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Frozen shoulder

Hi im Diane, im 38. Im diabetic and for the last 3 years ive had chronic pain in my shoulders. It started as a calcified tendon in my left shoulder. It was so painful and affected my sleep, my day to day life etc. I was given steroid injections which helped initially followed by physio but this did not resolve the problem. I was taking naproxen which took the edge off the pain but didnt get rid of it. I was referred to a shoulder specialist who then told me that it had now turned into a frozen shoulder and needed manipulation under anaesthetic but because of my high bmi they wouldnt do it. And so i was left alone and untreated. I continued the physio exercises myself and over 12 months or so it started to get better. I still dont have full movement in it but i dont have the pain. My right shoulder has now started and is frozen. Im in such pain again...not sleeping. I feel very let down by my gp's and hospitals. I dont want to have years of pain again. Im at the end of my tether and in alot of pain. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

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