can be done. I also spoke to a couple of patients before I went in for my procedure as they have the same procedure as I was having and one was pain-free for a year and the other for three years. but as you said it's all down to the individual and it works differently for everyone I fully understand that. Take care

I've had vertebra spinal nerve blocks where the surgeon corterises the nerve at the basecond nxt to the vertebra so it doesn't send shock waves & helps stopping the sciatica..

INTERESTING. .but remember any surgery has its post pain. x

I've never heard of a nerve fusion, I don't think its possible to fuse nerves, certainly not in the UK.

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RAYJAYC in reply to stokebones

This is what I thought but it turns out it's denervation! Not sure if it's a case of crossed wires, mis-hearing, misunderstanding or genuine different surgeon wording....

Excitement extinguished!

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stokebones in reply to RAYJAYC

Very much the opposite of a fusion, burning the nerves - so I liked your description of crossed wires lol

Sorry my mistake I meant burning the nerves. Also I would like to apologise to everyone as I typed in the wrong word. Really sorry if it was miss leading.

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