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Blood clot or not

I have this fear of getting a blood clot in my legs. Last year my mother passed away unexpectedly from a blood clot that broke of and went into her lungs. Recently my anxiety has gotten bad. In the calf of my right leg I have this terrible pain that hits and goes away. A cramp like feeling. It happens mostly at night. I don't have any other symptoms along with it. My question is if it's a blood clot would the pain be constant? Its pretty much only at night when I go to bed? It's keeping me from sleeping, and I've had a couple of panic attacks. I have been to the ER a couple of times since Oct and they did blood test and ultrasound of my leg. All was negative, but the worry is getting to me.

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Hi Victoria15

I have had 2 blood clots in my legs.The first I had an operation on my right knee and within 10 days of coming out of hospital I had a clot.

I did not recognise it as a clot,I thought it was post operative pain.I went to the local ,hospital to have my bandages removed and to start physio.She could see what pain I was in it was awful I couldn't put my foot to the ground as my leg hurt so much.When the bandages were removed she could see how red and how hot if felt.I was sent to My doctor who then sent me on to the hospital.After a scan they confirmed it was a huge clot in my leg .They Started treatment immediately,and as put on wzrfarin (blood thinners) for 3 months.I came off warfarin and within a month I had another clot in my left leg.This time I recognised the pain straight away - there was no mistake about it.It is a completely different pain to any other that I have experienced. I am now in warfarin tablets for life my blood is monitored regularly,and the dosage adjusted.

I am paranoid about clots, but with taking warfarin this should reduce my risk now.

The pain I Had was continuous but I was told at the hospital that's not always the case,and that the redness or heat doesn't always appear.

If it's only at night that you have the pain then it's probably just cramp but if there is a risk of a clot you cannot mess around with these things they need to be checked out immediately.

Speak to your GP about your concerns,and hopefully they can allay your fears and help,set your mind at rest.

I hope you can get the answers to,your questions and ease your concern.



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I've had blood clots in my left leg at 3 different times

The first time my leg was swollen, purple and so painful (constantly) - had a MRI and had a clot from behind my knee right up to my groin- the Dr at the surgery called for an ambulance immediately as he cudnt find a pulse in my foot - there was no blood running thru my leg - I was off work for about 6 mths n on warfarin for a year

6 years later I had same symptoms in the same leg n went straight to GP - the clot was building up again as the first one had caused so much damage to my veins n arteries in my leg.

On warfarin again for a year.

About a mth of coming of warfarin the 2nd time it happened again - straight for MRI again and same diagnosis - on warfarin for life now.

Speak to ur GP about your feelings - I had a test to confirm whether it cud be genetic or not so it wudnt pass to my 2 children and it wasn't - the only thing my GP put it down to was the Pill I was on the first time I got a clot - I was taken straight off it at the beginning and was sterilised - I had already had my 2 gorgeous kids and that's all I wanted but they are very lucky I was still alive after the first clot - it was in 1993 and they were 8 & 5 at the time.

Don't play roulette with your life - I stopped an on call GP coming out the night before I got myself to my GP surgery as I felt a bit better than I had all day and felt like I was wasting his time - I gradually got worse overnight and was told I cud have lost my leg but worst case scenario I cud have lost my life. Don't ever think your wasting medical staffs time if you've got definate symptoms of any major illness

Hope this helps x


Thank you so much for your reply. I decided to go to the ER yesterday morning and they did x-rays and ultrasound of my legs. Luckily everything looked good. Seems that is was more of a muscle issue. If I don't feel better in a week they suggested I come back for more tests.

Ididn't know there was a test for genetic factors. I have a scheduled an appointment with my GPA in a few weeks and will talk to her about it. With my mother's history of blood clots, I want to be sure that I do all I can to prevent getting blood clots. I have two boys 12 & 5. I am no where close to wanting to leave them.

I wish you luck with your situation!


I was convinced i would be geneticallly predisposed due to a huge family history of blood clot related issues - they did a genetic test for me, and i'm not genetically at risk. It does put your mind at ease to know.

I'm sorry you lost your mum. My mum passed away 2 years ago now, also unexpectedly, also preventable had we known what was wrong, and it is a rough thing to get your head around. I worry about the anxiety you have developed as a result, and I think you also need to discuss this with your Dr. While at your Dr's, please mention your panic attacks, and make them aware of your a&e visits - I think you need someone to help you work through it. I think this genetic test will only go so far to helping you.

It's quite common to develop anxiety like this - my sister is going through something very similar.


Yes I do have the same symptoms like that sometimes too. But since your doctor has given you an a clear sign, it's ok. But anxiety and panic attacks could trigger off symptoms like that. I suggest you take low dose aspirin (81mg), every night and ask to see a psychiatrist. Speaking to someone could help you deal with the underlying symptoms. Learn how to meditate (yoga). It could also help. Wish you all the best

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I thought that maybe my leg pain was better but last night it started back again. Only this time the pain is from my thigh all the way down to my achilles tendon. There isn't any swelling, red spots or warm spots. Just pain. The most painful place is the back of my leg behind the knee. My legs have been shaking especially when I elevate them. I've had so many test done in the past few months and they are all negative for everything. I just don't know what to do anymore.

Is there anyone that is going through this or have had anything like this happen to them? Trying to keep my anxiety at bay, it just hurts. I can't just keep going to the ER every week to only be told they can't find anything wrong with me.


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