Leg pain at night after walking

Whenever I walk for longer than usual in a day, by the time night comes around, I'm lying in bed and my legs are aching really badly. It starts in my lower leg and goes all the way down into my feet. It hurts so badly that it stops me from sleeping and the pain makes me have tears in my eyes. It makes me restless and I just can't settle.

For example, it's really bad tonight and all I did today was walk for about 2 hours at the shops, which is more than I'm used to.

I'm 17 years old and I remember having this leg thing ever since I was a kid whenever we'd go somewhere that required a lot of walking. But all of my family seemed to go on fine and unaffected.

Anyone know what it could be and if it's normal? And how to stop the pain:(

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  • Growing pains maybe !

    Do you stretch your legs after walking ?

  • Go to Heakth Food store, they carry an Amish Firmula that will stop leg cramps in about a minutes. You drink a capful with 3/4 glass of water . It truly get relief by the time you get back in bed. I am on my third bottle and it works ! When legs get restless, go mix up Amish Natural liquid and drink. You will get relief before you get back in bed .


  • Health food store carries an Amish liquid that absolutely fixes your restless legs . All natural ingredients that work in about a monute

  • Have you been to see your gp? That's what I would do just to put your mind at rest?! X

  • I'm 62 and have had this problem since I was young. I find either cold compresses on my legs or a hot bath before bed helps to relax the muscles and relieve the pain. I have heard that certain minerals may be lacking in your body and cause this. In that respect have a word with your pharmacist or GP. Also it can be a side effect of some medications and, the downside, to wearing high heeled shoes. Hope this helps.

  • some suspect calcium is a culprit

  • 2 hours walking shouldn't hurt much unless it's on hard pavement with non supportive shoes. You are 17 and probably wore pumps or sandals . yes ?

    If so try wearing trainers with some cushioning and see if there is a difference. If there isn't then its time to look at posture etc.

    Let us know how you get on

  • 123ej! Hi there-I agree with go see your GP-and I too have a similar night time reaction after I walk 10,000 or more steps a day. I have a Fitbit and aim to reach that target-but I also have Fibromyalgia and others...just be good to get yourself checked out-it could just be your 'normal'-but, I let it go until I was in my 40's and just wish I had gone a little earlier. Quinine helps leg pain-so a nip of tonic water without the gin :)

    I will go to the health store though and check out the Amish formula-always great to have natural ways of handling pain!

    ><> Leila <><

  • I think you should see your Dr about it, as you are rather young to have ? restless leg syndrome. Keep a diary for at least a week before you go, writing down the time it starts and stops,what it feels like and how it affects you at the time including loss of sleep.

    There should be help out there. dont give up

  • Make sure the GP is in the loop concerning this problem just in case it is some treatable medical condition. To me it sounds like faulty muscular usage as well as faulty posture. It is worth taking up yoga in order to learn to use your body in a different manner.

    Alexander Technique lessons is worth exploring as they will make you aware that there is a different way to stand and use you muscles in everyday activities. I would also suggest taking up European fencing by joining the local fencing club. You will learn a lot about muscles and muscular response there.

    Hope this helps.

  • So many medical experts here

  • I had restless legs after coming off Fentanyl patches.i wired up my Tens machine to my lower legs bandaged it all up and put Tens on as high as i could stand.worked a treat.

  • It really isn't normal at your age, so definitely worth a visit to your doctor to see if they think it needs investigating.

  • I would look up Restless Leg Syndrome and see if you identify with it. Perhaps talk to your GP

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