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Connect with Pain Concern on social media

Connect with Pain Concern on social media

Hey all,

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Hermes123. Not all of us follow social media, yes I know off an age that puts me in the minority, but it is like the old saying? hanging ones dirty laundry out in public, as ex Military At one time on a social media site sticking up for our guys, had received so much hate mail from a certain sector abroad, said to myself this is not the behaviour of normal normal human beings and wash my hands of the whole thing of social media.


Sorry to hear you had a negative experience of social media, Hermes123. Hope you've found people to be more reasonable on here.

We're aware not everyone is on social media or even online, so we try to cover all the bases. If you haven't already, check out our Airing Pain podcasts (a few of the recent ones cover pain among military veterans): painconcern.org.uk/veterans/

We also do free paper leaflets and a magazine which you can try a free trial of: painconcern.org.uk/resource...

Best wishes,

Pain Concern mods

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I have no problem with this site what so ever! As I know in the main it is fellow like minded pain suffers online, so far a very good experience, I hope it last, as it helps us to keep our heads above water. Hermes123.


Hermes123 \i have had chronic back pain I am told is neuropathic and the tablets I was prescribed were actually opiates. I went through hell to get off them and now self medicate with supplements to take the inflammation down and essential oils. I am pain free with no worries as no internal badness going into my body. Everything I learned was from You Tube. Try it. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Everything I take is organic. Learn how to make your own pain free topical creams as well.


I am not looking for drugs-just pain relief. I had a spinal fusion L5-S1 in August 2014 which resulted in failed back syndrome and chronic back pain. My pain mgmt doctor diagnosed me with meralgia parestetica, which is compression of the femoral nerve.I just went to a spine doctor from another hospital and he told me that was all wrong,and the medications I was taking were also all wrong. I am taking 3 x 300 gabapentin per day,


Oh boy, i wish i would have saw your post b4, i too hsd a L4S1 fusion, 2 of them, left w nerve damage, wentbthru the gaba and hell comjng off, too many side effects on. Tried everything. Finally did a pain pump trial last week, and i was 100 % pain free!!! Its the only way to go, been thru it all for 7 yrs in bed, im given a new start!!!


prookyskin71. I would not know where to begin with all the self remedies and other methods of treatments I have tried out over the years I was working, I spent thousands of pounds from my wages over the years of my working and have only come up with two life savers that help me with most of my pain. one is medical style infrared lamp I would not be with out, the other a muscle rub called Greek Mud, I been through the weird and wonderful with all they claims of healing power. 99. per cent rubbish. Hermes123.


Hello thank you we will be following you now :)


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